Abortion Is An Act of Violence Designed To Kill A Specific Human Individual

It is indisputable that abortion is an act of violence.

Additionally indisputable is the fact that abortion has as its sole, primary purpose and intent to snuff out a specific, individually and scientifically identifiable human life.

The killing also occurs, of course, before that unique individual ever has an opportunity to contribute her unique talents to humanity, short-circuiting God-given diversity.

Indeed, "abortion" is a pseudoclincal-sounding euphemism of deliberate, intentional prenatal killing (PNK).

Abortion thereby fosters and manifests a troubled Culture of Death, aggravating what an increasingly bemoaned culture of violence.

Those who promote access to abortion, and wish to block abortion prosecutions, must share the blame for other violence, such as mass shootings. They are promoting violence and killing generally by supporting abortion, and widespread abortion has a corrupting and corrosive effect on the national conscience.

As the most widespread violence in modern culture, and most widespread form of murder, it would be unrealistic to avoid the fact that abortion desensitizes society to violence. Abortion also fosters the false, corrupting and evil notion that killing is a go-to method for addressing a concern or, even worse, ones feelings.

Some might attempt a false argument that somehow chemical abortions, including chemical abortions caused as a side-effect of supposed "birth control" pills, are less violent than, for example, forms of surgical abortion causing the unborn child to be ripped apart.

Violence is violence, and those who promote support for abortion access and blocking abortion prosecutions must share the blame for other acts of violence occurring against the background of a Culture of Death that promotes densitization to violence and killing.

Every time there is a mass shooting, a bombing or other hateful act of violence, pro-abortion politicians, judges, activists and businesses must share part of the blame. Because by being pro-abortion they are promoting or condoning widespread violence.

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