Silhouettes if Man and Woman, XY, XX, Symbols for Male and Female, adapted from image at nih.govAbstract Stick Figures For Female and Male Against Checkered Background, adapted from image at


NJ woman awarded $10K in revenge-porn lawsuit against ex-math teacher who posted her nude selfies online - NY Post 8.23.23

Miss Universe contestants allege they were subjected to topless 'body checks' - Fox 8.8.23

19 arrested in FBI probe of Australian pedophile ring that left agents dead - NY Post 8.8.23

Former UPenn swimmer says women's team was forced to undress next to Lia Thomas - Fox 7.27.23

FBI to exhume body of woman featured on 'The Keepers,' a Netflix docuseries on nun's cold case murder; Joyce Malecki was found dead Nov. 11, 1969, at Fort Meade in Maryland and is buried at Baltimore's Loudon Park Cemetery - Fox 7.8.23

Laws Giving Childhood Sex-Abuse Victims More Time to Sue Face Uncertainty; Many states have opened new windows in which adults may file legal claims of past abuse, but challenges and delays leave some in limbo. - WSJ 7.8.23

Anglican archbishop declares 'Our Father' Lord's Prayer to be 'problematic:' 'Oppressively patriarchal'; 'I know the word ‘father’ is problematic for those whose experience of earthly fathers has been destructive and abusive,' the archbishop said - Fox 7.7.23

Reprimand for professor who gave student a zero for using 'biological women' gets reversed: ‘Issued in error’; According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the professor's reprimand will be removed from her personal file - Fox 7.8.23

Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Illinois divisive hatred: rainbow 'pride' colors a de facto anti-religious mockery; blasphemous use of Cross to celebrate sodomism - SCW 6.29.23

Rainbow Flag For So-Called Pride Month Insensitive and Divisive, Anti-Religious Mockery - SCW

Muslims opposed to LGBTQ curricula for their kids aren’t bigots It boils down to moral values rooted firmly in one’s faith, not in a political ideology — left or right. - Al Jazeera 6.19.23

Thousands march in prayer procession protesting Dodgers honoring anti-Catholic drag group - CNA 6.19.23

Sodomism and "Homosexuality" Are An Ideology of Violence - SCW 6.27.23

First trans state rep in NH charged with child pornography - Washington Examiner 6.25.23

Planned Parenthood Annual Report: 374,000 Abortions, More ‘Transgender’ Services - While Taxpayers Chip in $670M - Daily Signal 6.12.23

Judge Orders Women’s Spa Run By Christians to Allow Naked Men - Daily Signal 6.9.23

Pride Month Zealots Launch Economic Warfare On Homesteading Catholic Family - The Federalist - 6.9.23

California Bill Would Charge Any Parent Who Doesn’t Affirm Transgenderism With ‘Child Abuse’- Daily Signal 6.9.23

Florida Judge halts ban on gender procedures for minors - Washington Examiner 6.6.23

Alabama restricts so-called "transgender" athletes in college sports - UPI 5.31.23

WI school district says parents 'not entitled' to know child's sexuality, pushes 'heterosexual privilege' list; District's push for 'gender-nonconforming' accommodations has irked parents and educators - Fox 3.22.22