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Attempts to Force Church Attendance with Covid Pandemic Still Raging, and With All Covid Vaccines Still Associated with Evil, Will Endanger the Faithful, Especially the Most Devout, and Would Be Diabolically Manipulative

Attempts by some religious bureaucrats to force church attendance while the Covid-19 pandemic still rages, at a time when the only available would-be Covid vaccines are associated with evil, is disrespectful of human life and health, is not of God, and is decidely anti-religious.

The actions also are diabolically manipulative, seemingly calculated to coerce association with evil by pressuring the faithful into using vaccines associated with evil, developed in a manner ultimately connected with prenatal murder and the theft of unique tissue from the murder victim(s). Additionally sinister is the obviously foreseeable net effect of potentially killing off the most devout members of the flock, who are likely to refuse to associate with evil vaccines, who also might care the most of complying with supposed directives, however evil or incompetent the individuals are currently squatting on formal titles used to issue the directives.

Particularly egregious is such an attempt in the context of faith traditions that argue that someone risks eternal damnation, and will literally go to hell for failing to attend church on certain days, if a dispensation permitting remote attendance is lifted.

The net effect is to seek to harrass, intimidate, endanger and hypothetically kill off the most devout members of such a faith.

That result is entirely foreseeable, and therefore attributable to the would be religious "leaders" setting up the scenarios increasing the likelihood of such a result. As a result, they can be blamed for that intention, unless they are are lacking in capacity or otherwise analytically incompetent.

The fact that something otherwise good, such as church attendance or access to a Holy Sacrament, is used to force involvement with evil and endangerment, makes the scenario all the more diabolicial.

By comparison, with Satan sought to tempt the Son of God in the desert, he did it by misquoting Holy Scripture. Similarly, when Saint John the Apostle spoke of antichrists, he spoke of figures who did not simply promote evil, but tried to promote evil while nochalantly holding themselves out as good, after worming their way into the routines and activities of the faithful.

So what marks the current assault on the faithful as demonically or Satanically diabolical is that some figures are not simply engaging in association with evils such as immoral vaccines, they are seeking to things that are good and Holy to induce association with evil, as well as implicitly threatening the very lives of the most devout in the process.

In at least one state where the wrongdoing is occurring, recent Covid positivity rates are in excess of 5%. That reality means that coercive ecclesiastic "leaders" are willfully seeking to create scenarios where, for example, 300 people attend, where they know there is a likelihood that at least 15 people present are Covie positive.

An added factor is the extent to which the same broader ecclesiastical organizations are responsible for the failure to develop ethical, proper Covid vaccines, deliberately allowing that scenario to unfold for a year, if not many years, in order to later present the absence of usable vaccines as a foregone conclusion.

At least one organized religion currently pockmarked by Covid troublemakers also has extensive networks or hospitals and centuries of experience running universities, including universities with medical schools and science departments. That same organized religion is tied with two countries as the biggest organization of humans on earth, with between 1.3 and 1.4 billion people.

If there is no moral Covid vaccine, it is because that religious organization chose to abstain from developing one, only to later claim the lack of a moral vaccine as an excuse for using improper vaccines associated with evil.

And now that same organized religion has local would-be Bishops trying to force the faithful to gather in-person, with no ethical Covid vaccines available, coupled with pressure and suggestions to embrace hellfire by taking the evil vaccines.

Meanwhile, that same organized entity taps into the notion that keeping Holy the Sabbath, under penalty of eternal damnation, means showing up in person to be put at risk. For more than a year, the notion of a "dispensation" was granted acknowledging that such an obligation was temporily lifted.

Yet now, in some places, it is the dispensation being lifted, and the obligation being asserted, at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic still is raging and, especially in the United States, no ethical Covid vaccines are available, such that the only vaccines offered to the public are associated with evil.

At the very least, the situation will predictably and unnecessarily harass, intimidate and endanger those who most strive to be devout.

By coincidence, or perhaps correlation, the same organized religion has been exposed as having had its bureaucracy infiltrated by psychopathic abusers launching in into massive and damaging scandals.

One "leadership" figure exposed by a grand jury as having harbored a child molester and concealing his crimes from the general public ended up also promoting the convoluted thinking attempting an earthly "lesser-of-two-evils" argument carving out an exception for using the evil would-be Covid vaccines. And, of course, once a toe-hold of an exception was concocted, it was seized upon as a bottom-line decision endorsing the vaccines, even if virtually no one complied with the requirement to use the evil vaccines only under noisy protest.

Yet the broader landscape is that the sub-group of laxe, cocktail party Christians most likely to tolerate permissiveness and a relaxing or moral standards also arguably are more likely to simplty not care whether they miss a church service, even one that is required.

Other, more faithful sub-groups, most likely to be resistant to attacks on the faith, and most likely to question and oppose permissiveness and scandal, are those most likely to be coerced into attending in person to comply with a requirement, and are most likely to avoid associating with evil and thereby be denied the chance to be vaccinated.

The net effect is for permissive, dissident figures to use Covid as a means to harass and potentially kill off the most faithful of the flock, clearing the way for more money and power flowing into the hands of permissive dissidents seeking to undermine the faith.

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