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SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian Baliffs Seize $460,000 From Navalny Ally" - AFP/ Barron's

"[The Russian government reportedly] ... seized $460,000 from bank accounts ... [of] Russian opposition activist Lyubov Sobol ... nearly a year after a court ordered damages from her and ... Alexei Navalny. Sobol is a lawyer for ... [Navalny's] Anti-Corruption Foundation [and serves as producer for his YouTube channel.] .... [Navalny] is in a coma with suspected poisoning in [a German] hospital .... [Sobol indicated] ... the full sum ... [was forcibly] debited ... leaving her deep in the red. ... [The damages were imposed against the foundation for] an investigation ... into ... [the Moskovsky Shkolnik (Moscow Schoolboy) company, tied by media to Yevgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed 'Putin's chef', a company] that provides school meals, [alleged by Navalny's foundation to be] ... monopolizing the market and serving poor quality food that made children ill. [After Navalny's apparent poisoning,] Prigozhin said ... he would personally claim the damages and wanted to 'strip this group of unscrupulous people of everything down to their clothes and shoes.'"

Prigozhin has denied media claims that he funds a mercenary army called Wagner.

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