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ABORTION: Notre Dame Football Opponent South Florida of the AAC Is Connected with Abortions; Fighting Irish Fans and People of Good Will Should Boycott the Notre Dame-USF Game and Its Sponsors and Demand the Removal of Culpable Administrators

For the second week in a row, Notre Dame Football is playing an institution connected with prenatal killing, often described using the euphemism "abortion," presumably a vain attempt to try to make deliberate, targeted killing sound more "clinical."

In this case, Notre Dame scheduled the abortion-connected institution, the University of South Florida, almost "at the last minute," amidst the scheduling hiccups occasioned by the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Catholic faith, with which Notre Dame still purports to be associated, regards "abortion," deliberate prenatal killing, as such a serious matter that it brings automatic excommunication.

Notre Dame also fancies itself patriotic, even having "God, County and Notre Dame" emblazoned over a door of the on-campus church, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (Keep in mind that "Notre Dame" ultimately is not even supposed to reference the nonprofit corporate university, but rather the Blessed Virgin Mary, being French for "Our Lady.")

Notre Dame's football schedule, continues to be pockmarked by abortion-performing institutions, in part because of their improper relationship with the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ACC.

The University of South Florida (USF) itself is part of the non-Catholic portion of the old BIG EAST, that ended up being renamed the so-called American Athletic Conference, or AAC. USF got squeezed into the football schedule after Notre Dame, usually an ACC Olympic-sport member and football partner agreed to spend the Covid Pandemic year as an ACC football quasi-member. The ACC adopted a conference-plus-one model, where "members" would play one non-conference game, if played in a team's home state. Notre Dame lost an early road game at Navy in Annapolis, and they lost an early home game with Western Michigan when the MAC adopted the more responsible approach of sitting out the fall. So USF got plugged in.

Yet, in "normal" years, Notre Dame's schedule already includes other non-ACC abortion institutions, perhaps most infamously including Southern Cal and Stanford and, recently, Michigan.

At a minimum, USF Health openly admits on their web site that the have a residency program that includes "abortion:"

"Resident Procedural Experience
Number of Cases Performed as Primary Surgeon by Residents During 4 Years of Training

Procedure     Average Number of Cases for Class of 2020
Vaginal Delivery Only  224
Operative Vaginal Deliveries  17
Cesarean Deliveries  321
[deletia * * *]
Abortion  55
[deletia * * *]
*please note that these numbers only reflect cases in which residents are identified as the primary surgeon"

(emphasis and color added)

Here is a screenshot from a visit to the above-linked web page on Sept. 19, 2020, the day of the Notre Dame-USF game. [click here for screenshot image file]

Screenshot of USF Medicine OBGYN residence webpage including reference to abortion

USF also has a PDF posted, dated 2019, detailing involvement with abortion, including an apparent rotation through the nation's biggest abortion provider, one that, many years ago, was founded by a woman professing all sorts of racist motivations.

Indeed, regardless of whatever ethnic breakdowns might exist for USF-related abortions, abortions nationwide have a disportionate racist impact, killing preborn Blacks at a notably higher rate, per capita, than whites. The move by some to characterize abortion in America as an anti-Black genocide adds yet another dimension to the situation involving Notre Dame's improper scheduling, given the predominance of African Americans in the sport of football.

On a broader level, of course, It is only with implied, yet undeniable, disregard of the Catholic Faith that Notre Dame administrators would have agreed to enhance the revenue and prestige of an abortion provider, by scheduling them to play America's most storied football program.

Prenatal killing is almost beyond comprehension, regarding its bloodcurdling, ruthless brutality towards the innocent; its assault on the timeless sanctity of motherhood; and its sheer magnitude.

The United States has had more than 62 million surgical abortions since the would-be Supreme Court, in 1973, began blocking most abortion prosecutions with its illegal, treasonous Roe v. Wade decision. To put that mindboggling number in perspective, it is now similar, in size, to the number of votes usually received by a major presidential candidate in a presidential election.

Against that backdrop, if Notre Dame administrators claimed abject ignorance of the USF abortion matter, that would imply a shockingly incompetent lack of due diligence.

Regardless of whether such highly paid public figures, at a multi-billion-dollar institution, were capable of such lazy incompetence and ignorance, they still would be culpable for the utter lack of moral compass manifested by this misconduct.

Given that Notre Dame is a major money-maker in college football, and that some of the abortion institutions have big "name value," the misconduct of Notre Dame officials is compounded by the implication that they are seeking to "tee up" a scenario in which their employer is "bought and paid for." They create the implication that they sacrifice their employer's honor and integrity in order to "cozy up" to earthly wealth and prestige, no matter how pernicious the evil with which their football opponent partners associate.

Additionally appalling is the morbidly cynical attempt to connect the misconduct with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

"Notre Dame," of course, is French for "Our Lady," referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The university was named after the Blessed Virgin Mary. Along those lines, even the Golden Dome is actually a pedestal for a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of The Immaculate Conception.

Whatever would-be "Notre Dame" administrators do, they purport to do in her name. To atttempt to associate the Blessed Virgin Mary with the enhancement of an abortion provider's revenue, prestige and false legitimacy is profoundly insulting and disrespectful to the Blessed Virigin Mary.

By scheduling abortion providers, university administrators and coaches are insulting the Mother of God.

They also are blaspheming Christ, by suggesting God would choose to be born to a woman who would be associated with "abortion." Much of what the Catholic Church has said about the unique nature of the Blessed Virgin Mary, such as the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, that Mary was created without original sin, springs from the fact that Christ chose her to be His Mother.

By insulting the Blessed Virgin Mary, relevant administrators implicitly also insult God.

It is profoundly fraudulent and hypocritical to make money and claim fame and status exploiting the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus as something aking to "brand names" while, simulataneously, contradicting and insulting what Jesus and Mary actually stand for.

As detailed in the Gospel of Luke, even when Jesus was newly Conceived in Mary's Womb, and she was visiting her cousin Elizabeth, the latter pregnant with Saint John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit already declared, using Saint Elizabeth as His Instrument, the newly conceived Jesus to be Lord, and Mary to be the Mother of the Lord. At the same time, the Holy Spirit also declared the prenatal John the Baptist to be an infant. Indeed, John the Baptist's first recorded act as Herald of the Messiah was at that time, from his own mother's womb, when the Arrival of the Messiah was heralded by a baby's kick.

Additionally pernicious about the misconduct of Notre Dame administrators is its contribution to a kind of public grooming. It implies encouragement of the kind of oblivious denial, false legitimization and "looking the other way" that has made prenatal mass murder of scores of millions of Americans more feasible by fostering denial, watering down conscience and demoralizing the faithful.

The latest misconduct joins other patterns of egregious misconduct and anti-Catholic hostility by some Notre Dame administrators, such as the honoring of pro-abortion national politicians or the hiring of a pro-abortion militant homosexual as adjunct faculty. The innate evil of such acts have a corrosive effect on conscience, and represent an overt harrassment of rational, God-fearing students, alumni and scholars.

Indeed, the current "Notre Dame" president recently even attacked a former Notre Dame football coach for having a stronger public conscience than the administrator.

The relentless attack on public conscience likely also contributes to specific killings. These kinds of actions are part of the "death of a thousand cuts" that undoubtedly lowers barriers and weakens inner defenses that ordinarily would cause a woman in a crisis pregnancy to otherwise consider complicity with the cold-blooded murder of her own child to be utterly unimaginable.

The only rational response of good Catholics and others of good will should be to reject this misconduct, boycott such games and their sponsors and call for the removal of the blameworthy administrators, coaches and others contributing to the matter.

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