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"Covid Vaccine Mandate Takes U.S. Marine's Life" - SCW Newswatch: Liberty Counsel

Public interest legal nonprofit Liberty Counsel reports that a highly decorated U.S. Marine, previously given his unit's Iron Man award for physical fitness, killed himself after being told he would be kicked out of the Marines for refusing to receive an unethical covid vaccine in violation of his religious beliefs and moral conscience.

"A Marine threatened with dishonorable discharge over his religious objection to COVID shots has committed suicide. ... Ever since Joe Biden announced his unlawful shot mandates, the brave men and women of our U.S. military have been bullied, abused and cajoled to reject their religious convictions and take Joe's jabs. Refusal ... can result in removal from the armed forces, forfeiture of all accumulated and future benefits, and repayment of education and training. ... 'I am deeply grieved that the heavy-handed COVID shot separation policy now has killed more Marines than has the actual COVID-19 sickness,' wrote [a friend of the victim] .... 'The policy of separating conscientious and religious objectors contributed to my friend’s decision to end his life.' ... "

Liberty Counsel added that, despite the Department of Defense being required to report to a federal judge about its handling of thousands of requests for religious exemptions from the covid vaccine mandate, not one had been granted.

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