ABORTION: Boycott "Notre Dame"-Duke Football Game; "Notre Dame" Football Opponent Duke of the ACC Offers Abortions

"Notre Dame's" football schedule continues to be pockmarked by abortion-performing institutions, in part because of "Notre Dame's" improper relationship with the ACC.

By scheduling abortion schools, "Notre Dame" administrators enhance the abortion schools' revenue, prestige and false legitimacy. They also endanger human lives, by thereby helping the abortion schools remain in business, and by contributing the air of complacency and "business as usual" that has made abortion more feasible within American culture.

By continuing to use "Notre Dame," French for "Our Lady" for the institution's official name and "branding," the "Notre Dame" administrators scheduling abortion schools are also insulting the Blessed Virgin Mary and essentially blaspheming Jesus Christ her Son.

The latest abortion school on "Notre Dame's" schedule are the aptly named Duke Blue Devils, set to host the Fighting Irish on Saturday evening, Sept. 30.

The Catholic faith, with which "Notre Dame" still claims to associate itself, regards "abortion," deliberate prenatal killing, as such a serious matter that it brings automatic excommunication.

Duke openly admits on their web site that they offer "Medical and Surgical Termination of Pregnancy."

Medical and Surgical Termination of Pregnancy

"We provide medical and surgical termination of pregnancy in a private and specialized environment. Our services include management of complicated pregnancies, mid-trimester pregnancies, and termination for fetal anomalies. All patients receive counseling regarding pregnancy options and procedures, ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy dating and contraceptive options. We provide 24-hour patient phone contact for emergencies."

Here is a partial screenshot from a visit to the above-linked web page on Sept. 26, 2023, the week leading up to the 2023 "Notre Dame"-Duke game.

Duke University OBGYN Webpage Screenshot including abortion references

It is only with an undeniable disregard of the Catholic Faith that Notre Dame administrators would have agreed to enhance the revenue and prestige of an abortion provider in such a matter.

"Notre Dame" administrators have once again scheduled what used to be America's most storied football program to play an abortion school.

Prenatal killing is almost beyond comprehension, regarding its bloodcurdling, ruthless brutality towards the innocent; its assault on the timeless sanctity of motherhood; and its sheer magnitude.

The United States has had more than 63 million surgical abortions since the would-be Supreme Court, in 1973, began blocking most abortion prosecutions with its infamous, unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision. To put that mindboggling number in perspective, it begins to approach the number of votes usually received by a major presidential candidate.

That does not even include chemical abortions.

Even after the Supreme Court rolled back Roe v. Wade in its 2022 decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, abortion still has not been banned nationwide. In North Carolina, generally speaking, surgical abortions still are permitted after 12 weeks and six days of pregnancy.

Against that backdrop, if Notre Dame administrators claimed abject ignorance of the Duke abortion matter, that would imply a shockingly incompetent lack of due diligence.

Regardless of whether such highly paid public figures, at a multi-billion-dollar institution, were capable of such lazy incompetence and ignorance, they still would be culpable for the utter lack of moral compass manifested by this misconduct.

Notre Dame, for years now, has maintained a hybrid-member relationship with Duke's conference, the ACC, which includes multiple abortion perpetrators. To have failed to "pick up on" the facts of abortion-related matters across years of encounters and mutual enrichment strains belief.

It also is well known that many "big-money" institutions that used to have a stronger focus on aspring to serve humanity have become infiltrated, corrupted and misdirected by persons guiding them towards malicious attacks on humanity in the form of abortion.

Non-ACC Notre Dame opponents that have held themselves out as peforming abortions include "big-name" institutions like Southern Cal and Stanford.

Given that Notre Dame is a major money-maker in college football, and that some of the abortion institutions have big "name value," responsible "Notre Dame" administrators compound their misconduct by betraying Christ and sacrificing moral conscience in favor of money, fame and celebrity status.

They "tee up" a scenario where "Notre Dame" could be considered "bought and paid for," sacrifice the institution's would-be honor and integrity to "cozy up" to earthly wealth and prestige, no matter how pernicious the evil involved.

Additionally appalling is the morbidly cynical attempt to connect the misconduct with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

"Notre Dame," of course, is French for "Our Lady," referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The university essentially was named after the Blessed Virgin Mary.

"Notre Dame" and its sports marketing have continued to regularly invoke God, Jesus, and Mary as a kind of "brand name" to promote the institution, such as with turning "God, Country, Notre Dame" into a kind of marketing slogan.

Even the Golden Dome is actually a pedestal for a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of The Immaculate Conception.

By continuing to use "Notre Dame" as an official name for the institution, whatever would-be "Notre Dame" administrators do, they purport to do in the name of the Blessed Mother.

To attempt to associate the Blessed Virgin Mary with the enhancement of an abortion provider's revenue, prestige and false legitimacy is profoundly insulting and disrespectful to the Blessed Virigin Mary.

By scheduling abortion providers, university administrators and coaches are thereby insulting the Mother of God, by implying that she is associated with such a thing.

They also are blaspheming Christ, by suggesting God would choose to be born to a woman who would be associated with enhacing the revenues and false legitimacy of abortion providers.

Much of what the Catholic Church has said about the unique nature of the Blessed Virgin Mary, such as the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, that Mary was created without original sin, springs from the fact that Christ chose her to be His Mother, and that He would only have created and chosen a very special person, with special attributes, to be His Mother.

By insulting the Blessed Virgin Mary, relevant administrators implicitly also insult God.

It is profoundly fraudulent and hypocritical to make money and claim fame and status exploiting the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus as brand names while, simulataneously, contradicting and insulting what Jesus and Mary actually stand for.

As detailed in the Gospel of Luke, even when Jesus was newly conceived in Mary's Womb, and she was visiting her cousin Elizabeth, the latter pregnant with John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit already declared the newly conceived Jesus to be Lord and Mary to be the Mother of the Lord. At the same time, the Holy Spirit also declared the prenatal John the Baptist to be an infant.

Indeed, John the Baptist's first recorded act as Herald of the Messiah was at that time, from his own mother's womb, when the Arrival of the Messiah was heralded by a baby's kick.

Additionally pernicious about the misconduct of Notre Dame administrators is its contribution to a kind of public grooming, watering down consciences regarding the unspeakable horror of abortion and its magnitude.

Obliviously scheduling abortion schools, and perhaps even celebrating or honoring them in a show of false, misdirected sportsmanship, adds to a haze of oblivious denial, false legitimization and "looking the other way" that has made abortion more possible.

Prenatal mass murder of scores of millions of Americans rests, in part, on the fostering of denial, and the watering down of consciences, which also demoralizes the faithful.

Particularly incidious is the corrosive effect that complacency and "business as usual" might have on pregnant mothers who would ordinarily never harm their child, but find themselves in some kind of unusually stressful scenario, rendering them more vulnerable to manipulation by a big-money killing industry and its political, judicial and collegiate aficionados.

The latest misconduct joins other patterns of egregious misconduct and anti-Catholic hostility by some Notre Dame administrators, such as the honoring of pro-abortion national politicians or the hiring of a pro-abortion militant homosexual as adjunct faculty.

The innate evil of such acts have an added corrosive effect on conscience within the university and environment and broader nation. As such, they also represent an overt harrassment of rational, God-fearing students, alumni and scholars.

Indeed, the current "Notre Dame" president once attacked a former Notre Dame football coach for having a stronger public conscience than the administrator.

The relentless attack on public conscience likely also contributes to specific killings.

These kinds of actions are part of the "death of a thousand cuts" that undoubtedly wears down, lowers barriers and weakens inner defenses for women in crisis pregnancies.

Most pregnant would never consider complicity with the cold-blooded murder of her own child, and, indeed, would ordinarily consider such a notion to be unimaginable.

The only rational response of good Catholics and others of good will should be to reject this misconduct and boycott such games and their sponsors.

One also should call for the removal of blameworthy administrators, coaches and related parties.

Duke University, for its part, still attempts to claim a would-be Christian connection, trumpeting that "Duke maintains a historic affiliation with the United Methodist Church."

Duke also incorporates a "Trinity College." Since the term "Trinity" ultimately refers to the Holy Trinity, of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Duke has its own additional problems with duplicity and blasphemy.

Boycott "Notre Dame"-Duke, as well as games against the likes of Southern Cal, Stanford and any other abortion schools.

There also will be the need to dissociate from schools lapsing into hybrid abortion scenarios, such as institutions supposedly avoiding direct involvement with abortion, yet having faculty who also are involved with abortion providers, such as Ohio State.

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