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Dow Closes at a 2022 Low as Growth Fears Roil Markets Wave of selling sweeps across the globe - WSJ 9.24.22

Global Economy Knocked Off Course by War, Inflation Business surveys indicate that economic activity in Europe declined sharply in September, raising the risk of recession as governments grapple with surging prices and disruptions from Russia’s attack on Ukraine. - WSJ 9.24.22

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Best Auto Loan Rates The Best Auto Loan Rates for New or Used Vehicles are myAutoloan, Consumers Credit Union, AutoPay, PenFed Credit Union and iLending - MarketWatch 9.1.22

Dollar Strength Lifts Americans’ Relative Spending Power Federal Reserve policy has driven the dollar’s gains as higher rates attract overseas investors’ money. - WSJ 9.5.22

Dow Closes at a 2022 Low as Growth Fears Roil Markets Wave of selling sweeps across the globe - WSJ 9.24.22

Global Economy Knocked Off Course by War, Inflation Business surveys indicate that economic activity in Europe declined sharply in September, raising the risk of recession as governments grapple with surging prices and disruptions from Russia’s attack on Ukraine. - WSJ 9.24.22

The crushing financial penalties for marriage in your later years - courtesy of Uncle Sam - MarketWatch 8.27.22

I’m 62, single and never had a retirement account. I have $100,000 to invest, but is it too late? - MarketWatch 9.10.22

Best Auto Loan Rates The Best Auto Loan Rates for New or Used Vehicles are myAutoloan, Consumers Credit Union, AutoPay, PenFed Credit Union and iLending - MarketWatch 9.1.22

Dollar Strength Lifts Americans’ Relative Spending Power Federal Reserve policy has driven the dollar’s gains as higher rates attract overseas investors’ money. - WSJ 9.5.22

The IRS Is About to Go Beast Mode: The Schumer-Manchin bill has $45.6 billion to audit the middle class. - WSJ 8.3.22

Hershey warns it won’t ‘fully meet consumer demand’ this Halloween, Christmas; Hershey's CEO admitted that they will not be able to meet this year’s Halloween and Christmas demand - Fox 7.30.22

The 15 housing markets in America that are now actually more affordable than they were in 2005 - MarketWatch - 7.16.22

IBM Second-Quarter Earnings Advance on 9% Sales Growth; The company said shutting down Russian operations and a strong dollar weighed on its results, which reflected some of the wider concerns tech investors confront as the sector kicks off its earnings season. - WSJ 7.18.22

Twitter Stock Could Fall Another 30% ;Unless Twitter's board can reach a settlement with Elon Musk, the stock seems likely to head substantially lower from here. - Barron's 7.11.22

Walmart faces lawsuit after employee allegedly hits woman with shopping carts - NY Post 7.11.22

Robinhood in $20 Million Settlement Over Data Breach - Barron's 7.11.22

10 Red Flags That Could Trigger an IRS Tax Audit; Accounting for pandemic-inspired grants, loans and tax credits could make it a tricky year for many - WSJ 3.5.22

The Stock Market Will Get Worse Before It Gets a Lot Better; A decline in earnings could be the next shoe to drop for investors. But it’s all a prelude to the best buying opportunity in decades. - Barron's 6.20.22

Recession Probability Soars as Inflation Worsens; Economists see interest-rate increases raising likelihood of recession to 44% in coming 12 months - WSJ 6.19.22

Volvo Trucks begins testing vehicles powered by hydrogen-powered fuel cells - UPI 6.22.22

Workers at Maryland store become 1st Apple employees in U.S. to vote for union - UPI 3.20.22

The Selloff Will Eventually End. You Can Bet On It. Plenty can still go wrong for stocks. But a prime buying opportunity might be just around the corner. - Barron's 6.18.22

Human-rights based U.S. ban on goods from China's Xinjiang region takes effect - UPI 6.20.22

America Faces a Housing Bust; All ingredients seemed in place at 2022’s start for a continued housing boom, but now the market has priced itself for a sharp reversal - WSJ 6.22.22

The Selloff Will Eventually End. You Can Bet On It. Plenty can still go wrong for stocks. But a prime buying opportunity might be just around the corner. - Barron's - 6.18.22

The Wedding Craze Is Great. But the Economy Really Needs a Baby Boom. The declining birthrate could hobble consumer spending—a big engine for the economy—while straining government budgets and social safety-net programs such as Social Security and Medicare. - Barron's 6.3.22

EPA waives restrictions on ethanol gasoline in bid to lower prices - Washington Examiner 4.29.22

World Bank forecasts worst stagflation since 1970s amid Ukraine war; The World Bank warned Tuesday the Ukraine war will cause the largest jump in food and energy prices in 50 years. The Bank forecast worldwide stagflation, high prices and unemployment for the next three years. - UPI 4.26.22

"Twitter, Elon Musk Deal Could Be Announced Monday; Turn of events comes days after the billionaire unveiled his $43 billion bid for the social-media company" - WSJ - SCW Newswatch 4.25.22

How Elon Musk's Twitter Deal Went From No Go to Reality The social-media company agreed to sell the business to Tesla's billionaire CEO. - Barrons 4.25.22

Cut Your Retirement Spending Now, Says Creator of the 4% Rule; The combination of high inflation and high market valuations could require revisions to the retirement rule of thumb - WSJ 4.19.22

A Home Is Your Castle Against Rising Inflation; Mortgage rates are up to 5%, and some fear a valuation bubble. Even so, it’s a good time to buy. - WSJ 4.18.22

Twitter Moves to Block Musk’s Takeover Offer; Twitter adopted a poison-pill takeover defense to make it difficult for Elon Musk to increase ownership beyond 15%. The move comes a day after the tech entrepreneur made a $43 billion unsolicited bid for the social-media company. - WSJ 4.15.22

How much money should households keep liquid, and in what form, for emergencies? The best way to plan ahead is to examine your spending habits - Fox 4.15.22

Twitter Adopts 'Poison Pill' to Fend Off Elon Musk's Takeover Bid; The social media company's board approved a defensive move Friday, one day after Tesla's CEO offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion. - Barron's 4.15.22

Here’s What Elon Musk Can Do if Twitter Rejects His Bid - Barron's 4.15.22

Musk’s Vision for Twitter Could Mean a Trump Comeback - Barron's 4.15.22

Judge cuts $137M awarded to Tesla employee in discrimination suit to $15M - UPI 4.15.22

Musk’s Vision for Twitter Could Mean a Trump Comeback - Barron's 4.15.22

Biden administration may release a million barrels of oil daily from U.S. reserves: report - Fox 3.30.22

Ukraine War Drives Up Cost of Wind, Solar Power "Greenflation" was already a problem for wind and solar power. Russia’s attack on Ukraine is driving up costs even more. - WSJ 3.27.22

Oil Prices Stay High as Russian Crude Shortage Hits Market; The de facto buyers’ strike on Russian crude that began a month ago propelled oil prices to their highest levels in years. Now the real effects are starting to create a second wave of impact. - WSJ 3.27.22

Fed Will Consider More-Aggressive Rate Increases; Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank is prepared to raise interest rates in half-percentage-point steps if it concludes that is warranted to bring inflation down. - WSJ 3.21.22

SEC proposes mandating climate disclosures from corporations - Washington Examiner 3.21.22

SEC Unveils New Rules to Combat Climate Change - Barron's 3.21.22

A More Hawkish Powell Sends Investors Running; The Fed chairman indicated the central bank could raise rates by increments of half a percentage point, pointing to a more aggressive effort to tackle inflation. - Barron's 3.21.22

Treasuries Are Selling Off. Blame Powell’s Comments on Half-Point Rate Hikes. - Barron's 3.21.22

Uber and Lyft Stock Are Sliding. There's a Driver Shortage. - Barron's 3.21.22

Buy Wendy’s Stock. Shares Are Priced Like They Should Be on the Value Menu. Much of Wendy’s business is in the U.S., insulating it from the volatility other fast-food chains are seeing in international markets. - Barron's 3.21.22

Goodyear Tire Stands to Gain From the Transition to EVs - Barron's 2.25.22

Stocks Rally, End Four-Day Losing Streak; Oil Prices Sink - WSJ 3.9.22

Bitcoin Price Surges on Biden’s Crypto Executive Order; Cryptocurrency advocates celebrate order while skeptics see it as a step back for regulation - WSJ 3.9.22

Oil price surge revives Wall Street fears of 1970s-style stagflation - Reuters 3.3.22

Gasoline Prices Surge Above $4 a Gallon, With No End in Sight - WSJ 3.7.22

Boeing Might Have a Russian Titanium Problem - Barron's 3.7.22

How Oil Giants’ Bets on Russia, Years in the Making, Crumbled in Days; Rapid pullouts by BP, Shell and Exxon after decades of cultivating close relationships show the mounting perils of doing business with Moscow. - WSJ 3.7.22

Global Economy Braces for Impact of Russia’s War on Ukraine; Central banks are delaying or softening rate increases after relying on easy money to get through the Covid-19 pandemic. - WSJ 3.7.22

Stocks Fall, Oil Jumps 10% Amid Sanctions; U.S. stock indexes fell and bond yields slipped while oil prices rose to multiyear highs, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued to whipsaw through markets. - WSJ 3.1.22

ON Semiconductor Stock Rises as Earnings and Margins Forecasts Exceed Expectations; The semiconductor company reported record yearly revenue of $6.74 billion, representing 28.3% year-over-year growth. - Barron's 2.7.22

Amazon accused of violating U.S. labor law after union supporters' arrests - Reuters 2.24.22

Amazon Prime Price Increase - WSJ 2.5.22

IRS urges Americans to file tax returns ASAP. Here's why: The IRS is grappling with a massive backlog of unprocessed returns - Fox 1.24.22

Germany’s Reliance on Russian Gas Limits Europe’s Options in Ukraine Crisis: Berlin is vulnerable if the West sanctions Russia over Ukraine and Moscow responds by cutting off natural-gas exports. - WSJ 1.23.22

U.S. Food Supply Is Under Pressure: Weeks of workers calling in sick have added to continuing supply and transportation disruptions, making grocery store shelves harder to fill. - WSJ 1.23.22

Intel to Invest $20 Billion in U.S. Chip-Making Facility; Intel plans to invest at least $20 billion in new chip-making capacity in Ohio, bolstering its semiconductor-production ambitions as greater demand for digital products and a global chip shortage have amplified the need for more manufacturing. - WSJ 1.21.22

If Tesla Stock Doesn't Hold This Level, the Shares Could Fall a Lot Further - WSJ 1.21.22

14 million Americans stopped working because they had COVID-19 or they were caring for someone with the virus - MarketWatch 1.21.22

Today's Logistics Report: Freight Rail Slowing Down; Growing Timber Markets; Where’s My Sofa? - WSJ 1.21.22

U.S. Jobless claims rose sharply last week to 286,000. The labor market, a source of economic growth, faces headwinds as Omicron cases remain high. - WSJ 1.20.22

Existing-Home Sales Reached a 15-Year High in 2021: Existing-home sales rose 8.5% last year from a year earlier to 6.12 million, the National Association of Realtors said Thursday. - WSJ 1.20.22

Oil Prices Reach Seven-Year High on Rising Geopolitical Tensions: Crude prices rose to their highest level since the 2014 shale-induced oil crash, a milestone in a rally that is gathering momentum as geopolitical tensions threaten to knock supply. - WSJ 1.18.22

Oil prices rise to highest levels in 7 years amid supply pressures in Ukraine, Middle East - UPI 1.18.22

Texas, Arizona Have Recovered All Jobs Lost When Covid Hit - WSJ 1.18.22

Bausch + Lomb to Return to Public Markets: Bausch + Lomb, known for its eye care business, is seeking to raise $100 million with its initial public offering - Barron's 1.15.22

Chinese Investment in U.S. Plane Maker Icon Aircraft Draws FBI, National-Security Reviews - WSJ 1.18.22

Roaring U.S. housing market may cool, keep climbing as Fed ends emergency support - MarketWatch 1.5.22

Vaccine Stocks Are Sliding - Barron's 1.14.22

Retail Sales Fell in December as Omicron and Inflation Stymied Spending - Barron's 1.14.22

BlackRock Now Manages Over $10 Trillion in Assets; The money manager’s profit rose 6% in the fourth quarter - WSJ 1.14.22

Many Hospitals Are Getting Overwhelmed. It Could Affect Healthcare for Years to Come. - Barron's 1.14.22

Stocks Face Rockier Path in 2022 as Rate Increases Loom: Though investors remain hopeful, many see increased threats to the pandemic-era rally, as the Federal Reserve starts removing support for the economy - WSJ 1.2.22

Airlines Warn of Crippling Flight Disruptions if New 5G Rollout Isn’t Delayed - Barron's 1.3.22

A Booming Startup Market Prompts an Investment Rush for Ever-Younger Companies: Early-stage venture capitalists are now investing millions of dollars in companies before they even have a coherent business plan, while a growing number of VCs are saying that we are likely in a bubble. - WSJ 1.22.22

Why 2022 Is the Year You Get Your Dream Job - WSJ 1.3.22

Workers Should See Job Gains Even Amid the Latest Covid-19 Wave - WSJ 1.3.22

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As Robinhood Tumbles, Rival Brokers Are Looking Better: Bank of America analyst Craig Siegenthaler also likes alternative asset managers Blackstone, Ares, and Carlyle. - Barron's 12.16.21

Barron’s 10 Stock Picks for 2022: Amazon, Visa, Nordstrom, and AT&T are among the stocks pegged to outperform the S&P 500 next year - Barron's 12.16.21

This Stock Could Ride the Housing Shortage Higher - Barron's 12.16.21

Home Prices Won't Rise as Quickly Next Year, Housing Experts Say: The median home sale price is expected to rise by 5.7% in 2022. - Barron's 12.16.21

Stocks, Oil Drop Sharply on Concerns Over New Covid-19 Variant; Dow finishes its worst Black Friday on record, while Treasury yields slide - WSJ 11.26.21

Southern California’s Container-Ship Backlog Moves Farther Out to Sea; Authorities say strong winds and rough seas have forced them to keep ships farther apart and away from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach - WSJ 12.10.21

U.S. Companies Face New Risks in a Changing China: A slowing economy, interventions by Beijing, and tensions with Washington may not be fully reflected in the valuations of companies with Chinese exposure.- Barron's 11.12.21

BUDGET & STOCKS: Infrastructure Stocks Pop as Biden Signs the Spending Bill: Investors Should Focus on the Long Play. Stocks like builders of electric charging stations EVgo and Volta or suppliers of sand and asphalt like Vulcan and Martin Marietta Materials will be working on projects long after the supply and labor shortages pass. - Barron's 11.14.21

TESLA STOCKS: Price of Tesla shares declines as Elon Musk sells of $1.2 billion worth of stock - UPI 11.13.21

Rising Inflation Challenges Biden Economic Agenda: The highest inflation in three decades is posing a new test for President Biden as he seeks to push through another pillar of his economic agenda while also easing Americans’ concerns about rising consumer prices. - WSJ 11.11.21

CHINA: U.S. Firms Aid China’s Bid for Chip Dominance Despite Security Concerns - WSJ 11.12.21

HEALTH BUSINESS: J&J to Split Into Two Public Companies: Johnson & Johnson intends to separate its high-margin prescription-drugs and medical-devices business from its storied but slower-growing consumer group, creating two publicly traded companies. - WSJ 11.12.21

ENERGY & BUSINESS: GE’s Power Unit Faces Rivals as Spinoff Looms The segment seeking to profit from the renewable-energy boom is described by analysts as the weakest of the three set to emerge from the conglomerate. - WSJ 11.12.21

ENERGY: Natural-Gas Supply Is Back in Balance, but Prices Are Still Swinging; Unseasonably mild weather is allowing U.S. inventories of the heating fuel to build ahead of winter. - WSJ 11.12.21

BUSINESS: ‘The End of the GE We Knew’: Breakup Turns a Page in Modern Business History - WSJ 11.9.21

ECONOMY: Fed Says Meme Stocks Pose Risks to Financial Stability - Barron's 11.8.21

JOBS: How UPS Plans to Hire 100,000 People in a Month - WSJ 11.8.21

JAPAN, BUSINESS: Toshiba, Like GE, Plans to Divide Into Three Parts The Japanese industrial conglomerate said it planned to split into three by March 2024 in response to shareholder pressure for a more focused structure. - WSJ 11.12.21

INFLATION: CPI for all items rises 0.9% in October as most indexes increase - BLS 11.10.21

INFLATION: Consumer prices for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs up 10.5 percent for year ended September 2021 - BLS 11.10.21

INFLATION: U.S. Inflation Reached 30-Year High in October; CPI rose at three-decade high 6.2%; supply shortages, strong consumer demand continue to push prices - WSJ 11.10.21

INFLATION: More companies hiking prices as inflation, supply chain woes continue - Fox 11.10.21

CYBER INVESTMENT: Investor group acquires McAfee for over $14B - UPI 11.8.21

Mark Cuban-Owned Company Launches Pharmacy-Benefit Manager: An employer group also is starting a company to manage prescription-drug benefits as frustration mounts with the big PBMs hired to control drug spending - WSJ 10.25.21

‘People Are Hoarding’: Food Shortages Are The Next Supply-Chain Crunch - Bloomberg 10.19.21

Lawmakers Question Whether Amazon Executives Misled Congress: In a letter to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, five members of Congress asked for “exculpatory evidence” to corroborate the sworn testimony offered by several company leaders, including founder Jeff Bezos. - WSJ 10.18.21

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Pursues Private Space Station: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Pursues Private Space Station The space company said it would help to build a facility, part of a bet that many future orbital facilities will be privately owned and operated. - WSJ 10.25.21

Exxon Debates Abandoning Some Oil, Gas Projects: Members of the company’s remade board of directors are questioning several major investments as the company reconsiders its investment strategy in a fast-changing energy landscape. - WSJ 10.20.21 Democrats raise proposed IRS bank reporting threshold from $600 to $10K - NY Post 10.20.21

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Named in Suit by Washington, D.C., Attorney General: The district’s attorney general is seeking to hold Mark Zuckerberg personally liable in a lawsuit stemming from the 2018 Cambridge Analytica personal-data scandal - WSJ 10.20.21

DWAC, the Trump Social-Media SPAC, Soars in GameStop-Like Frenzy: DWAC, the Trump Social-Media SPAC, Soars in GameStop-Like Frenzy Shares of the blank-check company tied to Donald Trump’s new online network surged again Friday, fueled by the enthusiasm of individual investors on social media. - WSJ 10.22.21

4.3 Million Workers Are Missing. Where Did They Go? The U.S. labor shortage has hit low-paying service industries especially hard, pushing companies to adapt. Many economists expect the shortage to last years, and some think it could be permanent. - WSJ 10.14.21

Foreclosures soar after COVID-19 forbearance programs expire - UPI

Q3 2021 U.S. Foreclosure Activity Begins To See Significant Increases As Foreclosure Moratorium Is Lifted - Attom

IMF Seeks to Allay Doubts Following Data-Rigging Scandal; The International Monetary Fund is working to regain its footing in international financial markets while it works to balance the competing interests of its two main backers, the U.S. and China.- WSJ 10.14.21

Persistent Inflation Ripples Through U.S. Economy; Inflation remained at its highest rate in over a decade, with prices rising 5.4% in September, and is starting to have a broader impact on the cost of living, wages and social-benefits programs. Many economists expect the increases to linger - WSJ 10.13.21

Oil Jumps Above $80, Turbocharged by Supply Shortages; The extended climb in oil prices is leaving some other industrial commodities behind, a divergence that reflects bets that energy supply shortages will offset any slowdown in the global economy. - WSJ 10.11.21

Keyboards for Hire: Tech Freelancers Help Companies Plug Talent Gaps - WSJ

These Cities (and Small Towns) Are Luring Remote Workers With Perks; From Topeka to Bemidji, Minn., localities are trying to boost populations with offers of cash, free coffee and grandparent stand-ins. “They’re giving me $10,000. - WSJ 10.9.21

Dish Network Enlists IBM to Help Build 5G Network; IBM will provide orchestration software, technology that helps network providers manage and automate how they deliver 5G services - WSJ 9.15.21

SEC Issues $114 Million to Two Whistleblowers; With the latest awards, the SEC whistleblower program has provided more than $1 billion in awards - WSJ 9.15.21

New Research Busts Popular Myths About Innovation; Some technologies improve much faster than others, and they do so at a more or less steady pace, regardless of individual breakthroughs and inventors. This should change how investors, policy makers and anyone choosing a career decides where to invest time and money. - WSJ 9.18.21

Democrats Release Details of Proposed Tax Increase - WSJ 9.13.21

U.S. Economy Faces Slowdown Just as It Was Set to Take Off; Covid’s Delta variant has undone expectations - WSJ 9.7.21

Labor Dept.: U.S. job openings increased to almost 11M in July - UPI 9.8.21

White House More Than Doubles Its Inflation Forecast in New Update - WSJ 9.7.21

Intel to Invest Up to $95 Billion in European Chip-Making - WSJ 9.7.21

Stocks Close Down on Fed’s Decision to Sell Corporate Bonds - Barron's 6.3.21

Washington to bar US investors from 59 Chinese companies - FT 6.3.21

The new geopolitics of global business: China and America dominate like never before - Economist 6.5.21

Jobs vs heritage: The battle over Amazon’s new Africa HQ - Al Jazeera 6.3.21

Global food prices surge again, stoking inflation fears - Al Jazeera/ Bloomberg 6.3.21

Labor Shortages, Supply Chain Woes Color Fed’s View of the Economy - Barron's 6.3.21

U.S. Blacklists More Chinese Companies. What It Means for Investors. - Barron's 6.3.21

Fintech Startup Acorns to Go Public in $2 Billion SPAC Deal - WSJ 5.27.21

Hong Kong Security Chief Warns Citigroup, HSBC Against Dealings With Pro-Democracy Tycoon - WSJ 5.27.21

‘God Told Me to Put Money Into Hertz’: Small Investors Are Winning Big Again - WSJ 5.27.21

Ford Nails the Electric F-150 Launch. Look Out, Tesla - Barron's 5.20.21

Biden pitches massive $4T tax and spend plan at Michigan Ford factory - Fox 5.18.21

Today's 30-year mortgage rates slide even lower under 3%; May 18, 2021 - Fox 5.18.21

Bill Gates Left Microsoft Board Amid Probe Into Prior Relationship With Staffer - WSJ 5.17.21

March Hiring Surge Spanned the Country - WSJ

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SEC Whistleblower Program Shows Value of Speaking Up, Departing Chief Says - WSJ

We’re in a Manic Bull Market. How Long It Will Last—and What to Buy. - Barron's 3.30.21

Oil ends higher as traders expect shipping delays to persist, even as the Suez Canal is cleared - MarketWatch 3.29.21

U.S. economy grew by 33% during 3rd quarter, Commerce Dept. says - UPI

Whirlpool and 3 Other Companies That Raised Their Dividends This Week - Barron's

China Trade War Didn’t Boost U.S. Manufacturing Might Factory production peaked in 2018, data show; Trump advisers say tariff campaign will yield benefits over time - WSJ

Cancer Meeting Could Ignite These Biotech Stocks - Barron's

Here’s How Much You Would Pay Under Biden’s and Trump’s Tax Plans - Barron's

St. Louis Fed chief: Good Q3 would put U.S. near 'sort of full recovery' - UPI

California to eliminate sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035 - Washington Examiner

California to ban sale of new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles in 2035 - Reuters

Tesla’s Battery Day Was Full of Promising News. Why Its Stock Is Falling Anyway. - Barron's

Tesla Says It Wants to Be a Lithium Miner. That Could Be a Problem for Extractor Stocks. - Barron's

Groceries Are One of the Fastest-Growing E-commerce Segments. What to Know About the Coming Boom. - Barron's

JPMorgan set to pay $1 billion in spoofing penalty - Bloomberg News - Reuters

U.S. ambassador says Turkey ignores pharma debt at its peril - Reuters

GoodRx shares jump 40% in Nasdaq debut after over $1 billion IPO - Reuters

Tesla’s Battery Day Was Full of Promising News. Why Its Stock Is Falling Anyway. - Barron's

World coronavirus GDP losses exceed 2009 financial crisis, economic group says - UPI

Verizon agrees to buy Tracfone for $6.2 billion - UPI

Exxon’s Departure From Dow Highlights Market’s Retreat From Energy Bets - WSJ

ViacomCBS Seeks About $5.5 Million for 30-Second Commercial Spots in 2021 Super Bowl; Ad buyers seek assurances they will be let out of their commitments in the event the game can’t be played, sources say - WSJ

Teva Pharmaceutical’s U.S. Unit Indicted on Price-Fixing Charges - WSJ

U.S. charges Teva in generic drugs price-fixing probe - Reuters

ETF boom fuels gold's sharp rise - Fox

Sales of previously owned homes in the U.S. surged in July as low interest rates and a desire for more space amid the pandemic boosted home-buyer demand - WSJ

Lawmakers recess until September without COVID-19 stimulus deal - UPI

Federal deficit reaches $2.8T, breaking annual record - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Trump weighs permanent payroll tax deferral, says it won't impact Social Security; The president said the cuts 'may be permanent,' but did not elaborate" - Fox 8.10.20

Eastman Kodak's U.S. loan agreement on hold - Reuters

Wall Street Week Ahead: Bargain-hunters look to real-estate stocks - Reuters

6 Large-Cap Stocks With Solid Dividends That Have Weathered the Pandemic - Barron's

Lapse in Extra Jobless Aid Seen Hurting Recovery - WSJ

The Treasury Aims to Sell $2 Trillion of Debt by Year-End. This Is the Game Plan. - Barron's

SpaceX Tested Its Starship. It’s a Sign of Hope for Space Investors. - Barron's

Drug-Ingredient Business Isn’t Viable Here, Teva CEO Says - Barron's

Oil Stocks are Surprising Winners - Barron's

China Is Waging Economic War on America. The Pandemic Is an Opportunity to Turn the Fight Around. - Barron's

Covid Supercharges Federal Reserve as Backup Lender to the World - WSJ

Trump Says U.S. Should Get Slice of TikTok Sale Price - WSJ

Small-Business Disaster Relief Program Target of Fraud, Watchdog Says

To Boost Summer Tourism, Local Businesses Offer 'Safe-Cations'; Determined to get away, Americans are hitting the road--and businesses in secluded destinations that can also demonstrate improved cleanliness protocols are getting a boost.

Fed extends emergency lending for 3 more months

Kodak Shifts Into Drug Production With Help of $765 Million U.S. Loan

Some Companies Can't Hire Fast Enough. Study Their Business Models; When staring at a prolonged period of uncertainty, look for the sure thing any which way you can.

3 Ways to Communicate a Pivot During Covid-19; If your company made big changes because of the pandemic, here's how to effectively share the news.

Will There Be Second Stimulus Check Due to Covid-19?