"China flies more than 150 military planes toward Taiwan as island condemns military ‘harassment’; Taiwan’s Defense Ministry described the Chinese military action as 'harassment' that could escalate tensions" - Fox - SCW Newswatch

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Fox News reports on a multitude of mainland Chinese air incursions harassing Taiwan.

China’s military sent over 150 warplanes toward Taiwan this week in an unprecedented military action that the island’s government swiftly condemned as 'harassment.' On Monday, ... the People’s Liberation Army, flew 103 warplanes near and over the island in a 24-hour period .... On Tuesday, an additional 55 PLA aircraft were detected near the island .... The Ministry of National Defense said 40 of the planes invaded Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, the symbolic median line between mainland China and [Taiwan]. ... Another 27 of the warplanes on Tuesday crossed the ADIZ ...."

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Taiwan Map and Skyline, adapted from image at export.gov

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