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Boycott College Football Playoff Over Abortion Schools

At least half the would-be College Football Playoff is made up of abortion schools, with one in each semifinal.

Persons of good conscience and simple common sense cannot possibly involve themselves with the College Football Playoff under such circumstances, even as at-home viewers.

Both the University of Cincinnati and the University of Michigan openly declare their direct involvement with the disreputable, evil, indescribable horror of prenatal killing.

Abortion School: Univerity of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati holds itself out as perpetrating abortions directly under its own institutional umbrella. At this link, the University of Cincinnati even admits to training abortionists, even calling their "... Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning ... prestigious, ... part of a national network."

As detailed at this additional link (when expanding page subpart(s)), the University of Cincinnati admits to featuring, as part of their medical school orientation, so-called "Medical Students for Choice." When expanding the optional text under that subheading, they even make the troubled boast, "We work to destigmatize abortion provision among medical students and residents, and to persuade medical schools and residency programs to include abortion s [sic] part of the reproductive health services curriculum." 

One wonders how they would attempt to claim that they have obtained the "choice" of the prenatal person being murdered.

Of course, one also wonders how they would try to suggest that snuffing out an instance of reproduction that already has occurred, with development of the new human being underway, as somehow being "reproductive" or related to the "health" of the person being killed.

Abortion School: University of Michigan

The University of Michigan makes vague references to so-called "family planning" in connection with its OB-GYN residency, and "Michigan Health" suggests abortion as an option for pregrant woman.

Yet, more explicitly, the University of Michigan holds itself out as training abortionists within its so-called "Complex Family Planning Fellowship" (when clicking to expand text under the heading "Clinical Training:"

"Fellows will learn ... all methods of medication and surgical termination of pregnancy in the first and second trimester. Our program emphasizes contraception and abortion care in medically complicated patients, and fellows will become experts in triaging complex family planning referrals, managing abortion care in patients with placentation abnormalities, coordinating care for hospitalized patients (including in intensive care unit settings), and caring for patients with a wide range of other complex family planning patient needs. .... Clinical work will take place primarily at the Michigan Medicine Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital(link is external) and several local family planning care centers."

Their women's hospital itself likewise declares its availability for abortions in some cases.

NCAA Hypocrisy: Abortion Even Worse Than Child Molestation

Particularly hypocritical is the so-called NCAA's two-faced hypocrisy to impose sanctions against Penn State, in the past, over child molestation, but to fail to impose sanctions over abortion.

Abortion, of course, is even worse than child molestation, given that it actually kills off the victims.

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