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Tesla commits to promoting 'core socialist values' in pledge with Chinese auto companies; The pledge Tesla made in China includes not engaging in 'abnormal' pricing and prioritizing quality - Fox 7.7.23

VWAGY, TM, and STLA lead the 10 biggest car companies list - Investopedia 5.22.23

Tesla charging technology put on fast track to become U.S. standard - Reuters 6.27.23

Ford recalling 125K vehicles due to engine issues that could cause fires - Fox 6.6.23

EV Makers Confront the ‘Nickel Pickle’; Large amounts of the mineral are needed for electric car batteries, but getting it out of the ground and refining it often requires clearing rainforests and generating large amounts of carbon. - WSJ 6.4.23

Dozens of Car Models Tied to Potentially Explosive Air-Bag Part, WSJ Finds; Regulators have demanded recall of 67 million inflators, with Chevrolet, Ford, VW and Hyundai among 15 brands that could be affected. - WSJ 5.19.23

Goodyear Tire Stands to Gain From the Transition to EVs - Barron's 2.25.22

The Best Power Inverters for Your Car: USB ports don't put out enough power for bigger accessories, so here are the best power inverters for your car. - Auto Guide 11.17.21

Tesla in Pennsylvania catches fire, flames spread to home - Fox 11.26.21

How Much Does a Bulletproof Car Cost? - Armormax 4.23.21

How To Bulletproof a Car Step-by-step - Car and Driver 12.16.09

2021 Bugatti Chiron - Car and Driver

Ford Nails the Electric F-150 Launch. Look Out, Tesla - Barron's 5.20.21

California to eliminate sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035 - Washington Examiner

California to ban sale of new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles in 2035 - Reuters

Tesla’s Battery Day Was Full of Promising News. Why Its Stock Is Falling Anyway. - Barron's

Tesla Says It Wants to Be a Lithium Miner. That Could Be a Problem for Extractor Stocks. - Barron's

Ford recalling 488K US vehicles over front brake hose issue; The automaker issued two other recalls as well - Fox


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