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VIDEO: Palestinian officials say Israeli air strikes hit Gaza hospitals, and more - Five stories to know - Reuters

Reuters provides a news summary of lead stories.

"1. Israeli air strikes hit Gaza's biggest hospital, the Al Shifa, on Friday, killing one ... and wounding others ... Palestinian officials said, one of several hospitals reported struck .... 2. ... Biden's re-election campaign on Friday will register for the South Carolina Democratic primary, the party's first official clash ... an early ... test for a president dogged by ... polls ... show[ing] declining support among Black[s] .... 3. ... Senator Joe Manchin, a maverick who has often bucked party leadership ... said ... he will not seek re-election, hurting Democrats' chance of defending their thin Senate majority ... . 4. Turkey said ... Friday it ... sent a ship ... with field hospital equipment, ambulances and generators to Egypt to treat war casualties from Gaza, where Israeli's devastating siege has caused a humanitarian crisis with medical care collapsing. 5. The [UN] has described floods that uprooted hundreds of thousands ... in Somalia and neighbouring countries in East Africa following a historic drought ...."

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Map of Israel, Gaza, West Bank