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SCW NEWSWATCH: "[Re: U.S. Capitol Violence:] Maurizio Ragazzi: A New America with Limited Sovereignty?" - 1.9.21

"... regarding the reprehensible violence that caught the Capitol by surprise ....
(1) Why did the DC mayor ... ardent supporter of Black Lives Matter, hence an expert of street violence[,] expressly refuse, the day before ... to call upon federal law enforcement ...? []  
(2) Why was Ashli Babbit ... Air Force veteran and ... Trump supporter, killed by a Capitol police agent while she was unarmed ... while, behind her, there were other agents ... keeping an eye on what she was doing? []
(3) How did the four other victims die (Benjamin Phillips, Kevin Greeson, Rosanne Boyland, and officer Brian Sicknick), and what was their exact connection to the violent events at the Capitol? ....   
(4) During ... congressional debates, [Rep.] Matt Goetz ... was booed ... say[ing] ... 'some of the people who breached the Capitol ... were not Trump supporters ... [but][Antifa members] masquerading as Trump supporters.' Yet, it was later found out that, for example, a young man ..., who was a familiar participant in violent demonstrations organized by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, was also present at the Capitol when violence erupted.[] Will there now be a thorough investigation of who organized, and took part in, the events at the Capitol on January 6?"  

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