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Still No Ethical, Usable Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccines in United States

The United States still has no ethical Covid-19 vaccines, and therefore none that are usable by mainstream Americans or people of decency. As already documented, the only three would-be "available vaccines" offered publicly are associated with evil, connected, in various phases of their creation, with fetal cell lines associated with prenatal murder.

That fact comes in addition to any concerns about a rush to approval or issues regarding side effects.

File Photo of Gloved Hand Holding Syringe Up to Arm

As a result, any special benefits or exclusions based upon immoral vaccinations, such as commercial discounts for receiving immoral vaccinations, or exclusion from professional or academic opportunities for those who have abstained from the immorality, also constitute anti-religious or other unethical persecution against those with higher, proper moral standards.

Particularly incompetent and unethical are academic institutions, including academic institutions attempting to gain money and prestige from supposed religious affiliations, having failed to step up to research and develop ethical vaccines, then using their failure as an excuse to coerce scholars into participating in evil with the improper vaccines.

Also hypocritical are the growing number of religious bureaucrats, such as some would-be Christian Bishops, seeking to order in-person church attendance. In doing so, those wayward Judas Iscariot Covid Bishops endanger members of the faithful with higher ethical standards than the wayward Covid Bishops themselves, while rewarding attendees who embraced evil by receiving the vaccines, and while implicitly coerving association with evil and nonchalantly fueling a culture of complancency with the immoral vaccines, likely preventing proper vaccines from even being developed.

Under current circumstances, any action that treats persons differently because they have, or have not been vaccinated, or that seeks to use vaccinations as an excuse to force in-person activity by a broader population, is essentially promoting evil and engaging in anti-religious persecution.

That would include a would-be Christian "Bishop" trying to force an entire flock to attend church services in person, with Covid-positive rates still occurring, knowing that he was endangering those who have abstained from associating with evil vaccines, coercing involving with evil, and forcing those who are more faithful than he is to sit and watch as those who embraced evil, including the wayward Bishop himself, are allowed to hold themselves out as being in good standing with a Christian faith.

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