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Supposed "Covid Vaccine" Mandates Actually A Contrivance to Force Submission to An Artificially Limited Subset of Unethical Vaccines

Current U.S covid vaccines are actually just an artificially limited subset that are unethical, morally illicit, and inconsistent with the normal moral values of mainstream Americans.

Covid-19 Image, adapted from image at cdc.govA morbidly relentless public grooming process aims to cast this bizarre subset as somehow standard or generalized.

It would be like making sure that all farm land was run with slave labor, then trying to pretend that slave-grown food was somehow routine.

Even worse, in that circumstance, it would be like casting anyone opposing slavery as somehow anti-food, food-hesitant, or food-skeptical, while simultaneously trying to portray the slave owners as simply being pro-nutrition..

Any supposed "covid vaccine" mandate would not really be a covid vaccine mandate.

It would be a mandate to submit to the artificially limited subset that are immoral and unethical, renouncing allegiance to God and decency in the process.

Such coercion would seek to cause millions of Americans, perhaps billions elsewhere, to act contrary to their Judeo-Christian-Islamic, or other, religious faiths. It also would be an attempt to brow-beat and intimidate normal mainstream Americans to act contrary to good science, contrary to a normal moral conscience and against basic common sense.

It is indisputable that it was absolutely unnecessary to develop vaccines in an unethical manner. Alternative methods exist, well-known to competent medical science.

Also indisputable is that vaccination rates would be much higher if normal, ethical vaccines were developed, and if safer, more reliable vaccines were developed.

All three U.S. vaccines, needlessly, have some degree of connection to the use of human fetal cell lines assocated with prenatal murder, a practice usually dressed up with the pseudo-clinical-sounding euphemism of "abortion."

As a result, it is absolutely indisputable that the vaccines are associated with evil, and that mandates seek to coerce a person to submit to being associated with the evil.

The only debates are over timing and degree, or which elements of the vaccine process become involved.

Misleading arguments get raised about how much time has passed since the prenatal murders occurred or how many times cells have been replicated outside the prenatal murder victims' bodies, rather than inside their bodies.

Similarly, arguments are raised over whether the relevant human fetal cell lines were used in the vaccine material itself, for example, versus, production, development or testing during development.

Since, scienticially, it is indisputable that other, alternative methods exist that do not run up against the same moral prohibitions, it is indisputable that it is completely unnecessary for the parties in question, including political officeholders, to go out of their way to create such a bizarre and indefensible scenario.

And now the predictable result is conflict that need never have happened, including litigation, resignations, and firings. Moreover, the pandemic is raging on longer and with greater severity than needed to happen.

All of those negative results were entirely foreseeable, predictable and inevitable, which would have have realized in full by any rational person. As a result, politicians, bureaucrats, and relevant industry figures can be chargeable with the intent to produce those results, whether actual intent or de facto, constructive intent.

It is as if politicians from both major parties, as well as the failed big-money health care establishment, went out of their way to create an opportunity to harrass, endanger, and undermine mainstream Americans with normal moral values. And it is as if they care more about that than about fighting the covid pandemic.

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