Rainbow Flag For So-Called Pride Month Insensitive and Divisive, Anti-Religious Mockery - COMMENTARY

The rainbow has been a religious symbol for thousands of years, designated by God Himself as a symbol of God's Covenant with Noah.

Attempting to use it to promote permissiveness, so-called "pride month," and sodomism is insensitive and divisive. Such an act also manifests, by its nature, a deep anti-religious hatred, a malicious animosity towards ancient faiths embracing billions of people.

It would be like using a Crucifix to promote abortion; like using a Jewish Star of David or Muslim Crescent Moon and Star to promote pork; or like using Hindu symbols to promote the eating of beef.

Since it was God Himself who designated the rainbow as a symbol of His Covenant with Noah, the anti-religious mockery even more directly manifests a hatred and attempted mockery of God Himself.

Given the timing involved, the rainbow is probably the earliest, oldest symbol or quasi-logo ever involving humanity. It has been a religious symbol of God's Covenant with Noah for thousands of years. Noah has been honored as a man of God by, at the very least, Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

To pervert a longstanding religious symbol like a rainbow into a promotion of behaviors, tendencies, and lifestyles contrary to the same global faith traditions for thousands of years manages to be both incompetent and malicious.

Anyone using it, including any business or governmental personnel, really should not be allowed to remain in a position to keep promoting such hatred and divisivess.

If businesses or nonprofits, such as universities, cannot remediate themselves of the bad influences prompting such hateful divisivess, they should not be receiving business.

Similarly, government personnel, politicians, or government contractors who engage in the same divisive politics of hate, and anti-religious mockery, should be kept out of office, or governmental employment, and not be receiving government contracts.

Mainstream Americans, and others, have to marshall limited resource, the most valuable of which is time.

They should not waste time on entities or individuals engaging in those kinds of destructive behaviors in general, and even moreso to preempt greater conflict down the line, when it becomes obvious that the problematic entities and individuals turn out to have other negative repercussions and ripple effects even more conflict-oriented or destructive.

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