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How to Pay for Medical School; Medical school remains a sound investment, experts say, despite the enormous expense. U.S. News 8.17.23

School Is a Hostile Environment for Boys; Teaching methods are better suited for girls, who’ve gotten better grades for a century. - WSJ 9.14.23

NJ woman awarded $10K in revenge-porn lawsuit against ex-math teacher who posted her nude selfies online - NY Post 8.23.23

Philadelphia HS principal replaced after denying diplomas to celebrating grads - NY Post 7.7.23

Reprimand for professor who gave student a zero for using 'biological women' gets reversed: ‘Issued in error’; According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the professor's reprimand will be removed from her personal file - Fox 7.8.23

Vermont school board pays family $125,000 after punishing father, daughter for speaking out against "trans" student; Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Phil Sechler called the settlement a 'resounding victory for freedom of speech' - 6.2.23

WATCH: Service dog receives his own diploma at owner's college graduation - WLWT 5.26.23

University of Minnesota ‘evaluating’ program that bans white students after discrimination complaint - NY Post 5.22.23

Michigan State professor forced students to pay $99 for left-wing causes: lawsuit; Money collected from students went to the coffers of a left-leaning organization called The Rebellion Community - Fox 5.22.23

Professor hurls students' pro-life display after profanity-laced tirade: 'triggering my students'; Hunter College art professor Shellyne Rodriguez called the pro-life display 'violence' - Fox 5.22.23

U.S. News Ranks Best Online Programs - U.S. News 1.24.23

2 ex-Mizzou fraternity brothers charged with felonies after hazing incident left pledge blind, paralyzed; Mizzou freshman Daniel Santulli was left blind and unable to speak or walk after the hazing incident - Fox 6.20.22

Wisconsin mom says school district threatening legal action to 'bully' her criticism to silence; The Wisconsin mom responded to the Oconomowoc School District's legal threats by saying she won't back down to 'tyranny' - Fox 6.19.22

Oklahoma State University hosts 'Drag Queen Story Hour' for kids as young as 2-years-old; The event is targeted for children ages 2 through 8 - Fox 4.15.22

Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 23 of top 25 U.S. medical schools: report - Fox 2.21.22

University language guide says 'grandfather,' 'housekeeping,' 'spirit animal' are 'problematic' words - NY Post 1.23.22

Top Schools Illegally Collude to Limit Student Financial Aid, Lawsuit Alleges: A new federal suit alleging antitrust violations at 16 major universities, including Yale and Georgetown, adds to continuing efforts to change college admissions practices. - WSJ 1.10.22