Thanksgiving Starts With God, Prayer and Church Services, Such as Catholic Mass or Divine Liturgy; "Eucharist" Means "Thanksgiving"

The word "Eucharist" means "thanksgiving," adapted from the Greek. The starting point for celebrating Thanksgiving should be prayer and holy church services, such as Catholic Mass, or Catholic or Orthodox Divine Liturgy.

Host Lifted at MassIndeed, the earliest formal Thanksgiving celebration on what is now U.S. territory started off with Catholic Mass, in Saint Augustine, Florida, in 1565.

The Mass was followed by a huge feast, at which native inhabitants also were welcomed to join over a thousand European colonists and soldiers.

Calvinist settlers dubbed "pilgrims" arrived at Plymouth Rock in New England in 1620, cutting their journey short, and giving up their original destination of the Hudson River. The Plymouth Colony settlers would celebrate their "Thanksgiving" meals with local tribes in 1621.

President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday in 1863, exhorting the nation to pray to God in thanksgiving, and for peace, harmony, tranquility and unity.

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