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COVID VACCINE SCANDALS: "God-Hesitant" Promoters of Immoral Covid Vaccines Trot Out Fresh Slang; Instead of Pushing Ethical, Proper Covid Vaccines, They Simply Trudge Along with Incoherent Media Campaign, Morbid Public Grooming Process


Artist's Rendition of Globe with Streaks of Light Between Various Points

Rodents the Size of St. Bernards Swarm an Exclusive Gated Community: The world’s largest rodents bully pets, roam tony streets and soil pristine lawns in Argentina, triggering demands for them to be relocated or castrated - WSJ

4.3 Million Workers Are Missing. Where Did They Go? The U.S. labor shortage has hit low-paying service industries especially hard, pushing companies to adapt. Many economists expect the shortage to last years, and some think it could be permanent. - WSJ 10.14.21

Foreclosures soar after COVID-19 forbearance programs expire - UPI

Q3 2021 U.S. Foreclosure Activity Begins To See Significant Increases As Foreclosure Moratorium Is Lifted - Attom

Judge: N.Y. must allow religious exemption for healthcare worker vaccine mandate - UPI

William Shatner opens up about the toll going to space took on his 90-year-old body; William Shatner talks difference between space simulators and reality, the physical toll flight took at age 90 'Star Trek' actor became the oldest person to travel to space after joining Blue Origin's latest flight- Fox 10.14.21

IMF Seeks to Allay Doubts Following Data-Rigging Scandal; The International Monetary Fund is working to regain its footing in international financial markets while it works to balance the competing interests of its two main backers, the U.S. and China.- WSJ 10.14.21

Gabby Petito autopsy paints grim picture of last moments, experts say - Fox 10.14.21

Louisiana state trooper who went public with brutality allegations has been terminated -Fox 10.14.21

Babbitt shooting internal police docs reveal 'no good reason for shooting,' according to Judicial Watch - Fox 10.13.21

U.S. Capitol

Persistent Inflation Ripples Through U.S. Economy; Inflation remained at its highest rate in over a decade, with prices rising 5.4% in September, and is starting to have a broader impact on the cost of living, wages and social-benefits programs. Many economists expect the increases to linger - WSJ 10.13.21

William Shatner rockets to space and back with Blue Origin - CNET 10.13.21

Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom [by a Boy Wearing a Skirt], Father Says Father in viral video of school board arrest says his daughter was raped in school bathroom. - Daily Wire

Leaked Border Patrol docs show mass release of illegal immigrants into U.S. - Fox 10.13.21

Nikki Haley, in Reagan Library speech, to say Democrats 'don't even believe in America'; Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is expected to slam Democrats in a speech at the Reagan Library Tuesday night, saying they "don't even believe in America."' - Fox


Emprire State Building With World Trade Center Towers Smoking and On Fire in Background, adapted from photo

New York City identifies two new 9/11 victims ahead of 20th anniversary - UPI 9.7.21



Oil Jumps Above $80, Turbocharged by Supply Shortages; The extended climb in oil prices is leaving some other industrial commodities behind, a divergence that reflects bets that energy supply shortages will offset any slowdown in the global economy. - WSJ 10.11.21

Keyboards for Hire: Tech Freelancers Help Companies Plug Talent Gaps - WSJ

These Cities (and Small Towns) Are Luring Remote Workers With Perks; From Topeka to Bemidji, Minn., localities are trying to boost populations with offers of cash, free coffee and grandparent stand-ins. “They’re giving me $10,000. - WSJ 10.9.21

Dish Network Enlists IBM to Help Build 5G Network; IBM will provide orchestration software, technology that helps network providers manage and automate how they deliver 5G services - WSJ 9.15.21

SEC Issues $114 Million to Two Whistleblowers; With the latest awards, the SEC whistleblower program has provided more than $1 billion in awards - WSJ 9.15.21

New Research Busts Popular Myths About Innovation; Some technologies improve much faster than others, and they do so at a more or less steady pace, regardless of individual breakthroughs and inventors. This should change how investors, policy makers and anyone choosing a career decides where to invest time and money. - WSJ 9.18.21

Democrats Release Details of Proposed Tax Increase - WSJ 9.13.21

U.S. Economy Faces Slowdown Just as It Was Set to Take Off; Covid’s Delta variant has undone expectations - WSJ 9.7.21

Labor Dept.: U.S. job openings increased to almost 11M in July - UPI 9.8.21

White House More Than Doubles Its Inflation Forecast in New Update - WSJ 9.7.21

Intel to Invest Up to $95 Billion in European Chip-Making - WSJ 9.7.21

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Football on Sunny Field

Does "Notre Dame" Have the Worst Offensive Line in Major College Football? Near the Bottom of the Heap For Rushing and Pass Protection -SCW 10.9.21

"Notre Dame" Football Among the Worst in the Country On the Ground, Near the Bottom For Rushing; Offensive Line Even Worse At Pass Protection - SCW 10.1.21

ABORTION SCANDALS: "Notre Dame" Football Schedules Two Abortion Schools in a Row; Cincinnati Even Worse Than Wisconsin - SCW

No, Brian Kelly Does Not Have 105 Wins at "Notre Dame," and No, He Has Not Matched Knute Rockne; NCAA Sanctions Leave Him at 84 wins

Former Notre Dame football player sues school, NCAA for negligence in concussion education - South Bend Tribune 9.16.21

Will "Notre Dame" Be Unranked by Mid-October? "Notre Dame" Football Floundered Against Unranked Opponent for Second Week in a Row Against Toledo; Embarrassment Included Poor Administrative Planning by University and ACC

"Notre Dame" Football Blacked Out on Broadcast Television
for 2021 Home Opener

Lackluster "Notre Dame" Football Limped Into 2021, Allowing Unranked Opponent Coming Off Three Losing Seasons to Take Them Into Over-Time; "Notre Dame" Ground Game Averaged 1.9 yards per carry

"Notre Dame" Should Have Cancelled Participation in Full-Capacity Florida State Game Amidst Covid Pandemic, Potential "Super-Spreader;" Are "Notre Dame" Officials Disrespecting Public Health and Human Lives, For the Sake of Money and Misplaced Prestige?

Rutgers Football Player Will Transfer Rather Than Follow Schools Vaccine Mandate - New Jersey News Network 8.31.21

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Keyboards for Hire: Tech Freelancers Help Companies Plug Talent Gaps - WSJ

Making the most of telework - USDAFS 4.17.20

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AP vs. Chicago: What Style Guide is Right for Your Brand? - BizBuzzContent 7.19.18

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Ultrasound of Developing Child in Womb, With Anti-Smoking Message from CDC

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Abortion Law - WSJ 10.6.21

ABORTION SCANDALS: "Notre Dame" Football Schedules Two Abortion Schools in a Row; Cincinnati Even Worse Than Wisconsin - SCW

Supreme Court schedules Mississippi abortion ban case for Dec. 1 - UPI 9.20.21

Texas Abortion Law Faces Pushback From Some Companies Lyft, Box, Stitch Fix among dozens of companies to sign statement; some large Texas employers declined to sign; Lyft, Box and Stitch Fix are among the dozens of companies to sign a statement saying the law “threatens the health, independence, and economic stability of our workers and customers.”- WSJ 9.21.21

Mexico’s Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion - WSJ 9.7.21

[Rutgers University Performs Abortions] Rutgers OB-GYN Department

GoDaddy stops service for Texas anti-abortion group's whistleblower website; GoDaddy’s decision came after the website faced intense criticism from pro-abortion activists - Fox 9.3.21


Texas Gov. Abbott Signs Law Banning Abortions Early as 6 Weeks - Newsmax 5.19.21

Texas Passes Abortion Ban Protecting ‘Every Unborn Child With a Heartbeat’ - Daily Signal 5.19.21

Texas Abortion Bill Expected to Be Signed by Gov. Abbott - Newsmax 5.14.21

ABORTION & TERRORISM: Should Abortion Be Deemed a Form of Terrorism? It Has to Be.

ABORTION: Notre Dame Football Opponent South Florida of the AAC Is Connected with Abortions; Fighting Irish Fans and People of Good Will Should Boycott the Notre Dame-USF Game and Its Sponsors and Demand the Removal of Culpable Administrators

Joe Biden Racist to Choose Kamala Harris As Running Mate - SCW

SCW NEWSWATCH: "How Extreme? The Facts About Kamala Harris" - Family Policy Alliance 8.12.20

Joe Biden Would Be Incapable of Forming a Legitimate Government, Given His Fundamental Support of the Mass Murder of Americans in the Womb; And Biden is Likely to Get Only About 62 Million Votes, Compared with 130 Million Either Killed by Policies Biden Supports or Voting Against Him - SCW 8.15.20

Anti-Catholic Dissident John Jenkins Defies Catholic Faith Again, Embarrasses Would-Be University of "Notre Dame," With Compliments to Deceased Pro-Abortion Politician Kernan - SCW 8.14.20

Abortion opponents protest COVID-19 vaccines’ use of fetal cells - Science Magazine 6.5.20

Which COVID-19 Vaccines Are Being Developed with Fetal Cell Lines Derived from Aborted Babies? - Population Research Institute 6.4.20

Joe Biden endorsed by pro-abortion NARAL - CNA

Joe Biden on Abortion; Former Vice President; Previously Democratic Senator (DE) - OnTheIssues

[2019] Biden denied communion at South Carolina church over abortion stance, report says - New YHork Post/ Fox 10.29.19

[2019] Catholic Priest Refuses Biden Communion Because He Supports Abortion - VOA 10.29.19

Perspectives of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism on abortion: a comparative study between two pro-life ancient sisters - NIH

Joe Biden’s Pro-Abortion Agenda is Anti-Women -

Biden, once viewed warily by some abortion rights advocates, receives NARAL endorsement - McClatchey

Joe Biden's flip-flop on abortion abandons his religion for presidency; Candidate can support abortion or serve Christ but not both at the same time - Washington Times

[2019] Biden reverses position on federal funding for abortion - Reuters 6.6.19

DFLA condemns presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's comments on abortion - Democrats For Life

Planned Parenthood Endorses Biden After Pledging To Triple Election Spending In 2020 Over 2016 -

Biden's Pro-Abortion Stance Will Cost Him Moderate Voters - RealClearPolitics

Anti-Life Democrat Joe Biden says abortion is “essential” during COVID-19 - Texas Right To Life 5.8.20

Companies that Support Planned Parenthood - Family Council


Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Granting Interviews Only to Black or Brown Journalists - Newsmax 5.19.21

Sacheen Littlefeather, who rejected Marlon Brando’s Oscar in 1973, says she was blacklisted by Hollywood; The actor didn’t accept his 1973 Academy Award for best actor for his performance in 'The Godfather' - Fox 4.26.21

Two L.A. County deputies critically wounded in 'ambush' - UPI

LA County Sheriffs Video of Assassination Attempt (twitter "thread")

Trump calls for swift justice in shooting of ambushed deputies as manhunt intensifies in LA; Authorities have offered a $100,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction - Fox

Joe Biden Racist to Choose Kamala Harris As Running Mate - SCW

SCW NEWSWATCH: "This is why Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest" - New York Post 8.28.20

Biden condemns ‘needless violence’ in Kenosha, Trump sends in feds to restore ‘law and order’ - Fox

Less than 3 minutes passed between when Kenosha police arrived and when Jacob Blake was shot, according to dispatch audio - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jacob Blake Shooting: What Happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin? Injured target of police shooting is now stable but still in the intensive care unit - WSJ

Syracuse University professor disciplined for calling coronavirus 'Wuhan flu,' 'Chinese Communist Party Virus'- Fox

NBA playoff boycott over Blake shooting 'a way to again try to demand a little more action,' coach says - Fox

SCW NEWSWATCH: "When Authority Vanishes: Chicago’s leaders have surrendered to vandals" - John O. McGinnis/ City Journal 8.13.20

Protesters arrested in Chicago, Seattle as civil unrest over police brutality continues - New York Post

'Anything they wanted to take, they can take': BLM throws support behind Chicago looters after $60M in damages - Fox 32 Chicago

Air Force helicopter struck by bullet makes emergency landing in Virginia; FBI investigates One crew member was hurt in the UH-1N Huey helicopter incident - Fox

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Chicago looting: Violence, property damage devastates Michigan Avenue, Loop; More than 100 arrested, police say Access to the downtown area will be restricted from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m." - ABC7 - 8.10.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "[Chicago Downtown] Looting Was Coordinated Response To Police-Involved Shooting In Englewood, Brown Says" - CBS-2-Chicago - 8.10.20

VIDEO: [Riots, Protests, Government Response:] Senate Hearing on "The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence," Saturday, Aug. 4, 2020

Georgetown Student Petition: Create a ‘Sanctuary Space’ Campus by Banning Cops - Breitbart 7.19.20

DHS removes acting chief of intelligence and analysis after protest response - UPI


Film Reel, adapted from image at

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Meet Charlotte Kirk: The 28-Year-Old Actress Who Took Down Two Studio Chiefs" - Variety 8.19.20


Washington, D.C., Aerial View, from Tidal Basin, adapted from image at

Virginia military couple shot dead in cold blood outside their home, police say - Fox 5.27.21


Overcoming Absentmindedness: Tips From WebMD


Safer fluorination process developed using flow electrochemistry - Chemistry World

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