VIDEO: Watch: House Passes Plan to Avert Government Shutdown - WSJ

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The Wall Street Journal reports on U.S. House of Representatives' passage of legislation to avoid a federal government shutdown and keep the U.S. government funded through early 2024.

"House lawmakers on Tuesday approved a Republican plan that would continue funding federal agencies until early next year. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R., La.) relied heavily on Democratic votes to get his bill across the finish line."

Voting 336-95, the House surpassed the two-thirds threshold required under a special procedure to avoid factional disputes with the Republicans.

The measure now goes to the Senate, where it reportedly could have bipartisan support.

"The bill’s passage showed many lawmakers had little appetite for brinkmanship ... ahead of their Thanksgiving break, opting for a 'clean' measure ... extend[ing] funding at current levels ... push[ing] off fights over issues including border security, federal spending levels and Ukraine funding. ..." 

The measure would extend short-term funding for some federal agencies until mid-January, and others through early February, the latter including the Department of Defense.

Speaker Johnson and others are pushing to develop longer-term, annual funding instead of short-term extensions.

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