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"Notre Dame" Should Have Cancelled Participation in Full-Capacity Florida State Game Amidst Covid Pandemic, Potential "Super-Spreader;" Are "Notre Dame" Officials Disrespecting Public Health and Human Lives, For the Sake of Money and Misplaced Prestige?

With the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic still raging, indeed having weeks of resurgence with new variant(s), and with Florida having been one of the national epicenters for Covid, it is almost mind-boggling that "Notre Dame" officials would be willing to contribute to the endangerment of public health and human life by playing before a capacity crowd at Florida State.

Conflicting media reports seemed to end up suggesting, heading into the game, that Florida State was indicating that masks were "expected" at all sports venues. However, random views of the crowd at the game made it difficult to see if anyone was wearing a breathing mask at the stadium, vaccinated or not, whether in the stands or on the sidelines.

CoronavirusThe situation seems potentially an horrendous "perfect storm" for a "Super-Spreader Event." The author is in no position to provide legal advice on the matter, and unwilling to do so, yet one wonders if "Notre Dame" officials, Florida State, the ACC, and others are willing to accept legal liability for any illness, suffering, or deaths that result.

Persons of good conscious should avoid and boycott the game, or avoid anything that might enhance any money-making or prestige-building associated with it. Another interesting question would be whether to boycott the game's sponsors.

Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee reportedly has a capacity of nearly 80,000 people.

Florida, and neighboring portions of the Deep South, have been among the national epicenters for the recent increases in the pandemic's ferocity, with CDC data estimating Florida's 7-day covid-positive rate at roughly 15 to 20%.

If that trend held for the crowd at the game, nearly 16,000 covid-postive people might be spread randomly amongst the crowded stands of fans, including those eating, drinking, yelling, giving "high-fives," jostling, and so forth, whether in the stands, crowded concourses, restrooms, tailgate areas, parking lots, hotels, or any other relevant areas.

No ethical vaccines are currently available in the United States. It is indisputable that the available vaccines are associated with evil, with the only arguments being about degree, timing, and whether marketing and the public-grooming process can sidestep and avoid the core issues. Every one of the available vaccines reportedly has some connection with abortion-derived fetal cell lines, with regard to some aspect of the vaccine's development, even if only for testing stages or worse. As a result, those who have higher moral standards, and are more faithful Catholics, other Christians, Jews, or Muslims, or who simply are people of decency, potentially are at greatest risk.

Even those receiving the unethical vaccines can still serve as silent carrier "Typhoid Mary's," and apparently have a 1 in 10 chance of catching traditional covid themselves, perhaps even a greater chance of catching the newer, more dangerous variant(s).

Meanwhile, like the rich man in the Gospel whom Jesus says goes to hell for a sin of omission, for ignoring Lazarus at the gate, "Notre Dame" officials and other nominally "Catholic" officials or colleges appear also to be grossly culpable for a mortal sin of omission -- for having failed to develop ethical vaccines in the first place.

Ironically, "Notre Dame" officials also might have to face suspicions that they are placing money ahead of even their own distorted view of public health, by not imposing the same standard on all attendees of home football games, as they apparently press on as usual with money-making football and big crowds.

Yet to go into a situation like the one in Florida as if people are not really dying of Covid-19, is yet another blow to their already sullied reputations. In the past, some "Notre Dame" officials already were disgraced by actions including, but not limited to, actively promoting, or even hiring, pro-abortion politicians, at least one pro-sodomism politician, try to coerve involvement with unethical covid vaccines.

The participation in a potential "super-spreader" event in a covid hotbed adds further doubt to their already questionable moral standards, fidelity to the faith, questionable sense of civic duty, and basic competence.

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