Anti-Ukrainian Genocide: Putin's Kremlin, Russian Invasion of Ukraine Seen As Continuation of Stalin’s Holodomor; Artificial, Contrived Famine Inflicted on Ukrainians Killed Millions of Ukrainians - Atlantic Council, Kristina Hook

Writing for the Atlantic Council, Professor Kristina Hook relates the Kremlin's current aggression against Ukraine to Stalin's Holodomor, a contrived, Soviet man-made famine that isolated and deliberately drove millions of Ukrainians to their deaths by starvation.

Ukrainians' determined response to Putin's invasion is driven, in part, by national, and personal, memories of the genocidal Holodomor.

Maidan Square, adapted from image"... [F]or most Ukrainians, the main factor fueling their determination ... is the sense that Russia’s genocidal objectives leave them ... no choice .... Either Ukrainians defend themselves, or Ukraine ... will cease to exist. Examples of the Russian military’s genocidal conduct ... and the Kremlin’s genocidal intent continue to mount. ... [H]uman rights investigators have released new evidence accusing Moscow of a deliberate starvation campaign ... [apparently] in place before ... the full-scale invasion. ... [There are] calls for Russia to face new war crimes charges of 'starvation as a method of warfare.' Accusations of weaponizing food come as Ukrainians mark a major anniversary of a remarkably similar crime ... by the Kremlin ... a century ago. ... Ukrainians [are] commemorat[ing] ... [the tragedy of Stalin's early 1930s] ... Holodomor .... [a] deliberately engineered [artificial] famine [that] killed at estimated four million Ukrainians in less than two years. Declassified Soviet records ... depict Stalin’s behavior as part of a broader campaign to extinguish Ukraine’s statehood aspirations. ... Millions of Ukrainians would ... becom[e] the largest group of political prisoners during the final [Soviet] decades ... before playing a critical role in the eventual [Soviet] collapse .... [M]any irreplaceable features of Ukraine’s cultural heritage were lost forever during the Holodomor .... There is now a growing scholarly consensus ... defin[ing] the Holodomor as ... genocide ... against Ukraine. ... Most [Ukrainians] have a friend or family member ... killed or wounded in Russia’s invasion. Many are also the descendants of people killed by the Stalin regime. ..."

One recent poll found that 84 percent of Ukrainians oppose the ceding of any territory to Russia to obtain a ceasefire.

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