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COVID VACCINE SCANDALS: There was absolutely no need for covid vaccines to be as unethical and morally illicit as they are; proper, ethical vaccines could just as easily be made instead; so the motives and competence of politicians, government, vaccine-makers are seriously in doubt

It is undeniable that some covid vaccine aggressors have caused artificially low vaccination rates, and worsened the covid pandemic, with their presumably deliberate failure to develop normal, ethical vaccines.

Instead, government, corporate health care, universities, or others apparently have been limiting development to morally illicit versions off limits to billions.

That every Covid-19 vaccine publicly available in the United States is associated with evil is indisputable. The only real argument seems to be over degrees and timing.

Meanwhile, as a practical and scientific matter, apparently the use of unethical practices is absolutely unnecessary.

Conversely, the development of a normal, ethical vaccine apparently would be feasible and straightforward.

For example, instead of using cell lines ultimately associated with abortion, such as for testing during development, researchers apparently can use other mammalian sources, such as COS7 cells from monkeys.

These facts are very simple, which, perhaps, is why they seem to be scrupulously avoided by those promoting morally illicit vaccines.

Intead, a somewhat morbid public grooming process seems bent on dodging the core issures, or diverting to "straw men," or simply "dumbing down" a public relations communication. One wonders whether some targets are made to feel as if they are rooting for a high school sports team, or as if being jabbed with a needle while someone mouths "vaccine" is like blessing oneself with Holy Water.

Yet the obvious question remains, why politicians, government and big-money vaccine makers, some perhaps with a track record of other misconduct, would deliberately choose to limit themselves to the unethical versions.

Their next step, of course, was to present unethical versions as a fait accompli, as a foregone conclusion and the only option available, to a public concerned about health and safety.

It is indisputable that, if normal, ethical vaccines were available, vaccination rates would be much higher.

Additionally it seems likely that simply having a wider diversity of vaccines might also mean more diverse usefulness, in terms of the varying degrees of effectiveness or safety levels for diverse recipients.

Since the net effect of the illicit course of action is entirely foreseeable, e.g., lower vaccination rates, less diversity of effectiveness, threatening harrassment of persons with normal moral standards, it would be more than appropriate to hold the wrongdoers culpable for those foreseeable results.

In other words, regardless of whether a "smoking gun" memo turns up about explicit intentions, the current scenario and those foreseeable results are so obvious, it is as if the wrongdoers would always be cuplable for actively choosing those results.

As time itself passes, the egregiousness of the matter also becomes more obvious.

It now has been almost two years since Covid-19 emerged. Many months have gone by since the truth started becoming known about existing vaccines being morally illicit, with massive opposition by persons with normal moral standards.

Yet instead of being spurred to action to remedy their failures and shortcomings, and repent for their bad motives, government, corporate vaccine makers, and other wrongdoers have simply expanded the morbid public grooming process, bolstered by threats, and coercion.

An added curious result is to create a net effect of shoving normal persons with normal moral standards out of government, universities, major employment, or other centers of activity, unless they are willing to abandon normal moral standards.

The overall effect is reminiscent of the pagan evil empire of ancient Roman reputedly persecuting or killing Christians if they refused to worship idols or renounce Christ.

Of course, in the case of Covid-19, killing also is a very real possibility. Persons with normal moral standards, who therefore abstain from associating with evil via the morally illicit vaccines are more at risk of dying of Covid-19, in the absence of ethically usable vaccines.

Meanwhile the morally illicit vaccines seem likely to contribute to the spread of contagion, by building a false sense of security and being used as an excuse to abandon sound public health measures in favor of reckless laxity, such as crowded football games with no masks seemingly visible, such as Notre Dame vs. Florida State.

In addition to being ethically unusable, the current covid vaccines are apparently only 90% effective, or worse with new variants of viruses. As a result, the recipients have a 1 in 10 chance of still catching covid, in even greater danger with new variants. Meanwhile, they also can serve as silent carrier "Typhoid Mary's," even as they are misled into relaxing safeguards and mingling amongst a public that includes persons with normal morals who therefore are avoiding the morally illicit vaccines.

That means that government and corporate health care are deliberately endangering persons who believe in God, and persons of normal moral standards. And they are doing so in a scenario where they are actively trying to pressure persons with higher standards into corrupting themselves by associating with evil in the form of the morally illicit vaccines.

There also is the very real problem with competence. That ethical covid vaccines, and a wider array of vaccines, would mean higher vaccination rights and a more effective fight against Covid is undeniable.

So government and corporate health care risk creating that the impression that they are deliberately choosing to be incompetent, and to be less effective against Covid-19. to satisfy some emotional, ideological, or spiritually corruption compulsion to attack normal ethics for its own sake.

Perhaps they simply are woefully confused, untrained, and inadequate for their roles. Yet whatever their actual intentions, hidden within their troubled hearts and minds, the net effect of their actions would indicate that they care more about tearing down public morals, offending God, and endangering people with normal moral standards, than about doing their jobs, earning their salary, or fighting Covid-19.

Add to that the baffling avoidance of role of natural immunity in massive numbers of Americans who already recovered from covid, of which vaccines are simply a pale imitation. Covid vaccines are not magical talismans, or a good unto themselves. Vaccines are simply an effort to mimic aspects of a natural process of the immune system surviving an illness by creating antibodies.

The complete absence of accounting for persons already having natural antibodies is yet another departure from actual science, calling into question whether aggressive promoters of morally illicit vaccines are simply obsessed with the vaccines as a goal unto themselves, rather than real science. That comes under a scenario where the vaccines are serving other purposes, such as harrassing and harming mainstream Americans with normal moral standards.

An added corrolary to the scenario would be that the morally illicit covid vaccines, themselves, are a symptom of another, broader disease. That pathology would be the infiltration of government, politics, vaccine-makers, universities, and other related entities by "wolves-in-sheep's-clothing" who need to be purged out of those organized entities to free up more effective, more appropriate courses of conduct by normal professionals.

Indeed, given that one focus of the covid vaccine scandal is an effort to harrass, persecute, pressure, undermine, and even threaten persons with normal moral standards, one wonders how the same perpetrators might already have been treating colleagues with higher moral standards than themselves. In other words, given the tendencies and bizarre lack of moral compass that the perpetrators are exhibiting, how have they already been acting towards others with higher moral standards, in terms of organizational politics and professional paths.

As a result, it might not be enough to educate and force the covid vaccine wrongdoers to modify their behaviors and practices to do what they were supposed to be doing in the first place. It might be necessary to force them out of their professions, to avoid having them continue to corrupt and obstruct the normal functioning of the entities which they are sabotaging, even as they draw wealth and status from their purported roles.

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