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Once Again, "Notre Dame" Football Plays An Abortion School, This Time Stanford

"Notre Dame" Football once again is playing an institution that provides abortions and trains abortionists.

They round out their regular schedule at abortion provider Stanford. Stanford openly admits that they perform abortions. They also publish statements by Stanford Ob/Gyn residents trumpeting ambitions to be an abortionist or past involvement with abortion.

"Notre Dame's" scheduling of abortion-school Stanford comes despite the fact that the Catholic Church regards abortion with such seriousness that procurement of abortion brings automatic excommunication.

Like a luxury mansion that turns out to be infested by rodents, vermine, and toxic molds, "Notre Dame's" football schedule sounds PR-glitzy but usually turns out to be tainted by multiple abortion-connected opponents.

Nearly half of "Notre Dame's" opponents thus far are fielded by institutions performing abortions, training abortionists or otherwise claiming a direct connection with abortion.

In the United States, abortion kills more Americans in the womb per year than the number of Americans killed by Covid-19. There also is a racial imbalance, with abortion killing Blacks in the womb at a rate per capita much higher than whites. The latters is an especially sensitive fact for football given the disproportionate number of Blacks contributing their efforts on football rosters.

Both of "Notre Dame's" athletic conferences, the ACC and "Big Ten," are peppered with abortion perpetrators.

The lassitude and lack of a proper moral compass with the football scheduling, or conference affiliations, overlaps years of moral shortcomings for senior "Notre Dame" officials thumbing their nose at the Catholic Faith and basic decency. They even have honored, or hired, pro-abortion politicians, as well as tolerating one or more "Notre Dame" faculty seeking to promote acceptance of abortion publicly.

The leading human rights violation of the day, abortion is likely the most widespread violence against human life on the planet.

By scheduling abortion providers as football opponents, "Notre Dame" enhances the abortion providers' revenue and prestige. Even worse, by doing so in such a nonchalant manner, they contribute to the climate of quietism and complacency that has enabled abortion to fester like a deadly cancer of mind-boggling magnitude.

With over 62 million surgical abortions in the United States since 1973, the number of Americans murdered in the womb, by surgery alone, even approaches the numbers needed to win the Presidency.

"Notre Dame" cynically tries to "milk" the phrase "God, Country, Notre Dame" for PR purposes, even as they associate with, and bolster, abortion providers or abortion promoters. By doing the latter, they disrespect God, defy the Faith, and help bolster acceptance of the biggest existential threat to American democracy and American democratic legitimacy. So much for "God, Country, Notre Dame."

Especially troubling is their insistence on still trying to call themselves "Notre Dame," which is French for "Our Lady," a reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary. To suggest that the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, would associate herself with abortion providers and pro-abortion politicians is profoundly disrespectful and insulting to the Blessed Mother and blasphemous against God.

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