Left-Leaning Washington Examiner Calls Abortion "Reproductive Healthcare" - COMMENTARY

Prenatal killing, often referenced as"abortion," is an act of violence with the primary purpose of undoing human reproduction and killing a specific, individually identifiable human life.

Yet, in a recent article, the apparently left-leaning Washington Examiner tried to refer to prenatal killing as "reproductive healthcare."

The young author of the piece was identified as a certain Samantha Jo-Roth, who, according to her linkedin profile, also worked in the past for the Huffington Post, among other employers.

She writes, misleadingly,

"... The Department of Defense released a series of new policies ... that allow for time off and travel expenses for reproductive healthcare, including abortion , [spacing error in original] for troops and their dependents in states where it is not available.

The new policies were designed to improve troops’ access to reproductive healthcare after the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization last year, which eliminated the constitutional right to abortion, creating a patchwork of laws across the country. ..."

(emphasis added; proofreading error in original)

Now, the spacing error between the word "abortion" and the comma reveal that the Washington Examiner must, similarly, have some gaps and inconsistency in their proofreading and editing generally.

A more grotesque editing error was using the term "healthcare" in reference to what is indisputably an act of violence with the primary focus of killing human life.

Additionally bizarre is to use the term "reproductive" in reference to an act that also has, as part of its main purpose, the snuffing out of reproduction and the snuffing out of the natural result of reproduction.

In other words, the Washington Examiner and Jo-Roth, with their manipulative left-wing sloganeering, are spouting fake news that predictably would desensitive and warp public perceptions of the subject matter.

As can be seen, the piece also makes the inflammatory assertion that there had been a so-called "constitutional right" to murder a human life developing in the womb. The Constitution itself spells out the process for creating new Constitutional Rights, through amendments to the Constitution.

All the Supreme Court did in the past was to violate that constitutional provision, and commit judicial obstruction of justice, by ordering its subordinate courts to disobey the law and block prosecutions for prenatal murder.

Even the term "abortion" is a manipulative euphemism, presumably intended to make prenatal murder sound more pseudo-clinical. In the past, tragic yet naturally occurring miscarriages were sometimes called abortions. So apparently an effort arose to mischaracterize prenatal murder as an artificial abortion. Then apparently "artificial" was dropped, to create the false and misleading notion that deliberate killing was somehow reminiscent of an actual miscarriage.

It would be like calling a gangland shooting to the head an artificial aneurysm, because both events involve the damaging bursting of tissue inside the brain. Imagine trying to call a hired assassin an "aneuryst" instead of a hitman, because he used a violent act to disrupt someone's brain tissue, i.e., by shooting a bullet into it.

Particularly concerning is the vulnerable emotional state that some women are in during pregnancy, or when facing an unexpected, or crisis, pregnancy. Anything that warps public perception about the reality of prenatal murder runs of the risk of contributing to the actual loss of human life, if it clouds and undermines public, or individual perceptions of what is actually involved, especially at a time when judgment is skewed by unusual pressures and stresses.

The Washington Examiner should issue a retraction, correction and apology, and think further about whether it was appropriate to sign on Jo-Roth, or the relevant editors, to positions where they could cause so much harm.

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Ultrasound Image of Preborn Child with Anti-Smoking Messsage, adapted from image at cdc.gov