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VIDEO: News Highlights: Five stories to know today: Israel, Hamas Truce; Deadly U.S Military Accident Near Japan; Supreme Court and SEC Agency Proceedings; India Miner Rescue; Colorado Police-Related EMT Prosecutions - Reuters

Reuters provides brief news updates relating to Israel, Gaza, Hamas, and truce negotiations; a deadly U.S. military accident near Japan; the rescue of trapped miners in India; Supreme Court review of federal authority authority for in-house proceedings in a case involving the SEC; and the prosecution of Colorado EMTs in connection with the death of a Black man in police custody.

"1. Israel and Hamas were negotiating ... over another potential extension of the Gaza truce, with hours left [in the current truce] .... 2. A U.S. military aircraft carrying six people crashed into the sea in western Japan ... killing at least one .... 3. The U.S. Supreme Court is ... consider[ing] the legality of ... [SEC] in-house proceedings to enforce investor-protection laws and impose penalties in a case that could broadly undercut the power of federal agencies. 4. Two Colorado paramedics go on trial ... for their alleged role in the 2019 death of Elijah McClain, a young Black man who died after police roughly detained him and medics injected him with a powerful sedative. 5. Hope that they would be rescued soon kept workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel in India strong through their 17-day ordeal ...."

Key Words: Israel, Hamas, Gaza, Hostages, Prisoners, Israeli Military, Terrorism

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