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It is Indisputable That Current U.S. Covid Vaccines Are Associated With Evil; The Only Debate is Over Degrees and Timing

It is indisputable that all three would-be covid vaccines publicly available in the United Stataes are associated with evil.

Somewhere along the line, a decision was made to grant a monopoly to evil, for no scientific reason.

The only debates are over how much time has passed since the murders occurred, or how many times cells have been replicated outside the bodies of the murder victims instead of inside their bodies while still alive.

Since, from a scientific standpoint, it was absolutely unnecessary to resort to evil methods, and since it is indisputable that normal, proper vaccines could be developed by ethically appropriate means, the artificial limitation to an immoral subset of candidates calls into question the motives and competence of their promoters.

All three U.S. vaccines are implicated in the use of human fetal lines, where the original tissue was stolen from victims of prenatal murders, often reframed by the pseudo-clinical euphemism of "abortion."

As a result, all three are associated with evil. Increasingly relentless efforts to coerce, pressure or trick Americans into receiving them represent an effort to force Americans into personally associating with evil.

An added point of argumentativeness is how the use of the human fetal cell lines is, or is not, fed into the vaccine process. For example, the point is raised over whether they have been involved in testing and development, versus production, versus being contained in the substance of the vaccines themselves.

That latter point also provides fodder for misinformation or misdirection. For example, if and when a given vaccine, as injected into a recipient, does not contain aborted human tissue taken directly from a murder victim, there might be a misleading effort to act as if that were the only issue, ignoring the rest of the matter.

In other words, if the point is made that a vaccine is indisputably associated with evil because human fetal cell lines were using in testing during the development process, manipulators might instead trumpet the declaration that "no aborted fetal tissue is contained IN the vaccine." Meanwhile they might simultaneously seek to avoid any mention of the rest of the range of issues.

Imagine if Al Capone were accused of murder, racketeering, illegal substance-dealing, tax evasion, and being a Bolshevik spy, only to have it come out that he was not a Soviet spy. Next imagine that, with concerns about tax evasion, racketeering, murder and bootlegging still in the air, Capone-friendly media trumpeted, "Al Capone Exonerated!" focusing only on him being cleared of being a Soviet spy, and forgeting to bring up the rest.

Then there is the unimaginable magnitude and horrors of "abortion" that form the broader context.

With human fetal cell lines, it might have been a more limited number of individual murder victims who had their tissue stolen, by definition without their consent, in connection with their murders.

Yet "abortion," overall, is the biggest human rights violation in the world, and likely the most widespread form of violence against human beings.

Its festering perpetuation, like a cancer that will not die, rests, in part, upon a deliberate and diabolical cultivation of quietism. There is a sytemic, manipulative effort to cultivate oblivious desensitization, in the form of a "business as usual" attitude towards the horror. For those already scarred for life from having fallen into the practice, such lies are a tempting way to paper over the horror, perhaps rendering them particularly susceptible to the manipulations.

Systematic, manipulative insistence upon immoral covid vaccines contribute to that morbid culture of complacency with a culture of death.

From a scientific standpoint, the use of immoral methods for covid vaccines is absolutely unnecessary. There is absolutely no reason that ethical, proper covid vaccines could not have been developed. For example, other mammalian cells of an appropriate type could have been involved, such as COS7.

Particularly diabolical and cynical, therefore, is the fraudulent effort to portray promotion of immoral, unethical covid vaccines as somehow generic or generalized.

In fact, they are only an improper subset of what could have been developed. It is only by an artificial, misguided, misdirection that a monopoly was granted to evil.

Moreover, it is a given that vaccination rates undoubtedly would be much higher with the existence of ethical vaccines.

That fact creates the implication that promoters of the current, morally illicit vaccines care more about attacking and harassing mainstream Americans, and normal moral standards, than they do about fighting covid.

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