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Mark of the Beast? Yes, Unethical Covid Vaccines Can, Indeed, Serve the Function of a Mark of the Beast if Used as an Economic Passport

As described by Saint John the Apostle, rather than the Hollywood science fiction version, the actual "mark of the beast" is an economic passport associated with evil, where people are required to formally associate with a particular evil as a condition of participating in economic activity.

Since it is indisputable that the artificially constrained subset of publicly available U.S. covid vaccines are associated with evil, with the only debate being over timing and degree, any mandate using economic exclusion to coerce association with the unethical subset of vaccines would indeed serve the immediate function of the mark of the beast, as described by Saint John the Apostle in the Book of Revelation.

With the actual "mark of the beast," those willing to associate with evil are permitted to buy and sell in the economy, as usual, while those refraining from associating with evil are shut out.

Saint John the Apostle described a supposedly popular figure leading a vast portion of the population towards evil. A sign of allegiance to that evil celebrity is developed, a mark which people bear, if they make the mistake of going along with it.

But to cement the attempted control of evil over the populace, those who abstain from bearing the mark, who refuse to be associated with the evil or bear allegiance to it, are not allowed to buy or sell goods. Normal people with normal moral values are shut out of economic activity.

In the short term, this scenario presumably creates tremendous pressure for those rightly abstaining from the overt allegiance with evil, in terms of being shut out of the organized economy, left scrambling to get by with even their basic existence.

Likewise in the short term, for the persons participating in the arrangement by bearing the mark, and designating themselves as associated with evil, perhaps might feel a false sense of relief, and a false sense of ease, at being allowed to go about "business as usual" with their daily lives.

Saint John the Apostle cautions, however, that, in the long term, those bearing the mark of the beast all go to eternal damnation.

In the case of covid vaccines, the availabile assortment of covid vaccines in the United States is artificially limited to a subset that are undeniably and indisputably associated with evil, because they are associated with the use of abortion-related human fetal cell lines. That is, their origins, and therefore the cell lines and activities exploiting those cell lines, are inextricably associated with prenatal murder of innocent and defenseless human victims.

The only arguments are over timing and degree, and the specifics of when and how the human fetal cell lines are utilized.

For example, there might be an argument over how much time has passed since the prenatal murders occurred, or many times relevant cells replicated outside the body of the prenatal murder victims, rather than inside the body of the prenatal murder victims.

There also is the argument about whether relevant cells were used in a development or testing process rather than being directly present in the final innoculations going into vaccine recipients.

Yet it is indisputable that the three publicly available U.S. covid vaccines are associated with evil. Likewise it is indisputable that those receiving them are thereby associating themselves with evil.

So if being a recipient of one of those vaccines is used as an economic passport, if it is a mandatory condition of employment, or a requirement for participation in any kind of transaction, including being a patron of a business under any kinds of circumstances, then it is, indeed, serving the function of the mark of the beast described by Saint John the Apostle.

In such cases, it is a mechanism used to demand association with evil, and denote association with evil, combined with a threat of cutting off access to participation in an organized economic activity for those who abstain from associating with evil.

Another factor that becomes somewhat eerie when considering the consequences is that the artificial limiting of vaccines, to an artificial subset associated with evil, was absolutely and indisputably unnecessary.

Scientifically and medically, there are other alternatives to human fetal cell lines that could have been used, and can still be utilized, either before presenting the evil-associated versions as a foregone conclusion, or in the time since, during the long, and lengthening, period of time since the truth came out and the evil was strenuously opposed.

One gathers that those who concocted the bizarre situation are determined to leave mainstream Americans with normal values unvaccinated unless they allow themselves to be coerced into the scientifically and medically unnecessary association with evil.

And one gathers that the perpetrators will continue to "dig their heels in" rather than develop proper vaccines that would greatly expand vaccination rates.

Ironically, or perhaps providentially, the strategy might backfire. Mainstream Americans with normal values, forced into avoiding the unethical, morally illicit vaccines, undoubtedly are more careful about taking safeguards and avoiding risks.

Meanwhile, another bizarre aspect of the scenario, has been for promoters of the unethical vaccines to further ignore science by attempting to turn the matter into some kind of superficial emotional PR campaign, like rooting for a high school sports team. Their baffling childishness and manipulations undoubtedly have aggravated and needlessly prolonged the epidemic.

Those pushing the unethical subset of vaccines perhaps are so keen on trying to present them as a generic good, that PR efforts seem to sidestep the fact that they never were actually fully effective. And their effectiveness seems more and more questionable, and lower and lower, with newer covid variants.

Reports seemed to indicate that vaccinated persons still had a 1 in 10 chance of catching the original covid, and an even greater chance of catching the Delta variant. Now reports are emerging that protection against Omicron might be even more problematic, albeit with studies apparently still underway. Vaccinated persons apparently can also serve as silent carrier "Typhoid Mary's."

Meanwhile, the dimwitted PR campaigns seem to have resulted in the imbecilic spectacle of vaccinated persons, perhaps with confused, exaggerated notions of their actual situation, crowding into packed sporting events, church services, or public establishments, often without masks, failing to maintain proper distancing, and perhaps also neglecting sanitizing or other proper safeguards.

By doing so, they endanger themselves, as well as the mainstream Americans with normal moral values who avoided the unethical vaccines and have no ethical, usable vaccines to turn to.

Meanwhile, mainstream Americans with normal moral values, hopefully, are redoubling their efforts to avoid being harmed, either generally, or specifically by the dangers posed by the widespread reckless behavior of a subset of vaccinated individuals.

The needless, unscientific crusade to associate with evil, by artificially limiting vaccines to an unethical subset, has hamstrung the fight against covid. The apparent obsession with promoting unethical vaccines undoubtedly is prolonging the epidemic, in several ways.

And efforts to punish mainstream Americans with normal moral values, by trying to force them out of work, or deny them participation in any economic activities, because they refuse to be associated with evil, does indeed turn the unethical covid vaccines into something serving the function of the mark of the beast.

Additionally curious are the enormous gaps in the theological and spiritual analysis by some would-be religious figures attempting to provide an "out" or excuse-making to lull normal Americans more faithful than themselves into associating with evil.

God often teaches by illustration, such as with Jesus telling parables, or even the written accounts of, for example, the history of the Israelite people.

The Gospel makes clear that, tragically, one can be damned for all time simply by an omission, by a failure to act. In Jesus' Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the rich man goes to enteral damnation simply for sitting back and doing nothing. Likewise, in Jesus' explanation of the Final Judgment, when the King divides people like a shepherd diving sheep and goats, He sends to final damnation persons who simply sat back and failed to do things they were supposed to do, for those in need.

As bizarre as the artificial limitation of covid vaccines has been, equally bizarre has been the failure of large, enormously wealthy religious denominations to develop ethical vaccines themselves.

For example, one denomination has a membership similar to the population of the biggest nations on earth. It has an immense array of universities, including research institutions and universities with medical schools, and it has had universities for centuries. It has an immense array of hospitals and other health-related institutions. It has organizations that have billions of dollars within their own budgets, raising the question of whether the overall denomination has billions or trillions. Yet that denomination seems to have done little, or nothing, to develop ethical covid vaccines, or to energetically call for their development.

God's Judgment, of course, will determine whether that lethargy, against a backdrop of such magnitude, arises to the level of damnable evil associated with the rich man who ignored Lazarus at his gate.

Another huge gap in the chaotic would-be theological and moral analysis promoting submissiveness to evil through participation in the unethical vaccines is the failure to note the overt example, in Holy Scripture, of persons be damned merely for denoting themselves as have allegiance to evil.

When Saint John the Apostle warns about the mark of the beast, and cautions that those bearing it will be damned, he does not seem to indicate the extent to which the damned did carried out other evil acts, beyond bearing the mark of the beast.

For example, consider the hypothetical prospect of someone bearing the mark of the beast, out of cowardice and laziness, to keep going to the grocery store and to keep getting their paycheck. But imagine the same person holding back from doing anything else evil, like murder, adultery, theft, and so forth. Saint John the Apostle does not seem to indicate that such a person could side-step their damnation that they suffer from bearing the mark of the beast.

Similarly, Jesus cautions elsewhere about the plight of some persons who are damned despite crying out Lord, Lord, or thinking of themselves as somehow finding ways to be connected or affiliated with Jesus. So the notion of associating with evil, but trying to have it both ways, seems alien to God's Will.

But again, Holy Scripture teaches that damnation can occur simply through an act of simply beaing allegiance to evil, arguably simply through associating with evil.

The scattered attempts by some would-be religious figures, the same ones who failed to develop or spawn ethical vaccines through their enormous wealth and instituations, to then offer excuse-making to lower resistance to associating with evil, conveniently seems oblivious to this fundamental component of what impacts the ultimate fate of a human soul.


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