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ABORTION SCANDALS: "Notre Dame" Football Schedules Two Abortion Schools in a Row; Cincinnati Even Worse Than Wisconsin - SCW 10.2.21

"Notre Dame" Football Among the Worst in the Country On the Ground, Near the Bottom For Rushing; Offensive Line Even Worse At Pass Protection - SCW 10.2.21

ABORTION SCANDALS: Notre Dame Football vs. Wisconsin Should Be Boycotted Over University of Wisconsin's Abortion Ties and Attempts to Side-Step Law - SCW

No, Brian Kelly Does Not Have 105 Wins at "Notre Dame," and No, He Has Not Matched Knute Rockne; NCAA Sanctions Leave Him at 84 wins - SCW

Will "Notre Dame" Be Unranked by Mid-October? "Notre Dame" Football Floundered Against Unranked Opponent for Second Week in a Row Against Toledo; Embarrassment Included Poor Administrative Planning by University and ACC

Taliban Already Violated Doha Agreement Addressing Afghani Transitions, and Their Material Breach Also Has Prevented the Doha Agreement From Being Fulfilled; the United States Need Not Stay Out

COVID VACCINE SCANDALS: There was absolutely no need for covid vaccines to be as unethical and morally illicit as they are; proper, ethical vaccines could just as easily be made instead; so the motives and competence of politicians, government, vaccine-makers are seriously in doubt

"Notre Dame" Should Have Cancelled Participation in Full-Capacity Florida State Game Amidst Covid Pandemic, Potential "Super-Spreader;" Are "Notre Dame" Officials Disrespecting Public Health and Human Lives, For the Sake of Money and Misplaced Prestige?

Taliban Co-Founder "Baradar the Butcher" Reportedly Set to Lead Afghan Taliban Regime

Since Only Illicit, Unethical "Covid Vaccines" Are Available in the U.S., Those Promoting Them Are Largely to Blame For Covid Spread

Still No Ethical, Usable Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccines in United States - SCW 6.6.21

Attempts to Force Church Attendance with Covid Pandemic Still Raging, and With All Covid Vaccines Still Associated with Evil, Will Endanger the Faithful, Especially the Most Devout, and Would Be Diabolically Manipulative - SCW 6.2.21

'This Is A Purge': Russian Authorities Dig Up Old Incidents To Sideline Potential Opponents - RFE/RL 6.2.21

Kremlin's Clumsy Intimidation of Weaker Domestic Opponents Raises Embarrassing Questions Over Why Kremlin, Itself, Feels Intimidated by Weaker Factions; Should Doubts Be Raised Over Level of Actual Kremlin Support - SCW 6.2.21

CATHOLIC MASS VIDEO: The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, May 30, 2021 - Loretto Abbey (Toronto)

Russia's Covid-19 Sputnik Vaccine Immoral, Tied To Use of Fetal Tissue, Therefore Associated with Evil; Putin and Medvedev Emerge As Type of Covid Antichrists, Trying to Push Russian People to Embrace Hellfire with Vaccines of Evil Nature - SCW 5.23.21

There Are No Ethical Covid-19 Vaccines Available in the USA; People Who Believe In God Are Having Their Lives Threatened By Absence of Ethically Usable Vaccine

Notre Dame Football ACC Opponent Duke Performs Abortions; Irish Fans and People of Good Will Should Boycott the Notre Dame-Duke Game and Its Sponsors and Demand the Removal of Culpable Administrators

Anti-Catholic Dissident John Jenkins Defies Catholic Faith Again, Embarrasses Would-Be University of "Notre Dame," With Compliments to Deceased Pro-Abortion Politician Kernan - SCW 8.14.20