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ABORTION: University of Southern California Openly Admits They Perform Abortions and Train Abortionists: "High-Volume Abortion Training"

The University of Southern California openly admits that they train abortionists. At a minimum, their webpage for their "Complex Family Planning Fellowship Program" declares:

"The Fellowship in Complex Family Planning is a two-year fellowship focused on subspecialist training in research, teaching and clinical practice in abortion and contraception. ..."

The details of the program are somewhat voluminous, including contributions to research and training in the "political landscape." The program envisions training at the "Los Angeles County + University of Southern California Medical Center" and also speaks of "High-volume abortion training" at so-called Planned Parenthood locations.

There also is mention of a "Reproductive Options Clinic" for "comprehensive counseling for pregnancy disposition, with provision of surgical or medical termination as indicated."

Regardless of how high or low the "volume" of USC-connected abortions are, the abortion phenomenon as a whole, of course, is probably the most widespread violence against human beings on the planet, and the biggest human rights violation, considering the almost unimaginable magnitude of the abortion numbers.

Clearly USC should be cut off from any direct or indirect government funding, or government programs, especially federal. The core justification, or argument, for any government to even exist in the first place is to protect innocent human lives and create peaceful stability. Therefore it makes no sense whatsoever for government tax dollars to go towards any entity, scheme or system that is killing defenseless people.

Additionally, no normal, rational person of decency should associate with USC, as faculty, staff, supporter, student, applicant or otherwise.

Particularly bizarre are the affluent personages who faced criminal culpability seeking to gain admission to USC for family members by fraudulent means. No normal person should have anything to do with USC to begin with. To risk prosecution, and waste large sums of funds, to help someone taint themselves by gaining admission to USC is simply mindboggling.

Then there is the bizarre spectacle of the would-be University of "Notre Dame" that seeks to continue building wealth and secular status holding themselves out as "Catholic," while nevertheless defying the Catholic Faith by promoting or enhancing persons or entities involved with abortion. "Notre Dame" plays Southern Cal in football on a regular basis, and even seeks to build up the contest as a rivarly, thereby enhancing Southern Cal's revenues and prestige.

Even worse, "Notre Dame" is contributing to the culture of "business as usual" obliviousness that has made mass murder by abortion more feasible.

The Catholic Church, one of the three biggest organizations of humans on the planet, along with India and China, regards abortion as such a serious matter that it explicitly declares in Catholic Canon Law that, like other forms of homicide, procurement of abortion brings automatic excommunication.

Yet nearly half of "Notre Dame's" football schedule thus far has featured abortion-connected opponents.

Given broader efforts to cultivate obliviousness about abortion, it might well be that some persons enrolled at Southern Cal not adequately informed, not realizing its systemic involvement with the unspeakable evil of abortion.

There is an obligation for such persons to leave, and to denounce USC's abortion involvement. USC itself has an obligation to facilitate their departure. That would include allowing athletes, such as football players, to transfer freely.

Then there is the racial factor. Abortion is far more wide-spread than slavery ever was in the South before the Civil War, and abortion is impacting Blacks at a rate several times higher than Whites per capita.

With over 62 million surgical abortions in the United States since 1973, the number of Americans murdered in the womb even approaches numbers needed to win the Presidency in a national election.

Regardless of the numbers, or racial breakdown, of prenatal murders associated with USC itself, simply by joining in with the broader systemic practice of abortion, they are associating themselves with systemic domestic treason, systemic racism and anti-Black genocide, as well as systemic anti-Americanism in what is also a kind of anti-American genocide in its own way.

Given the numbers, abortion in general is a systemic attack on American democracy and a systemic attack on the moral legitimacy of any government formed by pro-abortion politicians.

Then there are the added ethical, moral and spiritual aspects, with abortion being a grave sin associated with eternal damnation and hellfire. As mentioned above, in the world's largest religious denomination, procurement of abortion brings automatic excommunication.


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