National Park Free Admission Friday, Aug. 4; Anniversary of Great American Outdoors Act - SCW 8.2.23

Mailbu Beach Sunset, adapted from .gov image


55-year-old Virginia hiker dies attempting grueling 24-mile Rim-to-Rim hike at Grand Canyon - NY Post 9.13.23

U.S. caver rescued after days-long climb from 1,000 metres deep in Turkish cave _ Reuters 9.11.23

Popular Atlantic beach destination hit with dangerous rip currents as storms linger; hundreds rescued; Fewer staff, strong rip currents, big surf, sunny weather created perfect storm, sending lifeguards on many rescues - Fox 9.4.23

National Park Service Birthday Aug. 25

Death Valley National Park attracts tourists seeking to visit hottest place on Earth; A thermometer outside the Furnace Creek Visitor Center is one of the park’s most popular attractions, where tourists stop to take a photo with the thermometer. - Fox Weather 8.8.23

National Park Service Birthday Aug. 25

Lost Death Valley visitors trek across salt flat after car gets stuck: "It could have cost their lives" - CBS 8.2.23

Teen airline passenger changes seat after 'plus-sized' travelers crowd her, gets grief for 'fatphobia' - Fox 7.5.23

Thailand woman has leg amputated at Bangkok airport after it became trapped under moving walkway - Fox 6.29.23

Hikers Are Dying on Texas Trails in Severe Heat - Texas Monthly 6.26.23

VIDEO: Spouting Horn Creates a Rainbow in Poipu, Kauai, Hawai'i

Top Ten U.S. Beaches - Dr. Beach

Why Do Some Countries Take Siestas? - Trip Trivia 9.5.19

Spate of Near Collisions on the Runway Casts Shadow Over Summer Travel - WSJ 5.25.23

Why Air Travel Is Broken; Cutbacks in 2020 mean there aren’t enough baggage handlers, pilots and many others; long lines, flight delays, cancellations and lost luggage - WSJ 7.18.22

VIDEO: Oregon Beach Death Highlights Rip Current Danger - TWC 5.22.23




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