Big Ten Football All-Abortion Title Game: Both Michigan and Iowa are Abortion Schools, Representing Disgraced Big Ten

In the Big Ten football conference championship game, both institutions are abortion schools.

The University of Michigan and the University of Iowa both openly admit their involvement with prenatal killing.

It is indisputable that abortion is an act of violence with its primary focus being to destroy individually identifiable human life, and to annihilate that individual life before the individual is able to defend herself or contribute her unique skills and potentials to humanity.

Whatever the numbers of actual surgical or chemical abortions perpetrated by Michigan and Iowa, abortion in general is the most widespread deadly violence, and most widespread human rights violation, in America today.

Ironically, the NCAA once leveled massive sanctions against Big Ten member Penn State in connection with child abuse, in the form of child molestation by an assistant football coach.

Abortion is an even worse form of child abuse.

Compared with child molestation, abortion is an even more abusive, more violent and, by definition and intent, deadlier.

Abortion is not only deadly. Its whole aim and purpose is to kill, and to kill children, by varying degrees of violence. With some methods of abortion, the violent killing amounts to outright death by torture.

And, for abortion schools, the abortion is deliberate, even celebrated.

By the time the NCAA was purporting to address the Penn State child molestation, the molestation presumably had ended, and Penn State was repudiating it.

But with abortion schools like Michigan and Iowa, however, the unspeakable evil is ongoing.

Abortions schools usually are unapologetic about their misconduct, sometimes even celebrating the misconduct or dressing it in politicized triumph.

Such institutions seem to have been infiltrated and corrupted by individuals shameless and notorious in permitting and perpetuating the egregious misconduct.

In some cases, they might even concoct diabolically manipulative public statements promoting and celebrating abortion, forms of deadly violence against defenseless children developing in their mother's wombs.

They might even attempt to characterize the deliberate killing as "health care." Indeed, in the upside-down moral inversion of abortion politics, its supporters might even try to speak of the killing of as defenseless human being as some kind of right. They might even act as if impediments to, or bans on, the violence and the killing are some kind a problem that needs to be circumvented, as they endeavor to ensure that access to those kinds of systematic killing is not obstructed.

The only rational step would be to ban abortion schools from post-season play, and to ban them entirely from eligibilty to compete at all in the NCAA.

Yet the NCAA, disgracefully headed by pro-abortion politician Charlie Baker, has failed to take any action against abortion schools, such as Michigan or Iowa.

According to tax records, the pro-abortion politician's predecessor was paid over $3 million per year. Baker took over earlier in 2023.

The presence of abortion schools, incuding ones with football teams, is like a pervasive disease entangled throughout major college football and both major and minor conferences.

Even some Catholic institutions, who denomination calls for automatic excommunication for abortion, have their football schedules pockmarked by abortion schools.

With over 64 million surgical abortions in the United States since early 1973, and a multitude of chemical abortions, it would be impossible for such a pervasive evil to exist without the deliberate cultivation of a climate of complacency, treating the unthinkable and unspeakable as "business as usual" or some perverted "right" to be celebrated.

The infiltration and corruption of supposed "big-name" academic institutions, including some with celebrity status in the mass entertainment sports, by prenatal killing and pro-abortion subversives, can only add to efforts to dress up unthinkable killing with nonchalant complacency or celebratory politicized acquiesence.

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