Liberty Counsel: covid vaccine mandate takes life of U.S. Marine ...

SCW NEWSWATCH: "U.S. beefs up force protection in Syria after run-in with Russia" - The Hill 9.18.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Air Force destroys surrogate cruise missile in hypervelocity projectile test" - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Joint Chiefs head says military won't have role resolving 2020 election; Gen. Mark Milley said he believes in an 'apolitical' U.S. military" - Fox 8.29.20



Energy-saving airlift prototype to be built by JetZero for Air Force - Air Force Times 8.16.23

"America’s Military Trails Russia and China in Race for the Melting Arctic; U.S. is competing with a partnership between the two countries but has fewer icebreakers and ports, and less experience" - WSJ 7.31.23 - SCW Newswatch

Investors Bought Nearly $1 Billion in Land Near a California Air Force Base. Officials Want to Know Who Exactly They Are. Government officials are investigating large land acquisitions near Travis Air Force Base, concerned that foreign interests could be behind the investment group that purchased the land. - WSJ 7.7.23

China’s defense minister says war with U.S. would be ‘unbearable disaster'; Li defended China for sailing a warship across the path of an American destroyer and Canadian frigate transiting the Taiwan Strait - Fox 6.4.23

Biden nominates Gen. Eric Smith to lead Marines - UPI 5.31.23

Auditors: Over 1 million F-35 spare parts lost by DoD and Lockheed - Defense News 5.30.23

Maxar explores new uses for Earth observation satellites to also observe space - Defense News 5.30.23

Austin hopes F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots will begin in weeks - Defense News/ AP 5.25.23

Amid Rising Global Tensions, UN Chief Warns About Nuclear Annihilation - RFE/RL 8.1.22

Pentagon nears F-35 jet deal worth about $30 bln - sources - Reuters 7.18.22

Climate change damaging U.S military bases in the Arctic, report warns - AP/Military Times 4.17.22

Pentagon nears F-35 jet deal worth about $30 bln - sources - Reuters 7.18.22

Climate change damaging U.S military bases in the Arctic, report warns - AP/Military Times 4.17.22

Texas Church-Shooting Survivors, Families Awarded More Than $230 Million From U.S. Government; Judge previously found the Air Force mostly responsible for the Sutherland Springs shooting in which 26 died - WSJ 2.7.22

Top general warns Iran 'very close' to having nuclear weapon capability - NY Post 11.24.21

Here are the three companies selected to design hypersonic missile interceptors for MDA - Defense News 11.20.21

NUCLEAR: NNSA Has Taken Steps to Improve Its Work Authorization Process, but Challenges Remain; DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration, responsible for nuclear weapons stockpile, relies on 7 contractors to manage and operate its 8 lab and production sites 11.4.21

U.S. Army’s Precision Strike Missile breaks distance record in flight test - Defense News

The Missing Aircraft Carrier - WSJ 5.27.21

Nuclear Weapons: NNSA Plans to Modernize Critical Depleted Uranium Capabilities and Improve Program Management - GAO

Production of Air Force's first B-21 stealth bomber on schedule - UPI

NATO ships, aircraft conduct exercises with Latvian navy - UPI

U.S. Navy develops software to track COVID-19 cases aboard ships - UPI

Hungary purchases $1 billion U.S.-made defense missile system - UPI

Air Force helicopter struck by bullet makes emergency landing in Virginia; FBI investigates One crew member was hurt in the UH-1N Huey helicopter incident - Fox

Animal assassins and military mammals: How superpowers continue to train creatures for combat - Fox


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