College Football Playoff Includes Abortion Schools, Should Be Boycotted and Condemned

The University of Michigan and the University of Washington are both open and notorious about declaring that they are abortion perpetrators.

Under the circumstances, it would be impossible for a rational person with normal moral values to associate with the College Football Playoff, or abortion schools, in any manner.

That would include anything that would enhance the prestige or revenue of abortion schools, foster pro-abortion careers, or contribute to the aura of mind-warping "business as usual" complacency that has helped make abortion possible.

Abortion is indisputably a deliberate act of violence with the primary purpose of killing a specific, identifiable human individual.

The morally schizophrenic NCAA leveled sanctions against Penn State over child molestation, and abortion is far worse than child molestation.

Washington is especially shrill, warped and deliberately misleading in one of their abortion declarations, for example, bringing up ethnic minorities as a special concern for promoting and providing abortion, while leaving out the fact that abortion has become an anti-Black genocide.

Aside from the fact that it would be immoral, and at cross purposes, for governmental entities to provide Michigan or Washington with tax funding or government contracts, university involvement with prenatal killing also means that both Div. I-A/FBS College Football Playoff semifinals are tainted by the inclusion of abortion schools.

Abortion, by definition, seeks to violentaly kill someone who is innocent and defenseless, before they have the opportunity to live out their lives and contribute fully to humanity.

Under the circumstances, you should have nothing to do with the College Football Playoff, nothing to do with the NCAA or conferences featuring abortion schools, and nothing to do with Michigan, Washington, other abortion schools, or athletic contests that feature them.

That includes not applying to those schools, not giving them money or supporting their funding, not doing business with them or their personnel, and abstaining from doing business with their sponsors. That also means not driving up related web traffic that can be used to bolster revenue.

Unless Michigan is defeated by Alabama and Washington is knocked out by Texas, the would-be championship game would be tainted as well.

The NCAA and the bowl games involved have disgraced themselves and made themselves unsuitable parties for associating with mainstream Americans with normal values.

The inclusion of abortion schools calls into question the ethics and judgement of NCAA, Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl leaders and organizers, implying a contempt for human life, traditional values and American society.

Prudential is listed as the main sponsor of the Rose Bowl, which features abortion school Michigan. If their judgment is that poor, and their disrespect for normal, mainstream Americans that profound, it is unclear why anyone would ever entrust business to them.

Allstate is listed as the main sponsor for the Sugar Bowl, tainted by the involvement of abortion school Washington.

Given that the games are blacked out on actual broadcast television, presumably to manipulate viewers into an expanded cable subscription for ESPN, that means one also should boycott cable subscriptions to ESPN.

If the NCAA had any decency or leadership, they should have banned abortion schools like Michigan and Washington from post-season play in general .

The B1G/Big Ten conference also has disgraced itself, by featuring multiple abortion schools on an ongoing basis, and by welcoming more into its absurdly swollen ranks.

Michigan is a long-time member of the troubled B1G/Big Ten. Washington has been a member of the now-defunct, equally troubled Pac-12, and will be joining the morally bankrupt B1G/Big Ten.

Meanwhile, even though Alabama and Texas state laws severely restrict abortion, one would have to scrutinize them for the circumstances in which prenatal killing is still allowed.

It is indisputable that abortion is an act of violence with the purpose of killing a specific, identifiable human individual, before that person can live out their lives and contribute their unique character and talents to the rest of humanity.

By definition, abortion targets and kills human individuals who are defenseless and cannot speak for themselves.

Whatever the numbers of actual surgical or chemical abortions perpetrated by Michigan and Washington. abortion in general is the most widespread deadly violence, and most widespread human rights violation, in American history.

For example, abortion is far deadlier and far more widespread than slavery.

Ironically, the NCAA once leveled massive sanctions against Big Ten member Penn State in connection with child abuse, in the form of child molestation by an assistant football coach.

Abortion is an even worse form of child abuse, more abusive, more violent and, by definition and intent, far deadlier.

Abortion kills by various methods and varying degrees of violence. In some cases, the violent killing amounts to outright death by torture.

For abortion schools, the prenatal killing is deliberate, even celebrated.

By the time the NCAA addressed Penn State child molestation, the molestation presumably had ended, and Penn State was actively repudiating it.

But with abortion schools, instead of repudiating an unspeakable evil, they perpetuate it.

Abortions schools usually are shamelessly unapologetic about the misconduct, sometimes even celebrating it as something good or dressing it up in politicized triumph.

Such institutions seem to have been infiltrated and corrupted by the wrong kinds of individuals, whose association or tolerance of abortion should have disqualified them from involvement with a university or with activities that were supposed to be associated with health care instead of deliberate killing.

In the upside-down, morally psychopathic inversion of abortion politics, its supporters might even try to speak of the killing of defenseless human being as some kind of "right," or to speak of deliberate killing as care for health.

The only rational step would be to ban abortion schools from post-season play, and to further ban them entirely from eligibilty to compete at all in the NCAA.

Yet the NCAA, disgracefully headed by pro-abortion politician Charlie Baker, has failed to take any action against abortion schools, such as Michigan or Washington.

According to tax records, the pro-abortion politician's predecessor was paid over $3 million per year. Baker took over earlier in 2023.

The presence of abortion schools, incuding ones with football teams, is like a pervasive disease entangled throughout major college football and both major and minor conferences.

Even some Catholic institutions have their football schedules pockmarked by abortion schools, despite the fact that Catholic Canon Law calls for automatic excommunication for the procurement of abortion.

With over 64 million surgical abortions in the United States since early 1973, and a multitude of chemical abortions, it would be impossible for such a pervasive evil to exist without the deliberate cultivation of a climate of complacency, treating the unthinkable and unspeakable as "business as usual" or some perverted "right" to be celebrated.

The infiltration and corruption of supposed "big-name" academic institutions, including some with celebrity status in the mass entertainment sports, by prenatal killing and pro-abortion subversives, can only add to efforts to dress up such unthinkable killing with nonchalant complacency or celebratory politicized acquiesence.

Then there is the racial factor. Football disproportionately features or exploits Blacks. Abortion, in addition to being an anti-American genocide, has become an anti-Black genoide, with Blacks killed off in their mothers wombs at a rate several times that of Whites, measured per capita.

Health care equity, first and foremost, requires the abolition of abortion, so that the would-be "health care" industry stops actively killing Blacks in the womb at an even higher rate than Whites.

For big-money universities to exploit Blacks for football, then turn around and boast about offering abortion, is particularly disgusting and appalling.

It would be like Hitler trying to argue that the Nazi Holocaust was good for the Jews, and necessary to be fair to the Jews.

It is reminiscent of pro-slavery forces trying to argue that slavery was good for the slaves.

Just say no to college football, or college athletics of any kind, that involves abortion schools.

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