"Notre Dame" Football Disgraces Itself Yet Again Scheduling Abortion School Cal-Berkeley

There they go again. The de facto anti-Catholic administrators at the so-called University of "Notre Dame" have scheduled another football team being fielded by an abortion clinic.

Like a would-be luxury mansion that turns out to be infested by rodents, vermine and toxic mold, the "Notre Dame" athletic schedules are repeatedly defaced by colleges that actually perform abortions.

It is indisputed the abortion is an act of violence with its primary goal being the killing of human life. It also is indisputed that abortion in the United States has a racist impact, and that, for victims of all races, abortion snuffs out a unique human life before that person has the opportunity to contribute their diverse gifts to broader human society.

Precisely because abortion is a form of homicide, it also is indisputed that the matter is so serious that Catholic church law imposes automatic excommunication for abortion.

The University of California-Berkeley openly admits that it carries out chemical abortions. It also has a kind of medical school partnership with the University of California-San Francisco, who openly admit carrying out surgical abortions.

Additional sources:

> Family Planning & Abortion - University Health Services - University of California-Berkeley

> The UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program (MS/MD)

> Center for Pregnancy Options - UCSF

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["Notre Dame" is placed in quotes out of respect for the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus, her Divine Son. The words "Notre Dame," of course, are French for "Our Lady," referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. It would be disrespectful to imply that she would be associated with various scandals emerging in the current era at the post-secondary institution near the Indiana-Michigan border whose nonprofit corporation persists in calling the institution "Notre Dame du Lac," including those scandals demonstrating lack of fidelity to Christ, such as the honoring, hiring or retention of pro-abortion politicians and faculty.]

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Ultrasound of Unborn Child in Womb, with Anti-Smoking Message, adapted from image at cdc.gov