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The Week In Russia: Two Countries, Two Crackdowns - RFE/RL 6.4.21

NATO Chief Says Belarus Becoming 'More And More Dependent' On Russia - RFE/RL 6.6.21

German Domestic Intelligence Chief Warns Of Increased Russian Activity - RFE/RL 6.6.21

Kremlin's Clumsy Intimidation of Weaker Domestic Opponents Raises Embarrassing Questions Over Why Kremlin Feels Intimidated by Weaker Factions; Should Doubts Be Raised Over Level of Actual Kremlin Support - SCW 6.2.21

'This Is A Purge': Russian Authorities Dig Up Old Incidents To Sideline Potential Opponents - RFE/RL 6.2.21

How Russian Oil Companies Illegally Dump Massive Amounts Of Toxic Waste - RFE/RL 5.25.21

Russia's Covid-19 Sputnik Vaccine Immoral, Tied To Use of Fetal Tissue, Therefore Associated with Evil; Putin and Medvedev Emerge As Type of Covid Antichrists, Trying to Push Russian People to Embrace Hellfire with Vaccines of Evil Nature - SCW 5.23.21

PUTIN POPULARITY MYTH: Should We Ignore Outlandish Putin Poll Numbers? Russians may not have a clear outlet for their actual opinion on Putin

Russia’s Navalny Fights to Stay in Public Eye in Putin Standoff - WSJ 5.23.21

Russian Journalist Who Exposed Oil-Theft Schemes Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison - RFE/RL 5.14.21

How Russian Oil Companies Illegally Dump Massive Amounts Of Toxic Waste - RFE/RL 5.25.21

NATO Warplanes Scrambled Amid 'Unusual Peak' In Russian Air Activity - RFE/RL 3.30.21

Russian Physicians Demand Prison Medical Assistance For Navalny - RFE/RL 3.30.21

Moscow Says U.S. Destroyer Forced Out Of Russian Waters - RFE/RL

Poisons, Patents, Phone Logs Records Reveal Russian Scientists’ Ties To Military Intelligence - RFE/RL

Russian Health Minister Calls For Further Curbs As COVID-19 Cases Top 2 Million - RFE/RL

Navalny's Poisoning Spooked Russia. The Politicians He Nurtured Say 'It Motivated Us.'

RFE/RL Exclusive: Mystery Over Russian’s Suspected Poisoning Deepens With New FBI Records - RFE/RL

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Alexei Navalny Supporters Probe How the Russian Opposition Leader Was Poisoned; Team scoured his hotel room and found a water bottle they say has traces of Novichok, a nerve agent" - WSJ

U.S. Widens Sanctions Net Against Kremlin-Connected Backer Of 'Troll Factory,' Mercenary Group

RUSSIA: Putin's Kremlin Painting Itself Into a Corner with Navalny Assassination Attempt; Russian Regime Risks Being Tainted as Either Culpable, or Incompetent At Maintaining Law and Order

SCW NEWSWATCH: "U.S. beefs up force protection in Syria after run-in with Russia" - The Hill 9.18.20

Navalny's Team Says Water Bottle With Traces Of Novichok Found In His Hotel Room In Tomsk

What Do The Regional Election Results Tell Us About Putin's Russia?

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Air Force destroys surrogate cruise missile in hypervelocity projectile test" - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian paramedics' accounts challenge Moscow's explanation for Navalny's coma - sources" - Reuters 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Navalny-backed candidates win Siberian cities in Russian election; Putin’s ruling United Russia party claims landslide victories in other regional elections" - Financial Times 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "After Weeks of Pressure in Belarus, Protesters and Lukashenko Locked in Dangerous Stalemate; More than 100,000 people protest; country's longtime leader set to meet Putin on Monday" - WSJ 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Putin bestows $1.5 billion loan in gesture of support for Belarus leader" - Reuters 9.14.20

Belarus leader visits Russia to secure support amid protests - Stars and Stripes

Germany Says 'Dark Clouds' Looming Over Russia Ties As Navalny Lies Critically Ill In Berlin Hospital - RFE/RL

RUSSIA: "Navalny Associate: Kremlin Involved in Opposition Leader's Poisoning"

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian Baliffs Seize $460,000 From Navalny Ally Sobol" - AFP/ Barron's

Germany Mulls Russia Response As Navalny's Condition Remains 'Serious' - RFE/RL

Before He Fell Ill, Navalny's Every Move Was Tracked. What About The Poisoning? - RFE/RL

Russian Prosecutors Claim There's No Sign Of Crime In Navalny Case - RFE/RL

United States Deeply Concerned Over Russia's Navalny; U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo Issued Press Statement On Apparent Navalny Poisoning, Called for Investigation if Poisoning Confirmed - SCW

'Putin's chef' promises to ruin comatose Navalny with $1.2m bill; If Navalny survives, a Kremlin-linked businessman intends 'to strip' him and his allies 'of their clothes and shoes.' - Al Jazeera

VIDEO & ARTICLE: German Tests Indicate Kremlin Critic Navalny 'Poisoned'

Russia rejects investigation of opposition leader's alleged poisoning - Fox

German Medical Tests Show Navalny Was Poisoned; Chancellor Angela Merkel calls on Russia to bring attackers to justice - WSJ

Russia Denies Blame for Navalny Poisoning, Rebuffs Calls for Probe - The Kremlin said it had no involvement in the sudden illness of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny and questioned the assertion this week by German doctors that he was poisoned, pushing back against demands from Western leaders for an inquiry - WSJ

Kremlin says no need for investigation into Alexei Navlany falling ill - UPI

VIDEO & ARTICLE: Kremlin Critic Navalny Was Under Surveillance During Trip To Siberia, Says Report

VIDEOS & ARTICLE: "Extensive" Tests Under Way On Putin Foe Navalny At Berlin Hospital - RFE/RL

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Putin bets on Lukashenko keeping power in Belarus for now: sources" - Reuters 8.21.20

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny arrives in Berlin for treatment - UPI

Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Evacuated From Russia to Germany; Leading Russian dissident spent nearly 48 hours in a Siberian hospital after suddenly falling ill on a flight to Moscow - WSJ

SCW NEWSWATCH VIDEO: "Alexei Navalny, Russian Dissident Who Abruptly Fell Ill, Departs Siberian Hospital for Germany; Navalny’s plight could have a chilling effect on the opposition to President Putin, political analysts say" - WSJ 8.21.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny 'poisoned'" - UPI 8.20.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Another Putin Critic Falls Ill Opposition leader Alexei Navalny sips tea that may have been poisoned." - WSJ 8.20.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Lukashenko Says He Is Ready to Share Power in Belarus as Protests Mount" - Reuters 8.17.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Why Vladimir Putin is unlikely to invade Belarus" - Atlantic Council/ Anders Åslund 8.16.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian Economy Shrank 8.5% in Second Quarter - Official Data; Fall in GDP is less severe than government and Central Bank feared" - AFP/ Barron's 8.13.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russia Registers World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Safety Concerns; Officials in Russia and the West express alarm at the speed the vaccine was developed and the methods used - WSJ 8.11.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Industry Body Calls Russian Covid-19 Vaccine a Pandora's Box" - Bloomberg 8.10.20



[PDF] GEC Special Report: August 2020 Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem - State Department - August 2020

Putin ratchets up effort to crush Navalny's opposition with closed-door hearing - NY Post 4.25.21

Russia's Navalny to end prison hunger strike on 24th day - Fox 4.23.21

Russia orders troop pullback, but keeps weapons near Ukraine - Fox 4.22.21

U.S. Warns Russia Over Alexei Navalny’s Poor Health - WSJ

Biden's Sanctions Leave Russia's Stocks and Bonds in Stalemate - Barron's

Putin foe, Navalny bankroller opens up on opposition leader’s potential future Chichvarkin on Putin: 'The only sanction is arrest warrant' - Fox 3.26.21

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russia seizes on Suez blockage to promote merits of Arctic route; Moscow is busy highlighting the northern sea route and Nordstream as alternatives for world trade" - FT

SolarWinds Hack Got Emails of Top DHS Officials - Newsmax 3.29.21

Secretary of State Blinken warns Europe against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline Market Watch 3.26.21

Putin-Biden talks? Russia says absence of clear answer from US will be considered a 'refusal' Moscow says it's waiting for a response, while White House says Biden 'quite busy' - Fox 3.19.21

Putin challenges Biden to chat with him in a 'live' conversation; 'I want to invite President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it actually live,' Putin said - Fox 3.18.21

Navalny Describes 'Clear, But Long' Road To Recovery After Poisoning

Alexei Navalny says he's recovering from poisoning- UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "U.S. beefs up force protection in Syria after run-in with Russia" - The Hill 9.18.20

Kremlin Critic Navalny Loses Appeal Against Jail Term - Newsmax 2.20.21

Three People Die in Partial Collapse of Arctic Processing Plant - Newsmax

Navalny-backed candidates win Siberian cities in Russian election; Putin’s ruling United Russia party claims landslide victories in other regional elections - Financial Times

Russian opposition makes gains in local elections - BBC

Russian Opposition Leader Hospitalized After Suspected Poison Attack - VOA

Doctors offer contradictory information on condition of Russia's Navalny - Reuters

Alexei Navalny to be flown to Germany after suspected poisoning; A German NGO is sending an air-ambulance with a coma-specialist team to pick up Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. He was taken seriously ill while on a domestic flight. - DW

Foundation says it is sending plane for Russia's Navalny - Reuters 8.20.20

France ready to welcome Russian opposition leader Navalny: Le Monde - Reuters 8.20.20

Activists trying to get Russia's Navalny to Germany - Bild - Reuters 8.20.20

Factbox: Who is Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny? - Reuters 8.20.20

Russia Opposition Blames Putin for Navalny’s Suspected Poisoning - Bloomberg

State Dept.: Russia spreads disinformation through 'a propaganda ecosystem' - UPI

Google deletes 2,600 YouTube accounts linked to China [and others tied to Russia, Iran] - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Beirut explosion linked to Russian ship storing ammonium nitrate left in port, called 'floating bomb'; Officials warned the ship was 'a floating bomb.'" - Fox

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russia says it will begin mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in October" - UPI