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First Criminal Wage-Fixing Trials End in Loss for DOJ: Juries in Texas and Colorado this week turned back the Justice Department’s efforts to prosecute corporate defendants accused of colluding to restrict workers pay and mobility, dealing a blow to efforts to punish practices that it says harm workers. - WSJ 4.15.22

10 of the best degrees to get right now: The best degrees to get provide a high return on investment in terms of future earning potential and job satisfaction, among other factors. - Fox 2.15.22

Why 2022 Is the Year You Get Your Dream Job - WSJ 1.3.22

Workers Should See Job Gains Even Amid the Latest Covid-19 Wave - WSJ 1.3.22

Become an NRA Recruiter in 3 easy steps! - NRA

How a Side Hustle Can Boost Performance at Your Regular Job: A new study shows that moonlighting lifts your mood - and your effectiveness from 9 to 5 - WSJ 11.1.21

Keyboards for Hire: Tech Freelancers Help Companies Plug Talent Gaps - WSJ

Making the most of telework - USDAFS 4.17.20

Labor Dept.: U.S. job openings increased to almost 11M in July - UPI

Making the most of telework - USDAFS 4.17.20




Fastest growing occupations - BLS

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