VIDEO: Robinhood CEO Breaks Down His Plan to Reinvent Investing Again - WSJ - SCW Newswatch

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The Wall Street Journal reports on Robinhood's plans to expand and diversify services seeking more investors.

"Robinhood gained millions of users during the GameStop craze. ... [M]any have left as interest rates have gone up. CEO Vlad Tenev ... now ... [seeks to] grow[] Robinhood into more than ... a trading app. Along with expansion into retirement accounts and credit cards, Tenev discusses Robinhood’s 24-hour stock trading. ... Robinhood and GameStop ... democratizing finance ... Robinhood’s new moves ... cryptocurrency ... [and] Robinhood’s reputation"

Key Words: Investing, Robinhood, Credit Cards, Stocks, Retirement Accounts, 24-Hour Stock Trading

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