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"High-Volume Abortion Training:" Notre Dame Should Have Dropped Southern Cal in Football

Nearly half of "Notre Dame's" opponents thus far are fielded by institutions performing abortions, training abortionists or otherwise claiming a direct connection with abortion.

Southern Cal is no exception, and they even claim to offer "High volume abortion training."

"Notre Dame" should have dropped Southern Cal long ago. Every time they schedule them, it enhances Southern Cal's revenues and prestige. Even worse, association with Southern Cal under such circumtances lends them false air of legitimization, contributing to the "business as usual" obliviousness that has made abortion more feasible across society.

The University of Southern California openly admits that they train abortionists. At a minimum, for starters, their webpage for their "Complex Family Planning Fellowship Program" declares:

"The Fellowship in Complex Family Planning is a two-year fellowship focused on subspecialist training in research, teaching and clinical practice in abortion and contraception. ..."

The details of the program are somewhat voluminous, including contributions to the furtherance of the Abortion Problem such as would-be research, and training in the "political landscape."

The program envisions training at the "Los Angeles County + University of Southern California Medical Center" and also speaks of "High-volume abortion training" at so-called Planned Parenthood locations.

There also is mention of a "Reproductive Options Clinic" for "comprehensive counseling for pregnancy disposition, with provision of surgical or medical termination as indicated."

Like a luxury mansion that turns out to be infested by vermine, toxic molds and rodentia, "Notre Dame's" football schedule sounds PR-glitzy yet usually turns out to be tainted by multiple abortion-connected opponents. That comes despite the fact that the Catholic Church regards abortion with such seriousness that procurement of abortion brings automatic excommunication.

The lassitude and lack of a proper moral compass with the football scheduling, or conference affiliations, overlaps years of moral shortcomings for senior "Notre Dame" officials thumbing their nose at the Catholic Faith and basic decency. They even have honored, or hired, pro-abortion politicians, as well as tolerating one or more "Notre Dame" faculty promoting acceptance of abortion publicly.

The leading human rights violation of the day, abortion is likely the most widespread violence against human life on the planet.

With over 62 million surgical abortions in the United States since 1973, the number of Americans murdered in the womb even approaches the numbers needed to win the Presidency.

Then there is the racial factor. Abortion is far more wide-spread than slavery ever was in the South before the Civil War, and abortion is impacting Blacks at a rate several times higher than Whites per capita.

"Notre Dame" Football especially should be more racially sensitive about the abortion issue, given the large numbers of Blacks on football rosters, much higher than the Black portion of the population, and even higher still than the much lower percentage of Blacks in the "Notre Dame" student body.

Then there is the abortion connection for Notre Dame Football itself. A "Notre Dame" Heisman winner from the 1950's made a disclosure in his memoirs that was taken as an admission that, after getting a young woman pregant out of wedlock, he was complicit in her getting what would have been an illegal abortion.

In addition to any legal problems, the player likely would have been expelled from "Notre Dame" before winning the Heisman, and, given the disreputable nature of the matter, probably would have had difficulty winning such accolades anywhere else.

Yet instead of disavowing the player, suggesting he give back his Heisman, and giving up whatever Heisman Trophy, or replica, "Notre Dame" itself possesses, "Notre Dame" invited the problem individual to speak at a pep rally (at which his pants fell down at the podium).

It is long overdue for "Notre Dame" to boot Southern Cal, Stanford and other abortion-connected schools off the schedule, and to leave conferences like the ACC and so-called Big Ten that include abortion schools.

While it is not entirely clear which senior "Notre Dame" staff are most responsible for their shortcomings in the matter, or the extent to which their misconduct is intentional, or more from moral lazinesss, those "officials" are long overdue to be shown to the curb, or kicked out of their religious order. That especially is the case for big-money school officials with a past track record of hiring or honoring pro-abortion politicians.

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