COVID VACCINE SCANDALS: Biden and Fauci Endangering Americans with Lack of Ethical, Usable Covid Vaccines; Biden and Fauci Are Keeping Down Vaccination Rates and Creating a Net Effect of Disproportionately Placing Biden Opponents In Greater Danger, Along With All America

Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci share blame for the lingering and expanding, deadly Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic by failing to spur, or apparently even call for, ethical, usable covid vaccines. Meanwhile they are promoting a handful of morally illicit vaccines. As a result, they also must share blame for a range of Covid-19 deaths, likely to foreseeably and disproportionately impact Biden's political enemies.

The net effect is that of Biden essentially and foreseeably killing off more normal, mainstream Americans with higher moral standards than himself, who therefore are also likely to oppose him politically on a range of issues, so that his policies are likely to kill off more political opponents. The net effect also includes Biden providing marginal protection to persons such as his supporters, who are more willing to give up their morals to associate with the evils connected to the morally illicit vaccines.

They are protected just enough to still catch covid, or serve as silent carrier Typhoid Mary's, spreading it to others in a pandemic perpetuated by the absence of ethical, usable vaccines, and aggravated by the morally illicit vaccines emboldening super-spreaders to run amok.

It is indisputable that currently available vaccines are associated with unethical practices, such as the use of human fetal lines ultimately associated with abortion. They are undeniably associated with evil, such that the only arguments are over timing and degree, such as how long it has been since the original murders occurred, or how many times the cells were made to replicate outside the body, separately from the original murder victims, as opposed to replicating naturally within the murder victims' bodies.

Also indisputable is that the association with evil was unnecessary, that alternatives could have been used, and there is no reason not to develop ethical, proper vaccines, rather than choosing to avoid their development and deny them to the populace.

In the process, Biden and Fauci also are deliberately keeping down vaccination rates.

They are part of a systemic scenario creating a net effect where:

  • only a handful of morally illicit vaccines are made available
  • persons of weaker moral standards, also more likely to support Biden, are the ones more likely to take them
  • recipients still can l catch and spread covid, as well as serve as silent carrier Typhoid Mary's, infecting others, placing those with higher moral standards at greater risk
  • those persons receiving them also might predictably and foolishly be emboldened to gain a false sense of confidence and engage in reckless public behavior, failing to observe safeguards, such as gathering in large crowds for events, with or without masks
  • mainstream Americans with normal moral standards, higher moral standards than Biden or Fauci, are less likely to be willing to associate with evil, and they therefore avoid the artificially limited pool of vaccines that were deliberately limited to morally illicit vaccines
  • those normal Americans then are placed at risk by those who have been immorally vaccinated and thereby emboldened to spread the pandemic, and placed at risk without the moderate protection theoretically afforded the less ethical vaccine recipients who are then spreading it
  • those mainstream Americans with normal moral standards are then harrassed, mocked, and abused by Biden, on a national level, for not lowering their moral standads; the abuse even progressed to the point of Biden even engaging in what sounded like some kind of psychopathic fantasy, that if one of his victims was dying because he failed to make ethical, usable vaccines available, their dying moments would be spent repenting of their normal morals, and wishing that they had lowed their morals to be more like Biden

Biden, Fauci, and their kind are needless limiting vaccines to a handful that are indisputably associated with evil, so that persons of lower moral standards are more likely to be the only ones taking them, and then perhaps become reckless by shrugging off good health practices.

The current vaccine recipients might be marginally protected from the worst results, even while still having a chance to catch covid, or serve as silent carrier Typhoid Mary's, then infecting people.

The net effect is that they are protected just enough to inflict harm on people of higher moral standards, while being spared as much harm for themselves. Mainstream Americans of normal moral standards, more likely to oppose Biden politically, are put at greater risk, while those causing the harm, the vaccine-receiving super-spreaders and Typhoid Mary's, are perhaps marginally spared the worst consequences of their own wrongoing, which ultimately is also Biden's wrongdoing.

Additionally, it would be predictable and obvious that, if ethical, usable vaccines were, in the end, made available, vaccination rates would go up.

Yet Biden, Fauci, and their kind are deliberately creating a scenario that keeps vaccination rates down and more greatly endangers persons with higher moral standards than Biden or Fauci, who refuse to associate with the evil of the morally illicit vaccines.

By definition, the same people, being placed at greater risk, are more likely to oppose Biden politically, because of his aggressive anti-American, anti-human life stance on issues such as abortion.

Then there are the misleading speeches and public comments.

Further compromising their reputation and position are efforts to put on a show of communicating the matter, sometimes aggressively, while deliberately leaving out the core issues involved. Or perhaps Biden and his kind even actively create false impressions, such as Biden suggesting that a need for final FDA approval was the only reason to oppose the morally illicit vaccines. When asking, what other reason would there be, he acts as if, nearly two years after covid started, and nearly a year after loud public protestations over the vaccines being associated with evil, he is ignorant of the core elements of the public debate.

Biden's other evils and bad habits also come to the fore with covid.

In the past, he was accused of invading the personal space of women, or even causing unwanted contact, as well as making bizarre harassing remarks to unusually young females.

So he has been accused of a morbid personal problem of trying to inflict himself on persons in strange ways without consent.

When he deliberately timed a national broadcast to cut in on the Notre Dame-Clemson football game after the election, he similarly tried to inflict himself, for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to prove if he could do it, and to try to wear down others by manipulating them into submitting to him inflicting himself. No other politician would have scheduled a speech for early primetime on a Saturday, and there was other conceivable reason for him to do it other than to be a morbid manipulator.

Now he continues the same tactics with covid. He has created an unnecessary, irrational scenario hopelessly connected with evil, tries to dodge the facts, and throws all his meager weight into morbidly inflicting himself upon the citizenry to encourage submissiveness to the irrational, incompetent evil.

Unless Biden is analytically incompetent, it would be impossible not to infer and surmise that he wants the pandemic to rage on.

That obvious fact is eerily similar to other policies, such as his bizarre border policies regarding illegal aliens. He seems to prefer bad situations to fester on, if he thinks he can gain something from them, such as by exploiting those who are suffering.

Even if Biden had simply sold out to Mexicans, to pander for their votes, by opening floodgates of Mexican immigration, he would have, figuratively speaking, put a U.S. consulate on every street corner in Mexico, issuing visas, with luxury buses taking the expanded rolls of immigrants north for expedited processing and new lives.

Instead, Biden seems to simply want to rubber stamp having the multitude of dangerous illegal crossings to continue, with the foreseeable result of keeping large numbers of aliens in a state of desparation and trauma, to serve as an ongoing supply of cheap labor for Biden's wealthy friends and their landscaping. Meanwhile, Biden seems to think that, if he handles the matter smoothly, he can continue tricking his victims into thinking his meager offerings are their only ray of hope.

In the end, Biden and Fauci are perpetuating covid, deliberately keeping vaccination rates down, while teeing up a scenario in which persons with higher moral standards than Biden, and more likely to oppose him politically, are those more likely to be killed.

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