ABORTION REPARATIONS: America Needs Abortion Reparations To Compensate the Nation For the Massive Harms Caused by Abortion

Reparations should compensate for, and offset, negative impacts and harms caused by the focus of the reparations.

Since abortion has caused financial harm in the trillions or quadrillions, abortion reparations are necessary to compensate American society for the massive negative impact of abortion, a violent, deadly, human rights violation of almost unimaginable magnitude.

Add to that the multitude of human lives lost; the personal, moral, psychological, and physical harm to the mother-killers and families living with the aftermath of abortion; and the ripple effects to society of a schizophrenic, pathological social order forcing false logic upon citzens to live by side-by-side with mass murder, as well as power and money going into the hands of political psychopaths and judicial psychopaths who then turn around and inflict their troubled minds and character upon other political and judicial matters.

Care would have to be taken to ensure that reparations do not deliver funds right back into the hands of those contributing to abortion and abortionism, such as the politicians, judges, health care industry personages and individual perpetrators.

However, Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, inspired by post-Apartheid South Africa, could help speak the truth about the matter, gather comprehensive relevant information on a massive scale, and offer the opportunity for perpetrators, including mother-killers, to recant, repent and repudiate their past involvement.

One added twist would be that some likely significant number of mother-killers would have suffered physical and psychological damage from their involvement with abortion, making it more likely that they would repudiate it, and also, truthfully, making them needful of compensation on a very practical level.

There have been over 64.4 million supposedly "legal" abortions in the United States since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court action of 1973.

Lost lifetime income alone would be in the quadrillions, even before adding in the pain and suffering of the prenatal persons being killed, and the various physical and other personal harms suffered by the survivors, including the mothers and family left behind.

Reparations to society should come not only from more direct perpetrators, such as abortionists; abortion-performing universities and health entities; and unrepentant mothers who chose to cooperate in the killing of their child.

Funding of reparations must also come from those who have either zealously or lazily cooperated with the national framework of mass killing. That would include draining the assets of pro-abortion politicians; judges or justices; lobbyists and big-money pro-abortion nonprofits; distortion-disseminating news media; corporations promoting and facilitating tolerance or celebration of abortion, or payment for abortion or abortion travel; and big-money donors or foundations supporting abortion or abortion causes.

There have been sources trying to claiming that losses to the United States from abortion are in the billions or trillions each year. And there have been sources launching into a type of Nazi-like eugenics argument about abortion somtimes terminating persons who might have been a financial drain on society.

Yet the average lifetime earnings of an American are $1.7 million. That means, very roughly speaking, the destruction of over $109,480,000,000,000 in income.

That's nearly $110 quadrillion dollars in lost lifetime incomes, more than four times the annual U.S. GDP of around $23.32 trillion.

Even if the income were offset by costs, such as the cost of living, the processes of earning and spending stimulates the overall economy and the development of economic foundations, innovations, and so forth. And human diversity means that it can be almost random, when and how a Wright Brother, Henry Ford, Jonas Salk, Harper Lee or Judy Garland is born amidst God's diverse Creation.

Yet the numbers only scratch the surface. It is important to recall that each abortion not only snuffs out an entire lifetime of earnings and contributions to society, including quantum-leap-type contributions, such as marriages and children, discoveries and inventions, creation of unique products or artistic endeavors, and so forth.

There are the other various harms, such as physical and psychological toll on the mother, father and other family members of the murdered person, and so forth.

One obvious question would be, who would pay the reparations, and whom would they be paid to?

As mentioned above, a whole array of abortion-performing or abortion-promoting entities and individuals should have their assets and earnings converted towards reparations to society and particular recipients needful of compensation.

However, care would have to be taken that the same persons who helped cause the harm do not end up having the money come back to them.

More problematic is the situation of pregnant mothers who have cooperated with, or outright caused, the cold-blooded killing of their own children.

It would be absurd to suggest that a mother who kills her own child should not be prosecuted for the crime, and problematic to suggest that she should be paid for it, even if she is being compensated for physical and emotional harm, and financial loss, that she, herself, brought about through her innately criminal act.

Whether or not the Supreme Court acted illegally, through the Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions, the Supreme Court never actually had the power to make abortion legal or to create a supposed constitutional right to murder a developing child. The Supreme Court and its obedient minions simply blocked prosecutions for actions that remained illegal, and could never be protected by the existing Constitution.

The Supreme Court declarations simply attempted to amend the Constitution in a manner wholly out of step with the amendment process set out by the Constitution itself, while simultaneously engaging in what was no less than outright obstruction of justice through wanton abuse of judicial power.

The Supreme Court is in a position where it can attempt to treat the legal system as a closed system functioning as an iron-grip aristocracy headed by a junta that will literally threaten to imprison lower court judges if they disobey the junta. That actually happened at least once, when a series of judges kept ordering a halt to an execution, and the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in to threaten the lower judges with arrest and imprisonment if they did not allow a judicially ordered killing of the prisoner to proceed.

However, regardless of the innately and wantonly criminal nature of abortion, with or without bizarre judicial tyrrany distoring the legal system, for mother-killers involved with abortion, there have been very real questions as to the mental state and consent of mothers involved with prenatal child-killing.

That includes claims of vast percentages who did not actually want the procedure yet went along with it.

Some abortion reparations might, indeed, go towards mothers who have had abortions, if, in the context of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, they publicly recant their abortion and, perhaps, provide some basis to account for the fact that they were not in their right mind or faced unusual pressure and duress inflicted by third parties.

Then there is the racial factor. Some voices argue for reparations to present-day Blacks for American slavery. That comes despite the fact that enormous numbers of northern Whites and Blacks were killed or maimed, or otherwise died, in the Civil War, to bring slavery to an end, so that reparations for slavery and the Civil War would also have to go to Whites, if their families were non-slave-owners who lost loved ones in the war.

Abortion is far bigger and far deadlier than slavery and even more entrenched in some quarters of American politics.

There probably is likely more money tied up in abortion than was involved with slavery, given its magnitude, whether directly from the abortion industry or indirectly, such as from politicians getting rich from politics, while using abortion as one conceptual linchpin to power.

At the same time, abortion attacks the Black population at a rate per capita several times higher than the White population. In addition to being an anti-American genocide, U.S. abortion is, in its net effect, very much an anti-Black genocide.

Given the devastation that abortion has wrecked on Black communities, it would be fitting if a significant portion of abortion reparations went towards members of Black communities who had not associated with abortions, or had actively opposed them.

It also might be fitting if abortion reparations went towards those Blacks who had involved themselves with abortions but who, through a Truth and Reconciliation process, repented and opposed involvement.

However, in that case, the reparations also would have to be aimed at the rehabilitation of those who contributed to the killings in the first place.

With the United States still pockmarked by lingering areas that have wide-open abortion access, like a disease that lingers on in some parts of a body, abortion reparations would have to be focused on areas that have banned abortion outright.

It makes no sense for abortion reparations to be assessed against its perpetrators, only to turn around and reissue the funds towards areas engulfed by pro-abortion voters, and in the grip of pro-abortion governmental and economic forces.

Giving them abortion reparations would be like assessing reparations for the harms caused by sodomy, and then giving sodomy reparations to Sodom and Gomorrah, while the townfolk continued to have orgies or form rape gangs, like the rape gang that turned up at Lot's door demanding he unlock, and unblock, the door so they could grab the newcomers.

At the same time, however, one important destination for abortion reparations could be Social Security and Medicare, even at the risk of the distribution having a nationwide impact that was not as selectively filtered.

It goes without saying that the number one threat to Social Security is abortion.

Indeed, abortion would have the be the primary, if not the sole, reason that Social Security ever "goes under."

Social Security was set up as a pay-as-you-go system relying upon a large number of current taxpayers and current wage-earners balanced against a smaller number of retirees.

The biggest impact on Social Security solvency is demographics, and the biggest, deadliest attack on American demographics is abortion.

It would only be just if abortion reparations were directed towards an actual Social Security Trust Fund, and towards Medicare.

Abortion reparations also would be suitable for supporting actual, elderly-focused health care in Medicaid, given that Medicaid sometimes can be used to help pay for nursing homes.

The financial burdens of caring for the elderly are another off-shoot of the abortion catastrophe, since abortion kills off children that otherwise might have been around to be supportive and caring towards their parents, had one or both parents not had the children killed.

There might be a risk that the portion of abortion reparations going towards Social Security, Medicare and elderly-focused Medicaid ended up benefiting some elderly who had associated with abortion years go, or who had donated money to pro-abortion politicians.

At the same time, most elderly will not have been involved with abortion. And alleviating the financial burden of old age on society in a broad-brushed manner would benefit the nation as a whole, to help offset the negative impact caused by abortion, when abortion's long-term impacts threaten support for the elderly.

And one purpose of reparations generally is to compensate and offset harm that was caused by the focus of the reparations.

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