Ukraine Fires U.S. ATACMS Missiles at Russian Forces for First Time - WSJ

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The Wall Street Journal reports on the secret deployment of U.S. ATACMS tactical missiles to Ukraine and their first use against Russian targets. The ATACMS provided to Ukraine have a range of about 100 miles.,

"... Ukraine has long sought ATACMS, a surface-to-surface missile that can strike well behind Russian lines and that can be fired by ... [U.S.-supplied] Himars, or High Mobility Artillery Rocket System launchers .... On Tuesday, the Ukrainian military’s communication department said ... that it 'made well-aimed strikes on enemy airfields and helicopters near the temporarily occupied Luhansk and Berdyansk.' ... Ukraine’s Air Force[] said ... long-range strikes against Russian air bases are a crucial part of Ukraine’s broader strategy of weakening Russian forces as Ukraine continues its counteroffensive. ..."

Meanwhile, Russian helicopters have proved a challenge for Ukraine, since the helicopters sometimes can operate from beyond the reach of air defenses. Ukraine hopes that long-range strikes on Russian bases will force Russia to base helicopters further from the front, requiring longer flights, which could reduce their firepower and provide Ukraine more time to track them.

Click here for: "Ukraine Fires ATACMS Missiles at Russian Forces for the First Time; U.S. missiles were secretly deployed to Ukraine in recent days" - WSJ 10.17.23

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