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Supreme Court Covid Vaccination Status Undermines Credibility on Vaccine Cases, Creates Unshakeable Conflict of Interest and Personal Taint; Impeachment of Pro-Unethical-Vaccine Judges is a Duty of Congress

Even as the would-be U.S. Supreme Court reviews legal limitations on OSHA's attemped power grab in a coercive covid vaccine mandate, the Court's own credibility and reputation are undermined by public revelations that every single single member has, himself, received unethical, morally illicit covid vaccinations.

All of them therefore have an irrefutable conflict of interest and personal taint in the matter, and the broader circumstances mean that Congress would have a duty to impeach any Justice who votes in favor of a coervice covid vaccine mandate, even behind the misleading mask of supposed OSHA workplace regulation.

Publicly available U.S. covid vaccines have been artificially limited to just a subset of would-be covid vaccinations indisputably associated with evil, given their association with human fetal cell lines initiated from tissue originally taken from prental murder victims. The only moral arguments seeking to mitigate concerns over that fact have been over timing and degree.

Issues are raised, for example, over how much time has passed since the murders, how many times cells have replicated outside the murder victim's body versus within the victim's body, or whether the fetal cell lines are used in various aspects of testing production, rather than, for example, murder victim tissue being directly present in final innoculations.

However much an apologist might try to protest that a would-be Supreme Court "Justice" might attempt to "objective" or "unbiased," each of them is therefore severely tainted, their souls, hearts, and minds stained, having chosen to associate themselves directly and personally with the evil in question.

It is not possible to think that a fair hearing could be received in front persons already tainted by association with the ethically faulty vaccines. The guilty conscience and stain of sin by recipients of unethical covid vaccines cannot possibly unfold with a fully accurate judicial result.

Keep in mind that some of them already have essentially embraced and furthered evil, on a massive, unimaginable scale, by also cooperating in prenatal mass murder itself, through a pro-prenatal stance in past "abortion decisions." With the Supreme Court's past illegal "abortion" decisions, pro-prenatal murder "Justices" falsely asserted that they had the authority to decriminalize "abortion," blocking potentially millions of criminal prosecutions for "abortion."

The result has been an existential threat to American democracy, with roughly 62 surgical "abortions" alone since the illegal "Roe v. Wade" decree in the early 1970s.

That number is similar to the number usually needed to win the U.S. Presidency. As a result, America has now had Presidents with pro-prenatal-murder agendas claiming to be duly elected members of a democracy, getting votes similar to the numbers of people murdered by policies they push. That result would be akin to Hitler murdering 10 million people in the Nazi holocaust, having 10 million vote against him, getting 10 million votes, and claiming he was a legitimate leader of a democracy.

If every single U.S. prenatal murder victim, whose murder was enabled by illegal "Supreme Court decisions" were allowed to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol, it would take nearly 170,000 years to honor the memory of each victim, one per day. That period of time would be more than 100 times the length of all recorded human history.

Perhaps predictably, during oral argment, portions of the left-wing portion of the Court have even adopted a childishly unprofessional, strident tone, more reminiscent of a "social media" troll than a judge, "throwing around" inflammatory factual assertions outside their expertise, without citing authority or sources. With vagueness hinting at covid hysteria, they, perhaps, have hinted at a kind of panicky "free-for-all" in response to covid. In this case, they hint at a willingness to allow a left-wing, pro-prenatal-murder President, who has failed to develop ethical, usable vaccines, to pretend that he is acting generically through a workplace safety agency to force mainstream Americans, with normal moral values, out of their jobs, if they do not join the "Supreme Court Justices" in associating with evil.

Childish bluster and unprofessional tone do seem consistent with someone tainted by personal involvement with the morally illicit practice directly.

The problem the "vaccinista" judges face, of course, is that if they wish to transform their role from a coherent analyis of legal frameworks regarding an agency's authority and expertise to a wide-open public policy debate about pros and cons, that is a debate the politically appointed lawyers are not authorized to enter into from the bench. It also is a debate that the left-wing activist "judges" are not capable of winning.

The introduction of the subset of available covid vaccines in the United States has coincided with an increase in deaths and cases, not a decrease.

Presumably that is because they have been a pivotal part of a false scenario undermining other steps and safeguards.

Contrary to science, government has artificially limited the covid vaccines to a subset associated with evil, instead of developing ethical vaccines. Goverment has thereby created a net effect of endangering, and discriminating against, mainstream Americans with normal values, while misleading vaccinated Americans into thinking that they are, in some generalized way, "protected."

That active disinformation campaign by promoters of unethical vaccines has coincided with almost mindboggling recklessness, by persons apparently using the vaccines as an excuse to engage in behaviors endangering public health, such as crowding into churchers, sports venues, bars, and restaurants without masks.

In addition to concerns about the effects, or side-effects, of the vaccines themselves, the publicly available vaccines were never fully effective against the original Covid-19, especially if odds are shifted by going from normal isolation and safeguards to crowded activities with no safeguards. From a broad public health standpoint, it is impossible to simply assess the partial effectiveness of a vaccine innoculation in the abstract, without taking into account the overall effect of the would-be vaccine program, including all of the harmful behavioral changes. It is undeniable that the introduction of the flawed vaccine program, in its current and worsening state, has been followed by an increase in covid deaths and covid cases.

Even the hypothetical, hoped-for effectiveness of the innoculations, in controlled circumstances, apparently has gone steadily down with later variants.

Another manner in which pro-unethical-vaccine obsession is inconsistent with good science is the failure to account for immunity gained by covid survivors. The whole point of any vaccine, in the first place, is to try to induce the natural reaction that occurs from fighting off a past infection. So it is almost childishlessly unscientific to try to ignore immunity gained from past covid infections.

It is almost as if the pro-unethical vaccine misinformation campaign is attempting to turn submissiveness to a flawed, quasi-experimental, unethical medical product into something akin to rooting for a high school sports team.

Even worse, it is almost as if "vaccinistas" are treating the matter as a kind of false religion, as if being receiving one of the current vaccines was like blessing oneself with Holy Water, or receiving absolution in Sacramental Confession. It is as being submissive to coercive browbeating, associating with evil, and renouncing Faith in God, by receivinge on of the unethical vaccines has become a kind of anti-religious Sacrament of the radical left-wing lunatic fringe.

Since the standard for judicial impeachment is a departure from "good behavior," those "Justices" who support the covid vaccine mandate should be impeached for issuing an illegal decree harming the nation under circumstances where they have a conflict of interest.

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress does simply have hypothetical authority to impeach judges and justices acting in such a manner. They have a duty, under the Constitution, to use impeachment to act as the last line of defense against illegality and tyranny from the bench. That is a duty in which Congress has been shockingly derelict, including their failure to impeach and remove pro-prenatal-murder "Justices" blocking prosecutions for "abortion."

If any member of Congress continues to shirk that duty, is the civic duty of every American voter to immediately work to recall such a Congressional member, even before the next election.

Special care should be taken against any false or misleading distortion of so-called Judicial Independence, something that itself is actually a contrivance that technically is contrary to the Cconstitution. The Constitutional system of checks and balances includes impeachment requiring removal for bad behavior.

What the Constitution requires is due process, meaning impartiality with regard to how parties are treated. For example, parties must not be given special treatment because of wealth or status, or political or public relations appeal, or because a judge holds stock in a party, for example.

The need for impartiality is not an excuse, as an entirelty separate agenda, for a power grab. Nor is it a license to rewrite the Constitution illegally.

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