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Since Only Illicit, Unethical "Covid Vaccines" Are Available in the U.S., Those Promoting Them Are Largely to Blame For Covid Spread

Since there is a conspicuous absence of ethical, fully effective Covid vaccines in the United States, and since it is undisputed that the only vaccines publicly available are associated with evil to whatever varying degrees, those promoting them share a huge portion of blame for Covid's resurgence.

By definition, if effort had been made to provide vaccine's that were actually ethical, as well as safer and more effective, many more persons would be vaccinated.

As already documented, the only three would-be "available vaccines" offered publicly are associated with evil, connected, in various phases of their creation, with fetal cell lines associated with prenatal murder. In a very real way, that makes them parisitic, if not cannabilistic, morally and in view of the "bigger picture" of the realities behind their development.

One gathers that blithe, nonchalant public grooming processes, aimed at encouraging complacency and submissive to evil, will result, not only in further decline in public morals and the embracing of hellfire, but also a cementing of the apparent push to NEVER create appropriate vaccines.

That fact comes in addition to any concerns about a rush to approval or issues regarding side effects, and the use of recipients as "human guinea pigs."

File Photo of Gloved Hand Holding Syringe Up to Arm

An open question is the extent to which the absence of ethical vaccines has been deliberate.

There has been a somewhat morbidly manipulative effort to coerce mainstream Americans of normal values to lower or abandon their values, deny their religion, and offend God, at risk of illness or death, simply because government, the health industry, universities and research institutions have proven too incompetent or lacking in ethics or moral character to develop a proper vaccine. Instead, political, industry, or even would-be "religious" administrators either pursued or tolerated the development of "Dr. Frankenstein junk science" alternatives as the only alternatives, deliberately "painting into a corner" a public at risk, to then defraud the public into thinking that was the only course of action. A seemingly foregone conclusion was concocted deliberately.

Public statements have sought to mislead by omitting the ethical problems, or to quibble about degrees of involvement with evil, or the passage of time since tissue relevant to the overall development process was stolen from helpless murder victims.

It would have been impossible not to foresee that a net effect of the wrongdoing would be to risk, infect, or kill off persons of higher ethics, such as a Catholic Cardinal currently on a ventilator.

Additionally evil is the effort to use the suffering of those foreseeable targets as grist for a diabolically misleading smear campaign, such as to suggest that a figure was against vaccines, because they were, in fact, adamantly against illicit, improper versions of vaccines. Such persons now face a risk of death because of the incompetence and evil of those who deliberately avoided creating appropriate vaccines, leaving only illicit vaccines associated with evil.

A curious question is whether that implies that those pushing exclusivity for vaccines associated with evil actually have a desire to harass and harm persons who are rational, faithful to God and otherwise have higher ethical standards. If that were the case, the circumstances would fit a scenario where the malefactors cared more about seizing an opportunity to harm good people than bringing Covid to an end.

Particularly diabolical is the scenario of a situation such as the Covid Bishops in a large organized religion such as the post-modern Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church bureaucracy, as a whole, administers one of the three largest human organizations on the planet, with India, China, and the Catholic Church all containing a similar number of people.

The Catholic Church has billions, if not trillions of dollars. It has run universities for centuries, and has an immense array of universities today, including research universities and universities with medical schools and other science departments. In addition, the Catholic Church is a leading source, perhaps the biggest source, of privately run hospitals and medical facilities.

Irregardless of the academic background of particular Catholic officials, the apparently utter and disgraceful failure for the Catholic Church bureaucracy to develop, or forcefully prod the development of, ethical Covid vaccines implies that they deliberately chose not to.

Now some of those officials use their failure as an excuse and opportunity to concoct tortured, shallow earthly arguments pushing association with evil, by arguing falsely that it is morally permissible, or even charitable, to use the unethical vaccines.

Meanwhile, some of the some officials have used the threat of hellfire and damnation to coerce the faithful to attend Mass in person in large groups, having mostly failed to make meaningful post-Covid changes to facilities.

They do so knowing that the net effect will be to subject faithful Catholics, more faithful and with higher standards than the officials themselves, to the risk of illness or death. Meanwhile, the morbid grooming process of forcing more faithful Catholics into that risk is, itself, a form of anti-Catholic persecution, reminiscent of the earlier pagans who would invite Christians to renounce their faith to avoid torture and death.

If faithful Catholics, such as the Cardinal on a ventilator, do die under these circumstances, rather than renounce their faith and rather than offend God, they would be Martyrs for the Faith.

Those who set up the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian scenario causing their deaths would be morally culpable for homicide, placing that latter group's souls in peril of eternal damnation and also bringing about their automatic excommunication.

Several added, glaring, factors also become apparent.

First, there seems to be an emphasis, not on science, but on shallow public relations marketing, as if getting jabbed with a needle was like being blessed with holy water, a good unto itself, regardless of the actual physical realities and scientific realities involved. The virus does not care about attitudes or likes on (anti-)social media. It simply does what it does.

The unethical vaccines apparently are 90% effective or worse, and perhaps even weaker against later variant(s). As a result, the recipients still have a 1 in 10 chance, or better, of still catching the virus.

In addition, they can serve as silent carrier "Typhoid Mary's." Those facts, together with behavioral problems accompanying the defiance or loosening or good health practices, could mean that the unethical vaccinations could aggravate a spread, especially if the silent carriers show up at newly emerging large gatherings like church services without protective masks or proper distancing.

If a given state has even a 10% covid-positive rate, that means that, while bolstering collection baskets, when the unfaithful church officials coerce large congregrations to form, even a congregation of just 100 persons might be likely to have 10 covid-positive persons scattered randomly throughout.

And, because of the lack of moral discipline associated with the unethical vaccines, and the focus on public relations marketing instead of science and physical realities, the behavioral problems associated with the unethical vaccines undoubtedly will be aggravated by an ignorant false sense of security and unrealisitic sense of relief.

The author of this article even was an eyewitness to a Midwestern bishop, several weaks ago, trying to suggest that the covid pandemic was over. His incompetent misleading of the faithful was followed by weaks of added covid resurgence, with covid-positive rates doubling or worse.

Similar factors would be true for restaurants, sporting events, beaches, and countless other contexts.

Particularly bizarre is the concept of an unethical covid vaccine mandate.

Consistent with the diabolically misleading nature of the matter, those pushing the mandate are usually careful to avoid admitting that they are seeking to force vaccinations at a time when the only way to get a vaccineis to associate with evil, when only illicit, unethical vaccines exist.

Yet, however misleading the pronouncements, the mandates, including by supposedly "Catholic" universities or other employers that obviously have been infiltrated by anti-Christian "wolves in sheep's clothing," are gradually causing the illicit vaccines to serve the function of what Saint John the Apostle called the Mark of the Beast.

Setting aside the cartoonish Hollywood science fiction version of the Mark of the Beast, the real-world theological concept and prophecy shared by Saint John the Apostle essentially focused on what amounted to a "cancel culture" aiming to economically choke off followers of God.

As described by Saint John the Apostle, the Mark of the Beast would be designed as a simple, formalized way to indicate allegiance and submissiveness to evil. Those who did not have it would be barred from participating in the economy.

While the bearers of the Mark of the Beast, confronting economic banishment, might feel a false sense of relief by being able to buy and sell and have a living, Saint John the Apostle gives fair warning that those who agree to bear it will later lose their entire future, suffering eternal damnation and forever missing out on the chance for Eternal Life.





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