Pope Francis: IV Antibiotics for Lung Inflammation, Approaching 87th Birthday

Medical SymbolThe Vatican has revealed that Pope Francis is receiving antibiotics by IV drip for a lung inflammation but that the Pontiff does not have a fever or pneumonia.

Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio and taking "Francis" as a papal name, the Italian-Argentine Bishop of Rome turns 87 on December 17.

The announcement was a written release by Vatican press office director Matteo Bruni on Monday. The Vatican characterized the Pope's condition as "clearly recovering" from a bout with the flu.

Pope Francis has been rescheduling or reconfiguring activities during his recovery.

On Sunday he used a video feed for a weekly Sunday Angelus appearance instead of appearing at an open window exposed to autumn weather.

The Pope has reaffirmed Persian Gulf travel plans to deliver a climate-related speech on Saturday at the COP28 environmental conference in the United Arab Emirates.

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