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Supreme Court and Blossoms


Judge Denies College Exemption From Policy Allowing Men to Live in Women’s Dorms - Daily Signal 5.21.21

Biden Supreme Court panel meets, sets plan to study court packing, term limits - - Washington Times 5.19.21

Judge rules Christian college must follow Biden rule opening dorms, showers to opposite sex - Washington Times 5.19.21

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice; Justice Clarence Thomas administers constitutional oath in an outdoor White House ceremony - WSJ

Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court - White House

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Amy Coney Barrett timeline: Sen. Lindsey Graham announces schedule for confirmation hearing" - KIRO/ Cox Media 9.28.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings start Oct. 12" - New York Post 9.27.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court: sources; The president is expected to make the announcement during a White House event on Saturday" - Fox 9.25.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Mitt Romney says he supports moving ahead with Trump Supreme Court nominee; Romney's stance further tips confirmation math in favor of Republicans" - Fox

Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania, North Carolina to accept mail ballots after Nov. 3 - UPI

Senate votes to limit debate on Barrett Supreme Court nomination, move toward final vote Monday evening; The Senate will have 30 hours to engage in debate over Barrett's nomination before voting - Fox

ABORTION & TERRORISM: Should Abortion Be Deemed a Form of Terrorism? It Has to Be.

Senate Advances Supreme Court Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett; Final vote to confirm President Trump’s nominee is expected Monday - WSJ

Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg, reports claim - Washington Examiner

Reports: Trump to name Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court nominee - UPI

Health care workers have been attacked in parking garages for decades. Why haven't hospitals done more to make them safe? - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Grandma sues after being ‘wrongfully’ arrested at Disney World for CBD oil possession: Lawyer - KTLA

Federal judge declines to block new Title IX rule - UPI

Tennessee high court: COVID-19 not valid reason for absentee ballot - UPI

U.S. Justice Department asks court to block California net neutrality law - Reuters

Supreme Court allows border wall construction during challenges - UPI

Appeals court overturns death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber - UPI


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