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COVID VACCINE SCANDALS: Democrats and Republicans Prolonging Covid-19 Pandemic by Failing To Bring About Ethical, Usable Vaccines

Both major U.S. political parties have aggravated and prolonged the pandemic by failing to bring about covid vaccines that are ethical, or therefore usable. Under both Trump and Biden, Republicans and Democrats have artificially impeded Covid-19 coronavirus vaccination rates through the absence of ethical vaccines.

White House file photoDespite efforts to pretend as if ethical issues have not been raised, and to treat existing vaccines as somehow generic or morally neutral, it is indisputable that all three publicly available covid vaccines are associated with evil.

The only debates have been how much time has passed since the relevant prenatal murders occurred, or how many times cells have been replicated outside the bodies of the prenatal murder victims instead of inside their bodies while still alive.

Providing added grist for rhetorical misdirection is the question of just how abortion-related human fetal cell lines are utilized, whether for testing and development, during production, or in some other manner.

U.S. Capitol file photoIt also is indisputable, from a scientific standpoint, that it is absolutely unnecessary to resort to unethical means, and that proper vaccines could be developed by alternative, ethical means. So a deliberate effort to create a kind of monopoly for evil, by needlessly limiting vaccines to an unethical subset, further shocks the conscience.

All three U.S. vaccines are implicated in the use of human fetal lines, whereby the original tissue was stolen from victims of prenatal murders, often reframed by the pseudo-clinical euphemism of "abortion."

As a result, all three are associated with evil. Increasingly relentless efforts to coerce, pressure or trick Americans into receiving them represent an effort to force Americans into personally associating with evil.

It also is indisputable that the development of covid vaccines that were, instead, ethical and usable would result in higher vaccination rates and greater progress against the pandemic.

For that matter, it seems indisputable that such a move would bring higher profits for vaccine-makers.

Those facts create the implication that promoters of the current, morally illicit vaccines care more about attacking and harassing mainstream Americans, and normal moral standards, than they do about fighting covid or safeguaring the interests of their companies and stockholders.

Particularly insiduous is the apparent effort to fost a nonchalant complacency with evil, and to treat the promotion of an artificially limited set of options as somehow generic and straightforward.

It would be like making sure that all farming was limited to slave labor, then acting as if promoters of slave-generated farm products were simply promoting nutrition.

The shocking ethical misconduct and sleight of hand with morally illicit covid vaccines is accompanied by other concerns, such as potential dangers associated with still-developing science in the area; the issue of side effects that potentially accompany all vaccine development; or the immorality of coercing persons into participation through would-be mandates.

It is notable that so many health care workers and professional military are giving up their current livelihoods rather than be browbeaten into the use of the current vaccines.

Any Covid-19 vaccine mandate runs into the same sleight of hand surrounding the morbid public grooming process of trying to pass off unethical vaccines as something standard or generic.

If a government or employer tries to pretend that it is simply mandating vaccinations, knowing that the pool of available vaccines is limited to an artificial subset that are immoral, they actually are mandating immorality itself. No amount of persistent manipulations and sidestepping can change that fact.

If a government tried to mandate that everyone use cotton, knowing that the only cotton being allowed to grow was cultivated with slave labor, it would actually be mandating association with slavery.

If a government tried to mandate that everyone eat protein, but made sure the only protein available was in meat, they actually would be trying to harass and undermine vegetarians by trying to force them to eat meat.

If a government tried to mandate meat-eating, but made sure that the only meat available would be pork, it actually would be trying to harass and undermine devout Jews and Muslims, implicitly trying to force them renounce their faiths.

The morbid public grooming process seeking to needlessly limit covid vaccines to an immoral subset, then to present the immoral monopoly as a generic health measure, raises an added question.

If such a bizarre practice was scientifically and medically needless, than what kind of need are its purveyors trying to satisfy?

The net effect is that they, implicitly, are trying to hijack a pandemic response as an opportunity to harass and endanger persons with higher moral standards than the purveyors. The need they seem to be trying to satisfy is the age-old need of evil to try to attack good. That they would do so in a way that was manipulative and misleading also is an age-old attribute of evil.

Then there is the phenomenon of the "functional" psychopath. interestingly, one aspect of a psychopath apparently is to do something improper precisely because it is improper, to prove that the psychopath can do whatever he wants and inflict it upon others.

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