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Biden Is Incapable of Forming a Legitimate Government, Even in the Unlikely Event He Actually Got the Votes Alleged For Him; Founding Fathers Provided Lawful Checks and Balances to Restrain Harmful Government Actors

Even if wild claims about Joe Biden's would-be election numbers were true, Biden still would not be able to form a legitimate government from a democratic, ethical or foundational standpoint.

Biden claims at least a nominal presidency of a country aspiring to be a democracy and a republic. Yet more than 140 million Americans either voted against Biden or have been ruthlessly killed by a violent ideology that Biden has made a core foundation of his political life.

Even in the face of such illegitimacy, we still have the undying legacy that the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, provided checks and balances within now long-established lawful frameworks that must be employed in defense of the American nation.

Americans traditionally like stability, for its own sake, and because Americans traditionally like to work hard and be productive and build things, even as they also are stongly committed to values, betterment and doing the right thing.

In the case of recent events, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the "frothing-at-the-mouth" leftist element that is fomenting instability, including gunning down an unarmed activist and relaunching a rhetoric of paranoid hysteria. Yet the radical left, for several years, has been bent on preemptively accusing their opponents of what they, themselves, are most guilty of. So the radical left now wishes to brand their opponents as insurrectionists. They do so even as the radical left engages in the violent insurrection of the Abortionsim Ideology, as well as mathematically implausible, cartoonish election numbers raising concerns about fraud, accompanying by an almost adolescent paranoid tantrum against any rational assessment or verification of the ununual numbers. If fraud had occurred, of course, that would be a form of a coup, against the backdrop of months of leftist violence.

Meanwhile even if Biden somehow really had met the cartoonish claim of more than 81 million votes, to surpass Donald Trump's record-setting 74 million, and the several millions for other opponents, Biden still could not claim democratic legitimacy, with more than 140 million Americans either voting against Biden or have been killed by policies that Biden ruthlessly supports, such as prenatal killing.

Biden has made himself the head of an Abortionism Ideology Apparatus that, itself, meets major criteria for Biden's Abortionism Ideology to be considered a form of terrorism and insurrection.

In other words, Biden has embraced and promoted a philosophy of widespread violence, intertwined with political ideology, that kills a substantial portion of the American population.

Apparently at least 62 million Americans have been killed just by the surgical versions of so-called "abortion," the pseudo-clinical term apparently intended to fraudulently make prenatal murder sound more clinical.

The situation would be akin to Adolf Hitler murdering 10 million in the Nazi Holocaust, having 12 million people vote against him, and try to claim that, with 12 million votes he was the duly elected leader of a democracy.

Indeed, it would be interesting to study whether the policies of Biden or Hitler have been associated with a larger number of deaths. Apparently estimates of World II fatalities in the European theater are widely varied, and there might be one part of the range for which Hitler was not associated with as many deaths as Biden. In other words, if one added up the numbers killed by the Nazis in the Nazi Holocaust, as well as their murders of Germans and others refusing to join them, as well as some possible estimates of the European Theater war dead, it is possible that Joe Biden's Politics of Death are connected with larger numbers than Hitler-connected deaths. That is especially the case if one considers Biden to have retroactively endorsed all prenatal killings back to the illegal, rebellious Roe v. Wade decree.

Even if Biden really had gotten the cartoonish 81 million votes, 140 million Americans either voted against him or have been butchered by policies he advances as a core foundation of his political ideologies.

Under the rubrics of the electoral mechanism, Biden has been able to establish as a regime as that of a nominal "president." That reality triggers all sorts of checks and balances, dating back to the Founding Fathers, unless of course the Biden Apparatus acts illegally to interefere with the functioning of those checks and balances.

Biden, of course, was helped, in part, by his legislative and communications media accomplices seeking to distract away from the failure to fully audit and verify election results, which certainly were not audited, or thorougly verified, on a relevant national scale.

Indeed, the reaction by left-wing Biden accomplices in, and out of goverment, to launch into paranoid hysterics against, and compulsive suppression of, any straightforward talk of audits and verification, would have made any objective, neutral observer wonder what they were fearful of.

The effort at distraction was aggravated, at least in part, through failed, impotent, undisciplined, U.S. Capitol security efforts, resulting in the gunning down of an unarmed activist by at least one Congressional security employee. There also were efforts to recast fairly small numbers of rogue activists, essentially wandering around without a pass, as a so-called riot, or even as a so-called insurrection, a term usually reserved to organized armed rebellions like the U.S. Civil War.

If there is any question about the willingness of Biden accomplices to unlawfully undermine consitutional checks and balances, it can be seen by the fraudulent, delusional, arguably psychopathic effort to impeach a sitting President for calling for an auditing and verification of election results, followed by an attempt to impeach and remove someone who is not even in office.

The prospect has been raised that, if the left-wing lunatic fringe simply votes to declare a call for fair elections as a call for armed rebellion, no matter who lunatic, they might then argue that one of their most potent political opponents, who just got 74 million votes, is barred from running for U.S. office under the Fourteenth Amendment.

The point is not whether, or how, the scores of millions of Americans killed by Biden-supported policies would vote, either themselves or by proxy. The point is that, with the kinds of numbers and positioning involved, it is impossible for an egregious human rights violator like Biden to ever claim to have democratic legitimacy, associated with the mass killing of so many Americans.

Beyond the aspiration of the United States to be a democratic republic, from an ethical or foundational standpoint, Biden cannot even really claim basic governmental legitimacy, to the extent that government legitimacy rests upon maintaining order and a common defense to protect innocent human life.

Biden has made it the foundation of his political life to endorse the destruction of innocent human life.

From a legal standpoint, for the sake of rule of law and societal stability, responsible Americans are left with the robust checks and balances put in place by the Founding Fathers. In their wisdom and values, they created what has become one of the oldest continuous governmental systems in the world.

Attempts by a renegade Supreme Court to illegally modify the Constitution through prenatal killing decrees, in the process associating themselves with the mass-killing of Americans, required Congress to carry out its constitutional duty remove the renegade judges, and, indeed, seek their criminal prosecution. Biden, as a long-time Senator, was one of many legislative cowards commiting dereliction of duty who, by his failure to impeach them, should have been voted out.

Biden's support for abortion requires his own impeachment, and removal from his nominal presidency.

To the extent that Biden can ever be shown to have given aid and comfort to Red China, an enemy power, in connection with his son Hunter Biden's business dealings, or otherwise, there is a federal statute that bars Biden from holding any U.S. office.

There also is an important argument to consider, that abortion, as widespread violence that is highly politicized, should be deemed a form of terrorism.

Additionally, to the extent that abortion is widespread violence that kills a large number of Americans, and is entwined with political ideology, there is a potential argument that the Abortionism Ideology and its violent, deadly manifestations are a form of insurrection.

There is no doubt that Abortionism, as an ideology, seeks to overthrow the U.S. Constitutional framework. It also poses an existential threat to the United States by wiping a substantial portion of the U.S. population.

Acknowledging that Biden, would-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other Aborto-Terrorists of their ilk, also are guilty of Aborto-Insurrection, would mean that they are barred from any U.S. office by the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Abortionism Ideology is manifested by widespread violence and killing of a substantial portion of the American population, intertwined with virulent political ideology, and presented as political ideology by Biden, Pelosi, and their fellow anti-American subversives.

The Abortionism Ideology also represent at least a partial overthrow of the U.S. governmental framework. Aside from the core foundational duty of government to defend American lives, and human life generally, even something as simple, yet fundamental, as the constitutional process for amending the Constitution, the amendment process, has been grossly violated. That means the governmental framework as been displaced with something else, and therefore has been partially overthrown by the Abortionism Ideology Apparatus of which Biden is now the head.

Yet if there is one recurring theme among the radical left lunatic fringe, it seems to be, to anticipate what they, themselves, can be found guilty of, and then to preemptively argue that their opponents are guilty of the same.

For example, Joe Biden committed abuse of power and a conflict of interest when, as a Vice President, he sought to bully a weaker country, Ukraine, when they were investigating Hunter Biden's company for corruption. President Trump did the right thing by telling a Ukrainian president that the United States did not support Biden's wrongdoing, and that, if Ukraine had any concerns or evidence about Biden's wrongdoing, that Trump was more than open to receiving it, to help do the right thing.

Biden's accomplices responded by attacking and punishing Trump for doing the right thing, attempting to accuse Trump of being the one obstructing justice or acting on a conflict of interest, to punish Trump for carrying out his presidential duties of enforcing the laws and good policies of the United States.

Later, Biden would attempt to use another Hitler-like tactic in his campaign, at a minimum in a major televised speech and in a televised debate. He sought to drum up paranoid images of wild people running amok, fixating morbidly on their gender and bodily characterstics, talking about some farm field somewhere, and large men with bulging veins appearing out of the field, as if to invoke some kind of science fiction movie as if it was reality. It was as if Biden wanted to suggest that this image was reality, and emblematic of some widespread phenomenon, one associated with his political opponent(s).

One recalled Hitler and Nazi Germany claiming, when they invaded Poland, that the Poles were aggressive brutes, dominating and suppressing Germans. Perhaps more to the point of Biden's rhetorical efforst to rouse paranoid hysteria, one recalls Hitler's efforts to cast Jews, often educated, productive people, as villains posing a threat to country and undermining excellence.

Against this backdrop of the Biden radical left seeking to whip up paranoid hysteria, and the radical left raising eyebrows with their implausible election numbers, then-sitting President Trump raised concern about the vitality of democracy and the need for fuller election audits and simple verification of numbers.

Biden's legislative accomplices sought to declare calls for election honesty as the same as the leading of an armed rebellion. One or more of their employees gunned down an unarmed activist.

Good luck trying to figure out what numbers were actually involved, or what they actually did. Photos of hundreds of people on the steps of the Capitol do not count, because they simply were people standing on steps, steps that traditionally have been open to the public anyhow.

Cellphone video of a left-wing journalist who entered along with some of the activists shows a fairly small number of activists conversing with security staff, who then stepped back to let them in, followed by that subset of activists essentially just wandering around.

So wildly hysterical claims about rioting, including by closet left-wing sources like Fox, about a would-be "insurrection" call for further investigation and substantiation.

Then there are the calls about the incident being deadly, when the deadly aspect apparently involved a governmental employee shooting an unarmed woman, several others dying of perhaps unrelated medical reasons outside, and allegations about one incident involving a fire extinguisher.

Rule of law must be maintained, and the utter failure of security means that the Capitol incident is essentially Pelosi's version of Benghazi.

Yet some crowds of unarmed activists do not constitute an organized armed rebellion, and delusional claims that the President of the United States calling for for disciplined auditing of election results was the launching of an armed rebellion calls into question the honesty, competency, and, perhaps, mental state, of the leftist legislatures making such paranoid claims.

That they would do so couched within a constitutional mechanism serving as an electoral bill of attainder seeking to bar one of their strongest opponents from running for office means they have sunk to the level of a political show trial akin to that of third world criminal regimes.

It is the responsibility of the citizenry, and duty to both America's national legacy and to posterity, to immediately remove every single legislator who participated in such an anti-American charade and crime against the Constitution.

The immediate mechanisms would be a recall elections. If home districts fail to recall them, their should peaceful, lawful domestic sanctions against those who put the wayward false legislators in power, in terms of major donors, minor donors, their home districts, and the economic and political power brokers in their home districts.

The same lawful, peaceful, democracy chain reaction should apply to those who fail to impeach and remove Biden and his nominal vice president for their anti-American, violent Abortionism Ideology, that represents both domestic treason and its own twisted form of insurrection.

Of added interest would be any Biden misconduct involving China or Ukraine, and how he facilitates or blocks efforts by neutral law enforcement to investigate and address any wrongdoing.

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