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Joe Biden Election Numbers Simply Implausible; And Short-Circuiting of Verification Merely Invites Ongoing Questions and Concern

Joe Biden's alleged election numbers still lack credibility, even as the process for making him the nominal, legally installed chief executive seek to cement the would-be "result." The numbers themselves imply irregularity, demanding fuller investigation and verification.

The lack of a full national audit or verification of the unusual numbers, combined with anti-verification hyperbole and vitriol, as well as judicial efforts to impede or avoid the matter, simply add to the collective sense of concern.

Even former President Donald Trump's enemies admit that Trump received more than 74 million votes, compared with roughly 66 million for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and slightly less than that for Trump himself, just four years previous.

Against that backdrop, the only way to allege a win for Biden, plus some kind of cushion, is to allege an almost cartoonish level of turnout to prop up the cartoonish claim that Biden got more than 81 million votes.

To achieve those numbers would require a turnout of more than 103% of the total number of registered voters from just two years ago.

In foreign countries where election fraud occurs, and is even covered up skillfully, red flags often still emerge hinting at the reality of the fraud, just by careful study of some of the numbers.

For the Biden allegations, the numbers themselves imply something amiss. Add to that, Trump's almost coast-to-coast domination, when assessed county-by-county, with alleged heavy concentrations Biden votes in problem areas often dominated by pro-Biden party machines.

The overarching bizarre nature of the numbers calls for a full audit and verification, under circumstances where it is unclear just how simple recounts would necessarily unearth each smoking gun.

Yet the almost dogmatic hyperbole against any question of a straightforward audit and verification also raises concern in itself, as media and political leftists, already deprecated by longstanding bias, expose themselves to even lower estimates of their usefulness or reliability, as they rail against the corroboration of democractic processes and therefore against the integrity of democracy itself.

Of course, even if Biden, by some miracle, did receive that number of votes, such data still would not overcome concerns about his lack of capacity to form a legitimate government, taking into account fundamental democratic principles of majority rule, the rights of minorities, and other moral and ethical considerations. Roughly 140 million people either voted against Biden or were killed by policies he supports, such as the prenatal killing of 62 Americans by surgical "abortion" alone.

Someone receiving 62 million to an alleged 81 million votes, who has had 62 million people killed by policies he embraces, and voted against by nearly 80 million, can hardly be considered the head of a genuine democracy.

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