VIDEO: Hungry 8-Year-Old West Virginia Girl Escapes Second-Floor Window Barefoot, Asks Strangers for Food; Parents Jailed, Children Rescued - NY Post/WOWK - SCW Newswatch

The New York Post and WOWK TV reported on an 8-year-old Arnoldsburg, West Virginia, girl who escaped her home through a second-story window at 10:30 at night, barefoot and clutching her teddy bear, and sought food at a nearby Family Dollar Store.

The child claimed she was regularly deprived food and confided to her upstairs room by her father and stepmother, Ryan and Ellio Hardman, and that she had not eaten for several days. Authorities jailed the parents on $100,000 cash bond on charges of child neglect.

In addition to confirming that the parents themselves had access to food, police uncovered accounts of additional forms of abuse.

Child protective services removed the girl and three siblings from the home.

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